Friday, June 28, 2019

Making my own chicken patties

When I learned years ago what goes into chicken patties & nuggets, I stopped buying those things. Chicken is my meat of choice since I don't eat seafood and eat very little red meat. However, there's no way I wanted to put any more junk into my body. So I decided to make my own chicken patties. We love it so much that it never lasts, even though I make large batches to freeze.

I've also noticed that Sams has lowered the price of their non GMO chicken breast to $2.53/lb. I only buy this or organic chicken, cause I cannot stand the taste of regular chicken. I grew up eating lots of pure foods, so eating genetically modified food turns me off.

Here's my recipe. You can add or remove whatever ingredients you want to the recipe. The beauty of making your own, is that you can add whatever tickles your taste buds.

Chicken breast (I just pulse mine in the Ninja to make 'ground' chicken)
Grated onion
I also added a small amount of cumin, cause too much can overpower a dish

You can also add breadcrumbs to help bind the mixture, but I don't use any.

Last week, I used a $50 Walmart gc (that I redeemed through Ibotta) and bought almost 20 lbs of chicken breasts at Sams (yes, you can use Walmart gcs at Sams). 4 Lbs was used to make more patties. Then I also diced some, threw it into my instant pot with salt, pepper & sage. Made chicken pesto with some and froze the rest for future dinners.

We love eating the patties on a bun with red onion, roasted red peppers, pineapple, lettuce, tomatoes and sauce of  your choice. The patties aren't huge or the prettiest, but after adding all the toppings, you have a really good sandwich. I just skip the bun on occasion and still enjoy mine as a salad.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Great MM week at Walgreens

Hi everyone

I'm still here. Gosh, these past few months have just flown by. I can't believe that half the year is gone already. Besides being super busy, we lost 3 young friends in February & another in March. Then we got a bad case of the flu twice. Last month I was sick for 2 weeks! I was not happy, cause I'm not a good patient.

I've done lots of Wags shopping the past few months. Some great freebies & MMs, others total pita. I've hardly been to the other drugstores, because the deals weren't nearly as good as Wags.

If you have an online Wags account, be sure to look for a % off Q in your account. The amount varies by user, but I had a 30% off $40. Here's the deals I did this week.

 I had a $3 RR (register reward) that expired on Sunday, so I stopped at the store to do the Bounty deal. I was only gonna use the RR to buy Bounty, but while I was at the store I decided to just pick up more Palmolive before that deal ends at month end (I think that's when it ends) and use a higher amount of points (I had over $50 points). Of course I only had one Palmolive q with me, but I knew there was also a 50c digital Q.

2 x 6ct Bounty p/t   $11.00
4 x Palmolive $7.98
Less Bounty IVC (store q) (2.00)
Less Bounty DQ (0.25)
Less 2 Palmolive qs (1.00)
Less RR (3.00)
Less BR points (10.00)
Tax 1.14
OOP $3.85

Earned back 4000 points ($4) for the Palmolive. Its on sale for $1.99 and you get $2 points wyb 2. No limit

Also earned a $2 RR for buying Bounty. So I earned back a total of $6.

I bought 4 Palmolive (even though I knew I had more qs at home), because I needed to get my total to $10. Wags has weird redemption amount tiers that you can use. All $1 increments up to $5, then the next is $10, $20, $50. Ugh!

When I told DH how much I spent on the transaction, he was impressed. I jokingly told him 'you can't do that at Aldi' He loves shopping at Aldi and I'm not really a fan, cause I know that I can get most things for way less at other stores. We have lots of different stores on our doorstep, so there's lots of competition when it comes to price.

I do like getting select things at Aldi like the organic bread from Canada and their chocolate brioche (that stuff is so delicious)

Then today I hit up another store, because of that lovely $5/3 Colgate q.

6 x Colgate Optic white t/p 29.94  (buy one at $4.99 get $3 points)
2 x Colgate Enamel t/p 9.98 (same deal as above)
1 x Colgate Sensitive 4.99 (same deal as above)
2 x Crest t/p $8.00
4 x Palmolive $7.96

Less 30% DQ (18.30)
Less 2 Colgate qs (10.00)
Less Crest DQ (2.00)
Less 4 Palmolive qs (2.00)
Less Colgate Enamel DQ (1.00)
Less RR from Bounty deal (2.00)
Less BR points (20.00)

Tax 2.55
OOP $8.12

Earned 31000 ($31) BR points ($27 Colgate, $4 Palmolive)

Earned $4 RR for Crest. Buy 2 earn $4

Earned $2.20 Ibotta (1.50 Colgate enamel, $0.50 Colgate sensitive, $0.20 any item)

So all in all, a $9 MM!!

I would've liked more of the enamel and sensitive t/p so I could earn more Ibotta rewards, but this was all my store had, so I just got the Optic white.

In true Wags fashion, they did not disappoint when it comes to things going wrong. I had 2 x $5/3 Colgate qs and a $5/3 DQ. Of course they didn't apply all my qs. Wags has this annoying habit of applying the lower value DQ to your transaction. The kicker is that I deleted the $1 Colgate q from my account before going to the store, so that the $5 q would be applied. When I got home I saw that the $5q is gone. So Wags gypped me $4. Grrrr!  I tried to do live chat, but kept sitting in a q/line for chat. After several attempts I just gave up, because this was still a great MM deal for me.

Not a WAGS deals, but check your local Walmart for clearance sleepwear. My store had these sleep shirts clearanced to $3. The 2 piece sets were the same price and there were lots of women trying to get some of these

I bought one about a month ago at regular price ($6.97) and the quality is way better than the pricier stuff I got a Macy's a few years ago. The Macy's ones shrunk after the first few washes, while the Walmart one has held up well. Probably because these are 60% cotton (I'm a cotton These are not colors or prints I would usually buy, but at $3 I wasn't gonna be picky. I'm just sleeping in them

I hope everyone has been doing well & enjoying summer. I'll be catching up on comments soon.

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