Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Run to Wags for $1 Tide Simply & Crest - Ends 6/30!


Hi everyone! 

Just a quick note. If you haven't heard of it yet, Wags & P&G currently have some great deals running. Sadly, this deal is hit or miss at some locations. I can confirm that it still works in MI. The downside, it ends tomorrow. There's a PG promo - Spend $15, get $5 RR. Can be combined with many other PG deals that currently offer RRs. The Oral B was a real winner, but it's been reported that might be a dead deal too (again hit or miss).

Here's a good one if you need detergent. 

Tide Simply/Downy/Bounce are 4/$9 this week. Mix or match. Add in 2 x $3 Crest (there are 2 different Crest promos - $3 & $4). $3 - buy 2 get $4 RR. $4 promo - buy 2 get $5 RR

Trans 1

4 x Tide Simply $9.00

2 x Crest t/p 6.00

OOP $15 + tax

Earn $9 RR ($4 Crest, $5 WYS $15 PG)

You can use WC (points) or RRs to lower you OOP, but DO NOT use any RR that says STORE COUPON. That will lower your total and you won't earn the $5 PG RR.

The best part is - THIS DEAL ROLLS!!!!!

Trans 2

4 x Tide Simply $9.00

2 x Crest t/p 6.00

Less RRs from Trans 1 (9.00)

OOP $6 + tax

Earn $9 RR ($4 Crest, $5 WYS $15 PG)

Rinse & repeat.

That's like paying $1 + tax per item. 

If you prefer regular Tide, it's Buy 4 get $6 RR.

4 x Tide @ $5.49 ea = $21.96

Less Tide DQ (1.00)

OOP $20.96 + tax

Earn $11 RR ($6 WYB 4, $5 WYS $15), which makes it $2.50 per bottle.

I bought 12 bottles today (Simply) and the RRs still printed. I don't even feel like going back to spend the RRs. I'm pooped, but I'm on a high. I did 2 weeks of hard shopping at Wags. I'll post the details tomorrow or Friday. 

If anyone wants to try the Crest/Oral B deal, here's the details.

2 x Crest/Oral B @ $3 ea = 6.00

3 x Crest/Oral B @ $4 ea  = 12.00

Less $6 Oral care DQ (6.00)

Less $3 Oral care DQ (3.00)

OOP $9 + tax

Earn $14 RR ($4 for $3 items, $5 for $4 items, $5 WYS $15 PG)

That's a $5 MM. Again, the deal is mix & match. You can purchase toothpaste and/or toothbrushes. Just be sure to get the ones that are tagged (not all items are included). There are various Oral Care DQs, but it's been reported that the $7 one doesn't attach to the items (We all know it's not Wags unless something goes

You can also roll all these RRs into the different deals above. If you don't have any rewards, start with the Crest/Oral B deal. Then regular Tide, then Tide Simply. Rinse & repeat. 


Happy shopping peeps!

Monday, June 6, 2022

Meal Plan Monday

I'm so not in the mood to figure out meals for the week, so I've made an easy menu. Besides, who feels like cooking during summer. 

Monday : BBQ Chicken tenders, potato salad, baked beans salad, carrot/pineapple salad, green salad with all the toppings (onions, peppers, cherry tomatoes, feta, etc)

Tuesday : Chicken pesto pasta with a big side salad with all the toppings (choose your own toppings. I prepare all the toppings and place it in containers in the fridge. That way we it's easy to build your own salad when you want one. I do the same with produce. I pick and wash all grapes and place in a container, so we can just grab some when we want to eat it. Everything's already cleaned and prepped. I like having my life simplified)

Wednesday : BBQ Chicken tenders wraps with all the same sides as Monday

Thursday : Same as Tuesday

Friday : Chicken tacos with all the fixings, refried beans, pico de gallo

I went to the produce market & Sams yesterday. Yikes at the market. I love that place, but the prices are just not worth it anymore. Only a select few things are worth getting there, like peppers $1.99/lb, kiwi, beets, berries. I love that they often have tropical fruit (that I grew up eating) like guavas & litchis/lychees. I saw fresh apricots and had to have some. Can you tell I love fruit? These babies were huge too, so I bought over 2lbs worth. When I got home and checked my receipt, I saw that it cost me over $7!! Holy cow! Well, we have lots of good fresh fruit, so I'm not even gonna worry about it. I did find pint blueberries for $2.29 (lowest price around here), so I bought 3. I love that stuff. We are all set for a while. We can choose different fruit (we normally eat 4-5 different kinds daily) every day. There's apples, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, apricots, grapes and bananas. 

I absolutely love spinach, but for some reason I don't like the taste of just fresh spinach in a salad. So I had a light bulb moment. I now mix it with my spring mix (I always buy both), so there's different greens in my salad and I don't have to worry about just tasting spinach. I feel the same way about apples. I'm not crazy about eating a fresh apple, but I love all things apple flavored. Give me apple pie, muffins, add it to a salad etc. It's so weird. 

I was up a the butt crack of dawn to go for a run, but then was too tired to do it. I went to bed late, then woke up after 4, so I was exhausted. I did start cooking early. I had the chicken in the oven before 7 am, while cooking our mushroom, onions, pepper mix. Then made omelets for breakfast. I'm always more productive when I don't get enough sleep. I know that if I sit down, I'll fall asleep so I keep busy. I should probably have more sleepless nights (j/k)

FYI - my tenders aren't the frozen, breaded ones. I buy the naked tenders, just like you'd get chicken breasts. I just marinade it overnight, then bake (can be grilled too). Sams was out of chicken breasts again (glad I bought 15 lbs last time to freeze). The tenders are now $5/lb. WTH?! Chicken costs more than beef? Crazy!

I'll pull some fajita chicken from the freezer for tacos and just make fresh beans and pico. Easy peasy. I just remembered that there's still brussel sprouts, so I'll make some grilled veggies tomorrow morning. I like to cook early, so that the house has the rest of the day to cool down. 

Now I need to tackle my mile long To Do list. I'll respond to comments and visit everyone's blogs later.

Have a great day peeps!

Friday, June 3, 2022

Stocking up like it's nobody's business

Is anyone else over all the constant doom & gloom - Covid, monkeypox, war, inflation, gas prices etc? I tell ya, I'm over it. When can we all get back to normal? Do we even know what normal is anymore?

I haven't really stocked up the last few months for several reasons. I've only been adding things here & there. However, I keep reading about global food shortages in the near future. Then I read that the UK is already in a recession. So a decision had to be made. I told myself  'Girl, no matter what, we still have to eat'. Do I want to put stockpiling on the back burner and pay even higher prices later or do I want to risk running into shortages. Higher prices is one thing, but running out isn't an option for me. I'm a planner. I always make sure that we have more than enough of everything. I'd rather have too much and help out someone in need, than run out myself. I've always been this way. My ex boss used to tell me that I'm like a squirrel, preparing for winter The bottom drawer (big drawer) of my desk was always filled with snacks. Everyone in the office knew that if they needed a snack, they could just check my bottom drawer. That's how I roll. 

So this was a big stockpiling week for me. I decided to just do what I do best - shop for some deals. Here's some of what I did. 


I stocked up on some canned veggies. I was very, very happy to find the Store brand no salt added peas. I got 8 cans. I don't normally buy this much, but the peas have been hit & miss the last 2 years and I love peas. I bought some AP flour and sugar too. I bake muffins every week and keep running low on AP flour. I'm also down to my last brown sugar, which I use in my coffee. 

Yikes. The Prego pesto went from $2.77 to $3.12

Bran Flakes - $2.30. Huh? Last time I was at the store, it was still $2.20. I initially bought this brand, because it was half the price of Fiber One with the same/similar nutritional value. The cereal was $1.80 or $1.90. Then $2 - $2.10 - $2.20 & now $2.30. It's a good thing I already have a decent amount stockpiled. 

I bought a few other things. Had a $20 Ibotta gc, so only spent $26.xx OOP. I'm very happy with that. 

Large cans Bush's baked beans (the only baked beans brand I'll eat) is now $2.49!!!! It was just $2.29 a few weeks ago. Last week my local grocery store had the baked beans for $1.99. No limits. Bless their hearts - they often have decent sales with no limits. However, I only bought 6 cans at a time (2 different locations). So 12 cans saved me $6. I still have more in stock. 


I love this store! I rarely shop at Target, but I love the cleanliness of the store, and how peaceful it is to shop there. It's seldom packed, so shopping is a breeze.  I initially went there for the Tide/Bounce deal. I'm almost out of dryer sheets and was waiting for a good sale. It's crazy how I've been running out of things lately. This never happens to me. 

I don't know how I stumbled upon the Old Spice deal, but something made me check out the b/w at Target online (I like to add all my items online to see how the Circle coupons apply). I've mentioned before that DS only has a few b/w bottles left. The downside is that the Captain scent has now been discontinued. Ugh, I hate when they do this. PG keeps adding new scents to the Old Spice line and they're not all good (BBW does the same). I'll be the first to admit that the Captain scent smells amazing!!!, so I don't know why it's been discontinued. So this mama bear decided to go stock up. 

The deal is Spend $12, save $3

Buy 3, get $5 gc

10% off all Old Spice b/w

These 3 deals stacked, which makes for a good sale. I still had a $10 gc from before, so here's what I did

Trans 1

1 x Tide $12.99

1 x Downy 12.99

1 x Bounce 10.99

4 x Old Spice b/w 19.36 (total after all discounts). Original pice is $5.99 each

Less Downy DQ (2.00)

Less Bounce DQ (2.00)

Less GC (10.00)

Tax 3.38

OOP : $45.71

Earned $15 GC ($10 Tide, $5 OS)

Trans 2

4 x Old Spice b/w 19.36

Tax 0.86

Less GC from trans 1 (15.00)

OOP : $5.22

Earned $5 GC

Then today DS and I went to a different location since my store only had 2 bottles left after my last trip. 

Trans 3 & 4 (did the same deal twice)

4 x Old Spice $19.36

Tax 0.86

Less GC (5.00)

OOP $15.22

Earned $5 GC

Oh yes I did buy 16 bottles. Talk to me again when we can't find this scent at any I've only seen it at Target and a few select Wags. The online information is wrong. Neither Meijer nor Walmart carry this scent anymore. I actually bought the last 8 bottles at the 2nd store today. No regrets. I'm not a shelf clearer, but desperate times call for desperate

I just kept rolling those gcs. So I got 16 bottles for $46.18 OOP. That's $2.87 per bottle, which is more than a 50% savings! Plus, they're the bonus size bottles. I'm a happy camper!


I needed to redeem some RRs, but somebody cleared my Wags out of all the Tide Simply. I don't get it. The Tide isn't even such a good price (especially compared to Target). The deals were few & far between this week, so I just figured I'd burn some RRs on Tide & Downy (those bottles are tiny). Then yesterday I learned that the 20 oz Palmolive is Buy 2 get $3 WC. That's a good price. So while I was out, I stopped at a different Wags and picked up 6 bottles. This is how it was supposed to go. 

Trans 1

4 x Palmolive $11.96

Less RR (4.00)

Less WC (5.00)


OOP : $2.96 + tax

Except, I had 3 blue bottles and 3 orange bottles. So after the cashier rang and bagged 4 bottles, I placed the other 2 bottles on the counter and said I want to pay for it separately. Cashier said okay, then proceeded to void and keep adding items that my head was spinning looking at the small screen. Then he hit total and it was $0.27!! WTH?! I knew this was wrong, but you can't make changes at Wags once the cashier hits total. Ugh, so my receipt prints and I noticed that he rang up the bottles by color and only had 3 on the first receipt. This is so wrong, cause I didn't earn all my rewards, because I had 3 bottles instead of 4. In my mind I'm cussing up a storm, but I gave him a polite smile and explained the situation in a very calm manner. He was young and super sweet. So I told him that it's okay. I have a way to fix it without having to void the transaction. I asked if he was new and he said Yes. So I told him that its oka to make mistakes. We all have to learn when we start a new job. So I had him call over the manager. I explained things to the manager, then asked her if I could just pay for the 2nd transaction (3 bottles again) and then have her add $3 Courtesy points to fix things. I was supposed to earn $9 WC for the 6 bottles, but only earned $6, because of only having 3 bottles per transaction. She agreed, added my points and 20 bloody minutes I left Wags with my $9 rewards. Phew. But wait, then I got stuck in traffic. All I could see was flashing lights up ahead and I knew that once I get to the first available exit, I would have to take a long detour home. I still don't know why the traffic was backed up, cause there was no accident, just cops. Road finally cleared after cops checkpoint. Sigh, Wags never fails to disappoint. But guess what. I wasn't a pita customer who ruined the cashier's day because of a mistake. Instead I reassured him that it's okay to make a mistake. I even thanked him when I left the store. 

I also made a pit stop at Ollies for raisins and books, but alas, no raisins. But shocker, the Cashews that was $8.99 before is now $11.99!!! Shame on you Ollie's. I know inflation is biting everyone in the behind, but adding $3 to an item that's been in stock for months, is a bit much! Now see, this is when my crazy shopping skills pay off. Back when I bought all the nuts, I didn't even know we would have war, inflation, high gas prices etc. I bought the nuts to make my own trail mix and even used a 15% off Q. Well, looky here. I didn't know the prices were going to increase by a whopping $3 per item. I'm just gonna go into my pantry and grab a new bag from the shelf. Easy peasy. 

Half the time I don't even know why I'm stocking up on select things like it's the end of the world. However, I've learned that my gut instincts ALWAYS pay off. So if I'm doing crazy shopping, just know that there will eventually be a good reason for it - even if I don't know the reason yet. I'm not psychic. I don't believe in that mumbo jumbo, but I do trust God and I know that my instincts is God pointing me in the right direction. 

Kroger has milk, Kraft cheese & Prego (my preferred brand) on sale, so I'm gonna head there before the sale ends on Tuesday. I do need milk and Prego. I was just looking at the Prego price at Walmart earlier this week and noticed that it's over $2. Good thing I didn't buy any. Kroger has it for $1.27, so I'm buying the limit of 5. 

I'm in a slump. I'm not motivated to do anything, much less blog. I've had quite a few setbacks/stumbling blocks over the last few weeks. I'm talking big things. All I want to do is go lay on the beach with some cocktails and not have a care in the world. I just want to go smell the salty ocean air and forget all my troubles. Sadly, the beach is not going to happen in the near future, so I'll settle for a few cocktails and a hug. Maybe some chocolate too. Okay, I'm a hard liquor girl. So let's just skip the cocktails nonsense and call it what it is. I'd like some good hard liquor on the It's weekend after

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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