Monday, June 29, 2020

Today's WAGS trip

WAGS has a great deal on P&G deodorants this week. Buy 2/$10 get $4 RR. Combine it with qs to save even more. It's been reported that the Gillette deodorants are producing an extra $3 RR. There's also a $5 BR Points booster WYS $25 (before Man Qs, after Store Qs IVC). My Gillette q is only for $1/2 :(

Also look for clearance Covergirl lip products (especially gloss that's pictured). Many stores have them for $2.39 - $2.69. There's a $4/2 IVC. You CAN use this q on just one item or odd item amounts. The register WILL deduct the $2 off each item. Don't let a cashier tell you otherwise. If they tell you that you can't use it on just one item, ask them nicely to just scan the q to see if it will work (because it

Trans 1

1 x Covergirl lip $2.39
2 x Old Spice deodorant 10.00
2 x Loreal eyeliner 17.98
Less Covergirl IVC (2.00)
Less OS DQ (4.00)
Less Loreal DQ (10.00)
Tax 1.82
OOP $14.19

Earned $9 RR ($4 OS, $5 Loreal), $5 BR Points (for spending $25)

Total earned $14.00

Trans 2

3 x Oral B t/b B2G1F $7.98
3 x Old Spice deodorant spray 15.00
1 x Old Spice deodorant spray 7.99
Less Oral B DQ (3.00)
Less Oral B DQ (1.00)
Tax 1.86
OOP $28.83

Earned $4 RR (OS), $5 BR (WYS $25) $5 Ibotta (OS)

Total earned $14

Also earned another $5 PG gc for scanning all my items.

When I saw my high total, I couldn't understand it. I just told the cashier that I would check my receipt later, cause I knew I could contact CS for anything that didn't deduct.

I have a $6/4 OS DQ. Now the Q is for deodorant, so I wasn't sure if it would attach to the spray (which it didn't). I was prepared for this.

I now see that one of the spray (different scent) rang up at $7.99. WTF WAGS. How about giving us store ads AND sale shelf tags so we know which items qualify. They only had 3 of the Refresh, so I had to grab a different one. I really want to return this item, but I know that it's gonna affect my spending $25. I don't know how that's gonna work. Besides, I've already submitted to Ibotta and PG. Ugh!!! Grrrr!!!!

I was so flustered, I didn't think to use my Loreal RR on this transaction.

There's a BOGOF Old Spice spray q in this week's RMN. You can get the sprays for $1 + tax, after q and RR.  We were out of state yesterday and I asked DH to stop at Walmart on our way home so I could get newspapers. So I grab the newspapers, check for inserts and see the BOGOF Dove q in the insert. Huh?! I know that q was in last week's inserts. Is there another one? I check the date on the front of the paper & they have last week's papers out! Grrrr. Thankfully I received my RMN insert in the mail this afternoon, so I'll go back to get more. This time I'm not doing the Booster deal. I'm just getting the sprays and deodorants with my leftover qs.

As for Oral B. I have a $7/3 DQ. When I do the deal online, the $7 q automatically attaches. Not the case in store. WAGS issued tons of Crest/Oral B DQs this week. If you shop in store, the register deducts the lowest values first. So back to WAGS I go to do Oral B

I can just laugh, because there's never a dull moment at WAGS. It's not worth me getting upset about it.

I'm happy with the Old Spice though. It's our preferred brand, so I'm always happy to find it on sale.

Total OOP $43.02
Total earned (Rewards, Cash back, GC) : $33
Retail value : $82.38

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

WAGS Ibotta Deal

I discovered that I had $6.50 RRs expiring yesterday & another $11 expiring Thursday, so I made a quick list and headed to WAGS.

Trans 1

4 x Palmolive soap $7.96
2 x Snuggle softener 5.98
2 x Rohto eye drops 27.98
1 x Rohto redness relief 8.79
1 x Rohto ice red relief 8.79
Less 5/$20 DQ (5.00)
Less Rohto IVC (16.00)
Less Rotho DQ (7.00)
Less Palmolive DQ (0.50)
Less Snuggle DQ (3.00)
Less RRs (10.50)
Less BR Points (10.00)
Tax 3.27
OOP $10.77

Son of a gun! My OOP should've been $1.23, but my other 2 Rohto DQs didn't deduct. I contacted CS when I got home and they added $9 BR points to my account. Y'all knew there's no way my WAGS trip would go smoothly.

Earned $4 BR (Palmolive) and $16 Ibotta (Rohto)

There are different Rohto Ibotta rebates and 3 different Digital Coupons. Rotho Ibotta expires Thursday, so go to WAGS today if you want to take advantage of this deal.

The Rohto IVC (monthly coupon booklet) is for $4 off one. The register will automatically deduct the q from all qualifying items. When you get to the store, grab the Monthly coupon booklet (IVC). And look for the Rohto q. I normally fold that page in the booklet and hand it to the cashier before any other qs. This way I can't forget about it. Or tear out the q and add it to your coupon pile.

I need more fabric softener like I need a hole in the head, but I couldn't resist this deal. WAGS often adds ONLY FOR YOU DQs to accounts and mine had a $3/2 Snuggle/All q, making it $1.50 each this week.

As I left the store, I decided to just head to another location to use my other $7 RRs if they had Palmolive in stock. Lucky me found the last 4 bottles.

Trans 2

4 x Palmolive $7.98
Less RRs (7.00)
Tax 0.48
OOP $1.44

Earned $4 BR Points

The cashier was new and I asked if I could use $1 BR and she said no. Now I know for a fact that BR will cover tax in our state (so I could use $1 reward), but I wasn't going to push it with her. She already had to ask for help just scanning my RRs. I know she's learning, so I didn't want to overwhelm her with the BR points too.

My dish soap stockpile is now up to 27 bottles. My goal is 30 bottles. The sale ends on Saturday, so I'll see if I can find more if I pass a WAGS when I go out tomorrow. I'm not gonna waste time looking for it though. I'm thinking this deal might come around again later this year. I remember seeing the same sale last year. However, with the spike in Covid19 cases again, I'm stocking up whatever I can.

Total OOP $11.67
Cash back earned : $16.00
Rewards used : $27.50
Rewards earned : $17.00

Total spent (cash + rewards) $39.17
Total earned (rewards + cash back) $33.00

Retail value $76.46

All in all, it wasn't a bad day. I would've preferred my DQs to deduct, instead of getting BR for it, but it all worked out in the end. I'm just happy to be rid of RRs, because they're only good for 2 weeks.

I don't see much good in the CVS ad this week, so I'm not sure I'm gonna shop there this week.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

This week's CVS tripping

There wasn't much good in the CVS ad this week, but I wanted to take advantage of the $7 Loreal DQ they sent me.

2 x Garnier Shampoo $7.00
2 x Garnier whole blends 7.00
1 x Covergirl lipstick 8.79
1 x Covergirl mascara 6.79
1 x Loreal Micellar water 10.99
1 x Loreal moisturiser 19.49
Less Garnier DQ (1.00)
Less $3/12 Hair care DQ (3.00)
Less Covergirl lip q (2.00)
Less Covergirl eye q (3.00)
Less 3/15 Covergirl DQ (3.00)
Less Loreal Age Perfect DQ (7.00)
Less Loreal CRT (4.00)
Less 5/22 Facial DQ (5.00)
Less EBs (31.00)
Tax 2.40
OOP $1.06

Earned $21 EBs ($3 Garnier, $3 Garnier WB, $5 Covergirl, $10 Loreal) + $6 Beauty EB. That's a total of $27 EBs earned

I started out with $36 EBs and only spent $31. My new EB Balance is $32.

Retail value : $62.02

I was supposed to get a free GSQ item, but I wasn't at my regular store and couldn't find the item. I just gave up after going down a few cosmetic aisles.

Remember that Old Spice body wash I bought at WAGS last week? A day or 2 after my last purchase, I read that an Old Spice b/w Ibotta rebate was available. So I submitted my receipts and earned $5 cash back. Happy dance!!

I'm also loving that P&G reward site. I scanned all my drugstore receipts from the past 2 weeks (there were lots of PG items on my receipts) and earned a total of $10 gcs already. It was so quick & easy. I just redeemed for some Dunkin Donuts gcs. I like to keep DD, Starbucks & Krispy Kreme gcs in my wallets for road trips. Who doesn't like free treats :)

I went to Meijer again & finished that Tide/Bounty deal and earned my $10 back at Meijer. I need to submit for the $15 Visa gc.

I also did my bi-weekly trip to Walmart. I added 19 canned items to our stockpile and got everything else we needed for the next 2 weeks. I left the store with a full cart of groceries. I told DH that only at Walmart can I leave the store with a cart full for $122 (without using coupons). I'm loving that we are only spending half of our usual grocery budget too. That is until I have to hit Sams & the produce

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Meijer PG Double Dip Laundry Care Deal

Well I discovered this deal quite by accident. I've been running low on dryer sheets, but didn't want to pay too much at the drugstores (I haven't grocery shopped in 2 weeks) and Ollie's didn't have any. I finally ran out of sheets yesterday and Meijer happens to have a PG sale on it this week. Buy 4 Select items (mix & match), save $10 instantly. 

When I got home, I received an email stating I started a new reward. It turns out you also earn $10 Mperks WYS $40 (before all discounts) on select PG items (Bounce excluded).  When I added my receipt to my pile to scan for various apps. I saw the PG rebate form on my desk (My drugstore items already qualify for the rebate) and noticed that Tide, Bounce & Downy are all part of this rebate. Whoo-hoo!

Here's what I got :

Trans 1

2 x 240 ct Bounce sheets $17.98
1 x 90 oz Tide 8.99
1 x Downy 7.99
Less Bounce DQ (1.00)
Less Tide DQ (2.00)
Less Downy DQ (1.00)
Less Instant Discount (10.00)
Tax 1.50
OOP $22.46

I will go back & do a 2nd transaction, as I need $23xx to earn $10 reward. I also have to see if there's any IP Qs on I would prefer to just get more Bounce, but it won't earn me the Meijer reward.

Trans 2

1 x Bounce sheets $8.99
1 x Tide 8.99
2 x Downy 15.98
Less Instant Discount (10.00)
Tax $1.44
OOP $25.40

Total OOP $47.86

Earn $10 MPerks coupon & submit for $15 PG Visa rebate

Total cost after rewards : $22.86 or $2.86 (incl tax) per item. 

Also scan all your PG receipts to PG rewards site, so you can earn a gc.

The regular price of one box of Bounce sheets is $9.41!! This is why I always wait for a good sale, because you can pay so much less.

Meijer sale ends 6/20/20, so you have all week to shop. Be sure to grab the correct items. These are the larger size ones. Check your store tags or do a price check to see if your items qualify. The scanner will show that it's part of the $10 instant discount deal. 

Thursday, June 11, 2020

CVS & WAGS Tripping

Let me start off by saying I got my missing $10 EBs. Whoo hoo! No, I didn't find the receipt, but I read that you can reprint EBs at home. So I googled it, watched a Youtube video & voila, I was $10 I also received $6 Beauty EB for last week's shopping. I stopped at a different CVS today, while I was out running errands.

The minute I hit the makeup section, I realised that I did not grab my Covergirl IP qs. No problem. None of the items on my list are a need. I'm just taking advantage of all those awesome CRTs CVS sends me every week.

3 x Pantene detangler $15.00
5 x Crest t/p 14.95
2 x Kotex tampons B1G50% off 2nd 16.19
1 x Physicians Formula lipstick 9.99
1 x Visine trial size 3.79
Less $3/3 Pantene q (3.00)
Less Pantene DQ (3.00) I'm surprised this stacked
Less $3/15 Hair care (3.00)
Less Crest q (1.00)
Less Crest DQ (1.00)
Less 2 Crest DQs (6.00)
Less Kotex DQ (2.00)
Less $3/8 Kotex (3.00)
Less P Formula CRT (4.00)
Less Visine DQ (3.00)
Less EBs (24.00)
Tax 2.69
OOP $5.60

Earned $22 EBs ($5 Kotex, $7 Crest, $5 Pantene, $5 P Formula) + I should get $1.50 Ibotta (Visine)

I had a $2 EB that I wanted to use to lower my OOP, but the cashier wouldn't accept it....grrr.

I'm surprised my Crest x/XX & Tampons x/XX DQs didn't apply. I especially bought 5 toothpaste (although I only needed 4 to earn reward), so the DQ would apply. Oh well, all the other ones applied, so I can't complain. I only bought the Visine, because it's a small MM

I love CVS's 98% rule. The P Formula was Spend $10 get $5 EB, so I was afraid that it might not work. I've read that it doesn't work at all locations (weird), but I know it works at my regular stores. I was very happy that it indeed worked at today's location, cause I've never shopped there before.

I should earn another $3 Beauty reward for today's shopping. I now have a total of $33 EBs (Today's + $11 left over from last week).


This was done totally on the fly. I saw a WAGs on my way home and decided to check for Palmolive. Yeah well, I left the store several $$$ later.  Oh boy.

Trans 1

2 x Old Spice b/w $12.00
2 x Kit Kat 1.50
4 x Palmolive 7.96
Less Kit Kat DQ (0.88)
Less BR points (20.00)
Tax 1.20
OOP $1.78

Earned $6.50 RR (O Spice) + $4 BR (Palmolive)

Trans 2

3 x Crest t/p $8.97
3 x Colgate t/p 8.97
2 x Kit Kat 1.50
1 x Gillette razor 9.99
Less Crest DQ (5.00)
Less Gillette DQ (4.00)
Less RR from Trans 1 (6.50)
Tax 1.68
OOP $15.61

Earned $5 BR (WYS $25. This is why I paid cash) + $11 RR ($3 Crest, $4 Colgate, $4 Gillette)

The Colgate DQ once again didn't work. I bought the exact items that were pictured. Contacted CS and had another $5 BR added to my account. DS already ate one of the Birthday Kit Kats & I gave cashier one of the others, cause she was so awesome.

Spent down $6 BR (new balance is $23), but earned back an additional $11 RR.

Total OOP $22.99

Cash back earned : $1.50

Retail value : $141.23

My gosh I spent $40.99 at WAGS alone this week. Talk about making up for 3 months of no couponing quarantine. Definitely not the way I like to coupon.

Yes, I'm swimming in toothpaste, but I have a plan for them. I must remember to scan my receipts on P&G site and submit for rebate.

I now have enough Pantene detangler (8 bottles), but I'll buy more if CVS keeps giving those awesome

You'll notice that I bought the bonus size Old Spice. I always look for bonus sizes when shopping. This isn't the guys' regular scent, but I grabbed it since it's a bigger bottle. The price is still the same and they'll just have to be happy with

WAGS doesn't look good next week, so I'll give it a pass. I might check for more Palmolive, because the sale ends in 2 weeks time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Three months in lockdown made me forget how bad WAGS can be. What should've been a quick 10 minute in & out trip, turned into a 40 minute fiasco.

Trans 1

3 x Colgate t/p $8.97
3 x Crest t/p 8.97
3 x Aveeno lotion 10.47
4 x Palmolive 7.96
Less Crest DQ (5.97)
Less Aveeno DQ (4.00)
Less Aveeno DQ (3.00)
Less RR (6.58)
Tax 2.18
OOP $19.00

Earned $19 BR points ($4 Palmolive, $5 WYS $20, $5 WYS $20 DQ, $5 WY make 3 trips) + $7 BR Points

Total earned $26 + $5 = $31.

First, I bought 3 Oral b t/b & 3 Colgate Optic t/p. At the end of transaction none of those DQs deducted. The shift manager tried ringing it up again, even though it didn't work the first time (ugh). So I told her to void the transaction and I'll get different Crest & Colgate. So I did & the DQs deducted. 

BUT..... no RRs printed. I was supposed to get $3 Crest & $4 Colgate RRs. The cashier told me the CAT machine doesn't work. WTH? You guys are aware of the machine not working, but you don't put up a sign notifying customers?! After all, they have several RR deals in their ad this week (insert eyeroll). So she added $7 BR points to my account. 

The manager was no good. She didn't know how to fix the DQs that didn't deduct (they can override it and I know how it works, but I was so frustrated at this point). WAGS no longer has paper store ads (real genius) and she asked me how much I was supposed to get in RRs and I told her $7, but she didn't believe me. Then she wanted to see the amounts on my DQs on my phone. I told her that RRs aren't displayed under your DQs. So the cashier hauled out a printed copy of the ad and she saw that it was indeed $7. Face palm, rolling eyes. I rolled my eyes (inwardly) so much at WAGS today, I thought I was gonna fall over.

I couldn't figure out why my OOP was so high. I had a great scenario planned with DQs, cause I knew that I couln't pay with points to earn the bonus points. So when I got home and checked my receipt & online account, I noticed that my Colgate DQ didn't deduct. Also, the Aveeno was supposed to be B2G1F (big signs on the shelf). So I did Live Chat and got another $5 added to my account and I have to go in store to fix the Aveeno deal. Grrr. At this point, I just feel like returning the Aveeno. 

So for the 2nd transcation, I asked if the CAT machine at the 2nd register works and manager says yes. So I haul everything over there, cashier starts ringing everything up then the manager says she doesn't know if the CAT machine will work & that I should go pay at the photo counter. $#@%%*(&

So another transaction voided. Loaded everything into my cart and then off to the photo counter. Thankfully the last 2 transactions worked out. As least I thought so, because I just noticed that my $1 OS DQ didn't deduct either. I'm too worn out to bother with it.

Trans 2

2 x Old Spice b/w $12.00
2 x Palmolive 3.98
3 x A&H detergent $6.99 (B1G2F)
Less BR Points (20.00)
Tax 1.38
OOP $4.35

Earned $2 BR (Palmolive) + $6.50 RR (Old Spice)

Trans 3

2 x Dial Soap $7.00
Less DQ (2.00)
Less BR points (5.00)
Tax 0.42
OOP $0.42

I gave the cashier 2 quarters and then he handed one quarter back to me. Huh? I was too messed up to even bother fixing this. That at least makes up for part of my OS DQ that didn't

I started today with $20 BR Points & $6.58 RR

Balance after everything = $29 BR + 6.50 RR

Total OOP $23.60

Total retail value : $93.68

I basically have the same amount of RRS & my BR Points are up by $9. The Aveeno might only give me back $3.49, since I used DQs (not paper). WAGS made me spend way too much OOP. I was just gonna roll my RRS into Trans 2 and add more Palmolive, to help lower my OOP. 

My dish soap stockpile is now up to 15 bottles (including DT ones). My goal is 30 bottles (if I can find more during the sale period).

Lisa (Figuring out retirement), please don't try the Kotex deal. The DQ didn't deduct.

WAGS is supposed to have a bonus Beauty event from Thursday, but nobody's received their DQs yet. If I get one, I'll be back at WAGS on Thursday or Friday. I need to stop by CVS too.

Hope everyone's scoring good deals too!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Back to regular drugstore shopping

I finally got back to my regular drugstore shopping routine. WAGS & CVS had a few good deals with coupons expiring 6/6, so I made a list and headed out. First stop WAGS

Trans 1

4 x Old Spice deodorant $20.00
2 x Loreal Elvive shampoo 8.00
2 x Palmolive dish soap 3.98
1 x Mentos  1.29
Less Old Spice DQ (6.00)
Less Loreal IVC (2.00)
Less Loreal DQ (4.00)
Less BR Points (20.00)
Tax 1.92
OOP $3.19

Earned $5.29 RRs ($4 Old Spice, $1.29 Mentos), $2 BR points (Palmolive), $8.10 Ibotta (Old Spice + any item)

Total earned $15.39

Trans 2

4 x Crest t/p $11.96
2 x Palmolive dish soap 3.98
3 x Purex detergent 6.00
2 x Oral B t/b 7.98
1 x Mentos 1.29
Less 2 Crest DQs (10.00)
Less Purex q (0.50)
Less BR Points (20.00)
Tax 1.80
OOP $2.51

Earned $10 BR Points ($8 Crest, $2 Palmolive) + $1.29 RR (Mentos)

So my $3 Oral B RR didn't print, but I didn't have time to figure it out. I'm trying to spend less time in store and I still needed to go to CVS & Walmart, so I decided to just wait until I got home. I knew that it wasn't the CAT machine, cause my Mentos RR printed. I knew that I could just contact CS to refund me. Well, after studying the receipt when I got home, I noticed that the cashier didn't scan all 3 toothbrushes. I bought 3, but she only scanned 2. Ugh! This isn't the first time this has happened. You had to buy 3 to get the reward. I figured I'm actually ahead, because the t/b costs $3.99 and the reward was only for $3. So 99c extra in my pocket.

I started out with $48 BR Points and ended up with $21 BR. I don't mind spending it down, as long as my OOP is low.

The Palmolive is a monthly deal (thru 6/27). Buy 2, get $2 BR. Sale price is $1.99. I figured this is a better deal than my DT deal. DT bonus size bottles are 16 oz vs WAGS 20 oz bottles. I'm stocking up.

This deal rolls, so you can keep using your earned points, to roll into another deal. For those who'd like to try, do the following:

2 x Palmolive $3.98
OOP $3.98 + tax
Earn $2 BR points

Trans 2

2 x Palmolive $3.98
Less BR points from previous transaction (2.00)
OOP $1.98 + tax
Earn $2 BR Points

Rinse & repeat


Let me start off by saying that I'm beyond mad at CVS. Contacted CS about my expired EBs (that they were supposed to reissue). Haven't heard a thing back, nor has anything been added to my account. That's $27 down the drain. Really CVS. We still have a Stay Home order in place & this is how you thank your customers!

The other thing is that I couldn't find my $10 EB from my last shopping trip. I normally cut my EBs and place it in my wallet, but the last I remember seeing the receipts, is when I wrote my previous blog post. The crazy part is that I easily found the other receipt from the same date. I'm blaming lockdown for my CRS (can't remember shit) So yeah, my OOP was really high.

2 x Garnier shampoo $7.00
2 x Loreal Elvive 8.00
3 x Pantene detangler 15.00
1 x Bulldog razor 9.99
1 x Schick razor 8.99
1 x Covergirl lipstick $8.79
1 x Covergirl mascara 6.79
1 x GS blender 6.49
Less Garnier q (3.00)
Less Loreal Q (4.00)
Less Schick DQ (4.00)
Less Bulldog DQ (4.00)
Less Covergirl DQ (3.00)
Less Covergirl DQ (3.00)
Less 3/12 cosmetics DQ (3.00)
Less 3/12 Shave DQ (3.00)
Less 3/15 Haircare DQ (3.00)
Less Hair care DQ (2.00)
Less Pantene DQ (2.00)
Less Beauty EB (3.00)
Less GSQ Q (6.49) Free wyb $15 Covergirl
Tax 2.97
OOP $27.53 Paid $5 of it with a gc
Total OOP $22.53

Earned $19 EBs ($4 Bulldog, $3 Schick, $4 Pantene, $2 Loreal, $6 Covergirl).

Should get another $3 Beauty EB too. That's $22 earned.

A very spendy drugstore shopping day for me.

Total OOP : $28.23
Less cash back earned $8.10
OOP $20.13
Retail value : 205.16

Well, I'll take that 90% saving any

I opted to do a big transaction instead of smaller ones to lower my OOP. If I just did separate transactions, I'd still have a small EB amount to roll into future deals. That means more small transactions.

I'm so very happy to get my Pantene detangler on sale again. This stuff is too pricey (well according to ) for me to pay full price for it. Silly me just realised that I never clipped the Pantene paper q. Ugh.

For those folks who still think we are crazy to stockpile, let me tell you that we haven't needed a single HBA or household item for the 3 months we've been in lockdown. We had more than enough food too and still do. We still have enough HBA items in our stockpile to last several months. However, I'm building up my stockpile again, just in case there's a 2nd wave (which I hope won't happen). If not, then we'll at least be set for winter and I don't have to worry about chasing deals in bad winter weather.


I did some grocery shopping at Walmart. We really only needed bagged salad, bananas & milk, but I left the store $100 later. Oy

I did find something new. I was getting some Rotel tomatoes, when I spotted the Walmart brand for 46c. I immediately put the Rotel ($1) back onto the shelf & grabbed a few Walmart ones instead. If it tastes good, then I'll stock up on it next time.

That's my shopping for the week. I only have drugstore shopping on my list for next week. We really don't need any more food.

My blog has moved

Hi everyone I have decided to move my blog. I tried to sign up for ads several years ago, only to to discover that the ex already owned an a...