Thursday, April 1, 2021

Wags Round 2

I went back to Wags today, because I saw that DH had a $7 WYS $20 booster Q on his account. Sorry, I didn't feel like hauling out all the detergents to photograph.

Trans 1 (DH)

2 x Oral b t/b $6.00

2 x Revlon balm B1G50% off 2nd 7.48

1 x Irish Spring b/w 3.99

1 x Softsoap b/w 3.99

Less Oral b DQ (3.00)

Less Irish Spring DQ (2.00)

Less Softsoap DQ (2.00)

Tax 1.29

OOP $14.46

Earned $9 RR ($4 Oral b, $5 Revlon) + $7 WC booster points

Total earned back $16. I'm hoping that the Oral B will reset on Ibotta, because that will give me an extra $2 back.

The CAT machine also spit out a $6 WYS $25 Booster Q, which came in handy for my 2nd transaction

Trans 2 (my account)

4 x Gain detergent $19.96

2 x Gain flings 9.98

Less RRs from Trans 1 & earlier this week (18.00)

Tax 1.80

OOP $13.74

Earned $19 WC ($10 WYB 6 PG items, $6 Booster from Trans 1, $3 Digital booster)

I had no idea that my digital booster would work multiple times, because I had already redeemed it earlier this week. 

In hindsight, I could've used this on DH's account, since he has a $7 digital booster. My initial plan was to use RRs & WC to pay, that's why I used my account. DH only had $2 WC on his account when I went shopping, which isn't nearly enough to pay if I didn't use boosters. 

As a rule, I never buy detergent pods. However, this store only had 4 bottles of the original scent. I didn't like the other Gain scents and didn't need Dawn, Swiffer wipes or paper products.

Store 2 (my account, since I have oodles of WC to use)

2 x Old Spice b/w $12.00

1 x Softsoap b/w 3.99

Less Old Spice DQ (4.00)

Less Softsoap DQ (2.00)

Less WC (10.00)

Tax 0.96

OOP $0.95

Earned $4 RR (Old Spice)

Total OOP $29.15

Total earned : $39.00

Total rewards used : $10.00

Total Qs used : $31.00

Retail value : 89.85

I might go get more Old Spice b/w, because I really like this scent. It reminds me of the 3 in 1 Old Spice b/w that DS used before. He used it when we were in Cape Town for my dad's funeral, so it always reminds me of my dad. I know that sounds weird, but I was the apple of my dad's eye and I treasure anything that reminds me of him. Also, my dad used Old Spice (different scent) for many years when I was a kid. I like this fresh scent. It also kinda reminds me of the ocean (it's so crisp & fresh). I grew up by the ocean (or I should say 2 oceans, since Cape Town is at the southernmost tip of Africa and we enjoy beaches on both the Atlantic & Indian oceans' sides), so I love anything that reminds me of the sea, like fresh scents, any nautical things, all things blue (I guess I get my love for this color, because of the color of the sea). Can anyone who live or grew up by the ocean relate to this?

I just checked the Old Spice site and it looks like the 3 in 1 has been discontinued. I guess this is the newer version of it. So glad I found it though.

I still have 3 Old Spice DQs that expire on Saturday, so I can use points to pay. It's also a plus that these are bonus size bottles. 

Rocking the Wags deals

The one thing that always has me going back to Wags (despite it being a pita), is that they usually have great sales! This week is no exception. I hit 2 stores for small transactions, because I need to take time to really study the ad and work out a big shopping trip.

Store 1

1 x Compeed $6.99

2 x Revlon balms B1G50% off 2nd $7.48

2 x Oral b t/b $6.00

Less Compeed Q (5.00)

Less Oral B DQ (3.00)

Less WC points (10.00)

Tax 1.23

OOP $3.70

Earned $9 RR ($5 Revlon, $4 Oral B) + $7.50 Ibotta ($5 Compeed, $2 Oral b, $0.50 monthly bonus)

Total earned $16.50

Store 2

2 x Revlon balms B1G50% off 2nd $7.48

3 x Oral b t/b $9.00

Less Oral b DQ (5.00)

Less WC points (10.00)

Tax 0.99

OOP $2.47

Earned $10 WC and $3 Oral B when it reset the next day

Submitted my receipts to Fetch & PG

I sure wish that I had more Compeed Qs, but I didn't get any papers on Sunday. So I ended up using the lonely q from my mail inserts.

At store 2, the RRs didn't print. Ugh. Cashier tells me that the CAT machine does work (rolling eyes). Manager comes over and I had to look up the ad on my phone. Instead of the $9 I was supposed to receive, she added $10 to my account. Whoo hoo!

I simply hate that they have no paper ads. It's not like anyone reuses the ads in store. Their employees are always clueless, so you have to try and find the deals on your phone. Not that the wifi always works at Wags either. Okay, that's my Wags rant for I actually prefer the points over RR, because the points are good for much longer than the 2 weeks expiration that RRs have.

I might go back to Wags & do the same deals (minus Compeed on DH's account

Total OOP $6.17

Total rewards used : $20.00

Total earned : $29.50

Total Qs used : $13.00

Retail value : $49.90

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