Friday, September 28, 2018

July & August Numbers

I've been crazy busy with work and we also had a death in the family. I feel like I'm constantly behind and can hardly catch up with things. I've been getting up earlier, so that I can be more productive. 

I've decided to just combine the 2 months numbers into one post, since it's already very late. So without further ado, here we go:

Gift cards earned

Mypoints $175 Kohls
Swagbucks : $75 Target & Kohls
IGC : $10 Target
Ibotta : $70 Kohls
Savingstar : $0 - not enough funds to cash out yet
Checkout51 - nothing requested yet

So onto the gc balances:

Previous balance $15.36
Added : $270
Spent : $90.51
New balance : $194.85

Previous balance $100
Added : $60
Spent : $150.00
New balance : $5.00

Previous balance : $155.18
Added : $0
Spent : $83.69
Total : $71.49

Previous balance : $40.27
Added : $0 
Spent : $40.27
Total : $0


Previous balance : $59.31
Earned $0
Spent : 0
New balance : $59.31

DSW - $25.00 (I let my $5 reward expire. It just wasn't worth my time to go to the store to spend $5)

WHBM - $50.00

Starbucks : $35 

Total Gift Cards : $440.65

Total earned from online sales (after fees) : $261.78
Plus previous balance $633.79
Less expenses : $83.20
New Balance : $812.37

So we have a total of $1253.02 in cash and gcs for holiday shopping and whatever clothing items we need for the rest of the year. 

On the shopping front. 

$24.91 - workout gear at TJM
$15.90 - denim jacket for DS
$42.39 - the black dress I got for myself
And then used the GAP gcs for the sweaters I got.

The Target gcs were used to buy a pool for the backyard, a new game for DS (I promised him that I'd buy a new game once I've saved up enough gcs)  and some hair color. 

Walmart gcs were used to buy another Christmas gift and also the cake for the party.

Kohls gcs were used to purchase a big ticket Christmas gift

$15K savings goal

Starting balance : $1328.65
Plus 52 wk plan : $567.29
Plus sales : $373.42
Less purchases : $0
New Balance : $2269.36

I think I spent around $5 OOP when I redeemed Kohls cash. I have to check the receipt. 

$1 Savings
Previous balance : $91
Added : $22
Total : $113

$5 Savings 
Previous balance : $180
Added : $0
Total : $180

Friday, September 14, 2018

This week's drugstore fun

My plan was to hit all 3 drugstores this week, since there were some good deals to be had by all. However, I've read many reports that RA wasn't accepting the $3 Rimmel q, so I wasn't gonna waste my time going through all that.

CVS was, hands down, the best store to shop this week. But with no RP coupons and only 1 SS insert, I missed out on many deals. Something is either wrong with our Metro paper or it's just Meijer. I know that there were supposed to be 2 SS inserts last week. However I only found one insert in the local paper. The Metro paper hasn't had any inserts in weeks. This is the paper that Dollar Tree carries and one weekend they had a sign that said "No coupons" on the newspaper stand at DT. I sure hope this issue gets resolved soon, cause there's so many deals to be had, if you have all the right coupons.

On to the deals.

CVS - I started out with $10 EBs that I earned from the detergent deal

Trans 1

2 x Colgate mouthwash $7.98
2 x Colgate t/brush $7.98
1 x Scope mouthwash $3.99
1 x One a day gummies $4.00
1 x Colgate t/paste $3.50


2 x Colgate qs (2.00)
2 x Colgate t/b qs (2.00)
1 x One a Day q (4.00)
Colgate CRT (2.50)
Colgate DQ (0.50)
Less Scope DQ (1.00)
$3/10 Mouthwash q (3.00)
EBs (10.00)

Sales Tax : 0.97
OOP : $3.42
Received $11 EBs ($4 Colgate t/b, $4 Colgate mouthwash, $3 Scope)

I had man Qs for Colgate optic white, but my store was out of these.

Trans 2

2 x Speedstick $6.00
3 x Softsoap b/w $10.47
Less Speedstick app q (2.02) this was supposed to be $3. I don't know why CVS always adjusts the price down on their store qs. It's not as if there was any overage Ugh
Less $2/8 bw DQ (2.00)
Less EBs from Trans 1 (11.00)

Sales Tax : 0.87
OOP : $2.32

Earned : $7 EBs ($5 Softsoap, $2 Speedstick)
Trans 2 counts towards Beauty Reward. Spend $30 get $3 EB

The $2/8 bw q was a suprise. The q stated that it's for Dove products, but register automatically deducted it.

The cashier stood with her mouth hanging open when she saw the register total go down from $19 to $ Felt like the good old days when we used to shop til we drop at CVS

Total OOP for 12 items = $5.74

Walgreens (WAGS)

I had 3 x $5 CATS from a deal I did 2 weeks ago. I noticed that they're expiring this coming Sunday, so I figured I'd better use them and spend down some points while I'm at it (I still had $60 worth)

Trans 1

2 x Colgate t/p $7.98
1 x Candy bar 0.59

Less Colgate q (1.00)
Less Colgate dq (0.50)
Less CAT (5.00)
Less $2 BR (Balance Rewards points) (2.00)

Sales Tax : 0.48
OOP : $0.55
Received $4 CAT for buying 2 Colgate

I had to add the candy filler item, because your number of qs must match the number of items purchased (insert eyeroll here)

Trans 2

2 x Colgate $7.98
1 x Candy bar 0.59

Less Colgate q (1.00) Last q I had left
Less CAT (5.00)
Less BR (3.00)

Sales Tax : 0.48
OOP : $0.05
Received $4 CAT for buying 2 Colgate

Total OOP for 6 items = $0.60

Whoo hoo, I didn't know that the BR covers sales tax too. I added the candy, so that I could use at least $2 worth of points (before sales tax). By adding the candy bar, it worked out even better because my OOP is lower.

I also received a CAT for earn $10 WYS $25 and $7 for $25 Beauty. So I've worked out a deal to use $9 CATs and qs to earn this reward next week. I can't use BR on this transaction. because I won't earn the bonus points if I do. So let's hope it works.

July & August numbers to follow

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