Friday, December 15, 2023

Wags Tripping


It's been a while since I posted Wags deals. I actually had fun at Wags (I know this is unheard of for Wags 😂, but things actually worked perfectly).  I had 2 paper boosters from my gc purchases last week, so I decided to put them to good use. 

12 x Kids candy B1G2nd 4% off $26.76

2 x Lindt B1G2nd 50% off $8.98

2 x Ghirardelli B1G2nd 50% off $8.98

Less Lindt DQ (1.00)

Less Ghirardelli DQ (1.00)

OOP $42.72

Earned $22 WC ($10 WYS $40 Digital Booster, $7 WYS $40 Paper Booster, $5 WYS $20 holiday candy).

So total cost (after rewards) for 16 gifts = $20.72

You can use code GIFT15 to save 15%  if you place your order online (for store pickup). Make sure that your pretax total is $40 after this discount, in order to earn the $10 WYS $40 reward. 

Be sure to check your receipts if you do this deal. I first added everything online to see what works. After shopping in store, I noticed that I never received the $5 for the candy. A quick Live Chat and the points were added to my account. 

My high OOP was intentional. I could've just split my transactions and paid with all that WC I have, but I wouldn't have earned back anything. 

I scored a great deal on another Christmas gift, but can't post about it. 

The kids candy are all clearanced and it's B1G2nd 40% off this week (might continue next week. I need to check the ad preview). I don't eat Hershey candy, but I wanted to get something Christmassy for the kids. They watched the Grinch movie last month, so they'll totally relate to the candy. These are for special needs kids, so I don't get any hard candy or anything that can easily be swallowed like M&Ms. They had lots of candy cane ones (contains skittles, kit kat & m&ms) clearanced too.

The chocolate bags will accompany teachers' gcs (I might get more on my other account. Deal works next week as well).  I couldn't find any good nuts gifts. I miss those Planters holiday 3pks we used to get at RA every BF. They make great gifts and were always free with BC (well, I always had BC to cover the cost). Everyone else just has regular nuts cans for $6+. WTH? Am I this out of touch, because I'm so used to paying next to nothing for things? Why are these small containers so pricey? I can get big ones at Sams for $10-11. I'm going to get nuts there instead. 

I hit 6 stores yesterday and was pooped by the time I got home. I still haven't found a card for BF. I tried different stores, but there was nothing that tickled my fancy. He knows that I like the deep, meaningful cards. I'm a hopeless romantic 💘😊 The search for the perfect card continues. Then I'm done shopping. I'm seriously over shopping & spending now. I don't want to spend any more money, except on groceries. I need to get eggs. Can't bake without eggs.

Next time I'll talk about the 3 dresses I scored for $36 total. Ms G doesn't play when it comes to a good sale 😂 I'm hoping everything ships 🤞

Have a great weekend peeps!

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

T minus how many days?

I can't believe  Christmas will be here in 12 days (or fewer if you start celebrating on Christmas eve) and I still don't have my ducks in a row. Totally unheard of for me. 

  • Is it just me or has anyone experienced delays with orders this year? Things I ordered 2 weeks ago, either still haven't shipped or is only being shipped now. Don't retailers know that it's Christmas? Who wants to receive their gifts After Christmas? Oy vey. Talk about stressing a girl out. 

  • Many of my orders have arrived. One store (can't mention here yet) went above & beyond. I ordered on Sunday and it arrived today. After checking everything, I noticed that it was missing one of DS's gifts. Noooooo! The box had a hole on the side and I assumed the item either fell out or just wasn't shipped. So I logged into my account, started Live Chat. As I'm waiting, I noticed that the order showed multiple packages were shipped. Turns out the item is still in transit. 🤦😂 Thank goodness I was still waiting for a CS rep. That would've been embarrassing 😂 Can y'all see how messed up I am? 

    Well, I was happy that BF's items arrived in perfect condition. I at least know of one gift he will like. I don't know about the rest. I'm a mess. I keep second guessing myself. Did I get him enough gifts? Is it too much? Is he going to like it? What if he doesn't like it? 

  • I need to talk to BF so we can finalize our Christmas plans. What I need to bring. Do I need to cook? Bake? I don't like to shop the week before any holiday, because the stores are crazy. Well, I am going to bake, but do I need to bring cookies? For how many? 

  • I need to get up early tomorrow and run some last minute errands.  How did I forget to buy Christmas cards for school? I like to place a gc inside a card and add some candy or nuts to their gifts. I need to buy BF's card too. I didn't forget about his one though.  I need to redeem rewards and get the candy too.

    Sluggy please help! I have RA rewards expiring tomorrow (12/14). Can I still use it tomorrow or does it expire the day before (like some stores do?)
  • DS is still home. He had a setback and I know what caused it, but it seems to be healing well again. So I'm still taking care of him full time. We have another Dr appointment on Monday and I hope it all goes well and that he'll be healed in time for Christmas. I'm determined to spend Christmas with BF. We already missed out on our birthdays and I'm not going to let anything or anyone ruin our Christmas. Besides, I have all these gifts for him. Boy, I'm mad at the school all over again now and DS is upset that he's been stuck with an injury for so long. My poor baby. This too shall pass. 

  • Well the weight loss is the only thing that's been going well. I'm off my usual schedule, so I'm not eating like I used to, especially when I take DS out for a drive. Yesterday, we got stuck in school & work traffic on our way home and only had 'lunch' at 4pm. That means I'm too full to have dinner. I'm not complaining about skipping dinner, cause I'm seeing lower numbers on the scale every day. Yay!

I'm ready to start wrapping gifts, but I need to wait until I have everything. That way I can see exactly what I have and if I need anything else. I have everything packed in 2 big boxes, so I don't forget anything. There's been years where I hid some gifts from DS so well, that I couldn't remember where I hid them, when it was time to wrap 😂 

I crunched the numbers and I'm still under budget. Phew! Thank goodness, because I had to make several changes due to some gifts not being delivered, arrived damaged or were just not up to par. I'm thankful that I save up for Christmas. I can now start saving for next year again, since I'm practically done shopping. 

Happy shopping & wrapping peeps! Stay healthy, safe & warm!

Friday, December 8, 2023

Things are finally coming together

Oy, it's been a rough week, but things are finally looking up. I only had one good night's sleep this week & it's only because I knocked myself out for the night. I should try that again tonight, cause I was awake for hours last night. 

Thank you everyone for the stocking stuffer suggestions. I have used some of those ideas. 

We had lovely sunshine this week, so I took DS out for a drive every day. We both enjoyed just getting out again. He's healing nicely and it looks like he might go back to school next week. Fingers crossed. 

Today was another busy day, but productive. I hit several stores to do grocery & other shopping. I picked up 2 more gifts for BF & one for DS. That replacement gift I worked on for BF till 11pm the other day, shipped within 2 days. Happy dance! 💃 I was so pleased with it that I ordered more gifts from the same place for both him & DS. I was really worried about this item, because I'm trying to create something special for us. I don't want to say too much, because it's supposed to be a surprise. And in typical Ms G fashion, that coming in under budget is no longer working 😂 I'm holding off on crunching the numbers again, but I'm pretty sure I'm still under budget. 

I'm just crossing things off my list now. I'm just waiting on things to be delivered now. I seriously don't know why I panicked. It's not my nature. I normally just take a deep breath, then figure out how to tackle the problem and execute it. Easy peasy. That's what I did. An hour or 2 every day to order things and voila! Shopping's almost done. 

DS wanted burgers & fries last night, so that's what he got. I only had some fries, cause I'm still on this weight loss kick. I mean, I lost 1.2 lbs the day before. No way was I going to mess that up with a burger. I just added some fries to my leftovers dinner. 

I skipped carry out for him tonight, because he already had burgers last night. I bought a rotisserie chicken at Sams and added that and veggie/salad fixings to a sub roll with leftover fries. Dinner's done and the chicken only cost $5. That will give us at least 3 meals. Maybe 4. Far better than fast food. I did buy him some discounted fast food gcs, but we don't have to use it every week. I've read many stories lately about how expensive fast food has become. A McCrappels (aka McDonalds) meal for $15! I would never! I've only eaten McC twice in my life & hated it both times. When they first opened in SA and then once when we were out in a small town & McC was the only fast food place. I didn't even finish that chicken sandwich I ordered. Yuck!

Retailers must be struggling real bad. Everybody and their mother keep sending me rewards. I only cash in the ones that offer free shipping. I'm not going to pay shipping for things I don't need. 

My WHBM sheath dress arrived and I'm over the moon. That dress fits perfectly and even makes my butt look good (I have a big butt) 😂 I thought "this dress was worth every penny of  that $1.05' 😂 If I had to pay the $55 sale price, I would still have felt this way. That's how happy I am with this dress. 

Here's a good Target deal if you need laundry products (ends tomorrow 12/9) Spend $50 on select PG items, earn $15 gc. There's also a $15 PG rebate on select items and it includes the Target cleaning products. Not a double dip, but triple because Ibotta has a $5 Downy Unstoppables offer (limit 1). Here's what I did

2 x Downy $31.98

1 x 24 oz Bounce sheets 9.99

1 x  92 oz Tide 12.99

Less Downy DQ (2.00)

Less Bounce DQ (2.00)

Less Tide DQ (2.00)

Tax 2.40

OOP 51.36 Paid with a gc 

Earned $15 Target gc + $15 PG rebate + $5 Ibotta + 5.13 (I bought the discounted gcs, so saved an extra 10% on this order). Submit for 200 PG points and Fetch

Total earned : $40.13

I needed the dryer sheets, that's why I decided to do this deal (After all discounts and rewards, the entire order costs the same price as I would have paid for just the dryer sheets). Then I spotted the Downy deal this morning and the limit was 5. So I decided to buy 2. When I submitted my receipt, the limit said 1. WTH Ibotta?!  I hate when they change or pull deals while you are shopping. I would've bought more Tide instead. I placed that $15 gc into my savings jar for next Christmas. I'm trying something new. More on that next time.  I'm adding one of last month's Old Spice receipts to get my total over $50 for the PG rebate. 

I also cashed in some of my coins for an Amazon gc and need to order another gift as soon as I'm done here. Then I'm doing an early night again. I prefer to go to bed early and get up early. 

Have a wonderful weekend peeps!

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

It's been that kinda week!

... and it's only Tuesday. I feel like I  don't have my shit together all my ducks in a row. I'm behind with Christmas shopping. I'm so frigging behind, it's not even funny and it's causing me stress. I normally have all gifts wrapped by this time. 

Yesterday I had to go grocery shopping - again.  Halfway to the store, I realised that I forgot my glasses at home. Those same glasses I left on the kitchen counter, next to my phone, so I wouldn't forget it 🤦 There was no way I was turning around to get it. I was already stuck in too much traffic. So I decided to take my chances. Between the shopping list being a blur and my chicken scratch handwriting, I managed to get almost everything on my list. Phew!! I did forget one of the important things, so I need to make another trip. Ugh.  What's up with all the high prices? I haven't been to Walmart in ages and was shocked, just plain shocked by how expensive food has become. A store brand can of mixed veg is now 98c. What happened to that 50c price tag? This isn't even a name brand. Sigh. Sure, I can mix my own veggies, but it's not worth my time. The price tag is actually better than me having to spend time making my own, but I hate that prices have doubled. Yikes, I've seen lots of high prices on things I use regularly. My pantry is empty. I haven't done any food stockpiling, because I was waiting to move. Well, I still need to move, but we need to eat too. There were only 6 boxes of my favorite cereal on the shelf, so I grabbed 4. I need this cereal for my health. I wanted to get bacon, but I'm the only one who eats it, so I decided to just skip it. Saving myself $9. I caved and bought $5 blueberries at Aldi. Ouch! There goes the $9 savings 😂 Yeah, we pay $1.50 for blueberries during summer. Then I reminded myself that $130 a week on groceries for 2 people is not bad at all. I did buy some baking stuff too, so I actually think I did pretty well. 

DS started unpacking the groceries as soon as I brought it inside, so that was one less thing to do. I love it when he volunteers to do chores. Then cooked dinner and made taco meat too. Ugh, I need to get back to Sunday cooking. I hate having to cook every night, especially after I've been out. 

I was so excited about a custom made surprise I ordered BF for Christmas. Well, that excitement was short lived once I opened the package. The item looked horrible. Not half as good as I expected and it can't be returned. I was so mad. This was something I was hoping he'd like, because he'll understand the significance once I explain it to him. So I took a deep breath and decided to give myself an hour after dinner to just take care of Christmas things (I'm going to take an hour every day to get some holiday things done). Well, that turned into me going to sleep at 11pm (I normally go to bed at 9 and watch tv - at least I try to, cause I sometimes fall asleep shortly after getting into bed - until 10), but I got that Christmas gift done. Now let's hope it arrives in time and that he likes it. 🤞

I have more gifts that I ordered that won't be arriving in time. I can already tell it's not gonna arrive in time, so it's on to Plan B. No use stressing about it, because it's not going to change the shipping speed.  I've always said that if you want things done right, do it yourself, but I sometimes have to depend on other people. Unfortunately, they don't get things done ASAP like I do.  Now you all know why I like to shop early. 

Well, guess who woke up at the butt crack of dawn again? What was I supposed to do up at 5am? I didn't want to get up, but by 6:30 I knew that I was just wasting time laying in bed. So I brewed coffee (and darn it's mostly decaf, so no caffeine jolt. I need to add more regular coffee to my mix), started a load of laundry, back to Plan B Christmas shopping, checked in with BF. Then showered, mixed dough for a double batch of bread rolls (wheat rolls and cinnamon raisin rolls), started dinner and had breakfast. Then cleaning and finished all the cooking. My back hurts from all the stress, so I'm going to take an aromatherapy bath and have dinner. That always helps me to relax. I'd like to go to bed early,but I can tell it's going to be a late night again. Too much to do. 

I still need to contact Macy's because they totally messed up my gc order. They undercharged me for a  gc purchase. Now I have to waste my time with CS, because I'm all about doing the right thing. There's no way I would just chalk it up to it being their mistake. 

I need some help please. So I've been working on BF's stocking. I need ideas on what to add to it. I already have a few items, but I've never done this before so I'm not sure what goes into a stocking. Any ideas would help. Also, do I need to fill the whole stocking or just add whatever I feel is enough? I want to get this right. 

Well, the cooking's done for the week, the laundry's done (just need to fold and iron, but the ironing's not happening today) and my Christmas shopping's practically done. I just need to get gcs for school (I'm still a little ticked off at school over what happened to DS, but I won't hold it against them. I'm more upset about the situation we're still in) & buy a card for BF. 

I'm going to try my best to make some time to read everyone's blogs this week. 

Have a wonderful week peeps!

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