Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A quick WAGS trip

I decided to make a quick WAGS run today, because I had a 10% off $35 DQ. 

Trans 1

1 x Purex detergent $1.99
2 x Revlon foundation B1G50% off 2nd $20.73
4 x Softsoap (deluxe size) B1G50% off 2nd $8.96
1 x Loreal cleanser $5.59
2 x Revlon nail clippers $7.08

Less 10% DQ (4.44)
Less Purex DQ (1.00)
Less Revlon q (5.00)
Less Revlon DQ (5.00)
Less Loreal DQ (5.00)
Less 2 Softsoap qs (1.00)
Less BR Points (20.00)
Tax 2.39
OOP $5.30

Earned $12 BR points ($4 Softsoap, $3 Revlon clippers, $5 Beauty)

Had my transactions nicely planned out, until I got to WAGS and discovered they're out of the regular Softsoap hand soap which is $1.99 each, compared to the $2.99 I paid. So I had to rework my scenario. Thankfully I had 2 Softsoap qs with me, that I was gonna use at Dollar Tree afterwards (we need more Softsoap like I need a hole in the head. I'm gonna google hand soap to see what else it can be used for). I added the clippers, because they earned BR points and I wanted to be able to use $20 BR points. The kicker is that I have clippers qs at home.

Can y'all believe that I'm on my last face wash tube?! I normally use the Loreal Revitalift, but the 2 they had left in store were covered in dust & dirt. Yuck! I was so happy to see a $5 Loreal skincare q, which gave me super cheap face wash

Trans 2

2 x Dixie Plates $4.58
2 x Bic Razors B1G50% off 2nd $10.18
1 x Purex detergent $1.99
Less Bic DQ (3.00)
Less Bic q (3.00)
Less RR from last week's Revlon deal (8.00)
Tax 1.01
OOP $3.76

Earned $3 BR points (Bic)

Total OOP today : $9.06
Total rewards spent $28.00
Total rewards earned $15.00
Total savings : $61.39

The Dixie plates were supposed to be part of transaction one. My plan was to just buy the razors in this transaction (you can't use points when you have to spend X amount to earn reward), but I didn't want to pay $4 + tax OOP. So I added more items so I could use the $8 RR. Then I needed a filler item and thought that an 87c candy bar would do no good. Might as well grab something we can use, so I got the Purex. Well I now see that my Dixie DQ didn't deduct. It was only $1, but that would've lowered my OOP, right...lol

So far only the Garnier shampoo deal looks good at CVS this week. I haven't checked the RA ad yet.

Let me just say I was so happy to see that RMN coupon inserts were back in our papers on Sunday. We were away for the weekend, so when we got home Sunday night, I made a quick trip to Meijer for newspapers. I really wanted those BOGOF Revlon qs. So I open the first paper to make sure there are coupons inside & notice 2 inserts. What?! I was really shocked to see the RMN, so I grabbed 3 papers.Yes, I paid $9 for it, but it was worth every penny. I've already saved $9 just by using the $5 Revlon, $3 Bic & 50c Softsoap qs. And that was just from one insert.

I can't remember the last time we got RMN in the Sunday papers (probably 2 years ago). I hope this will continue. I also received a RMN insert in the mail today, so happy dance.

I didn't do the Revlon lip/eye deal at WAGS this week. It's B1G50% off 2nd, earn $5 RR. I know that they're sold out of the lower priced items, because they had a great Revlon sale last week. I also know that the register will deduct the lowest price item as free. In 2 weeks time, they'll have a $10 RR WYB 2 Revlon items, so I'm saving my qs until then. I want to cash in on the full q value and earn a bigger RR :)

Hope everyone has a good shopping week.

Friday, October 4, 2019

I paid $2.05 for 16 boxes of cereal at RA

Hi everyone

I've hardly been to the drugstores this week. I just never got a chance. However, I saw a brag about Kellogg's cereal on another site and just had to go cash in on that deal. Printed my qs and stopped at RA while running errands today.

This week select Kellogg's cereals are on sale for 2/$5. It's part of the Spend $40 get $20 BC deal and there's also a monthly deal 'Spend $12 get $3' on select flavors. Add the Ibotta rebates to that and you have an awesome deal. Unfortunately, this store didn't have all the flavors that I wanted, so I just grabbed what I could. I still needed to head to Sams after RA and didn't want to stop at multiple RA locations to search for what I wanted.

6 x Kelloggs Special K Red Berries $15.00
4 x Special K Vanilla & Almond 10.00
3 x Frosted Mini Wheats 7.50
2 x Frosted Mini Wheats Strawberry 5.00
1 x Raisin Bran Crunch 2.50
Less 4/20 CAT (4.00)
Less 2 x $2/4 IP qs (4.00)
Less 3 x 50c peelies (1.50) only a few boxes had the peelies
Less BC (7.00)
OOP $26.00

Earned $23 BC ($20 WYS $40, $3 Monthly)

Earned $7.95 Ibotta ($3.25 Special K, $3 Mini Wheats, $0.60 Raisin Bran, $1 Bonus, $0.10 any item

Total Earned = $30.95
Total Spend = $33.00

Here's the kicker. As I was typing this post, I wondered how my OOP had a round number, when I used 3 x 50c qs. So I counted the items and saw that the cashier charged me for 17 boxes!!  I only bought 16. Grrrr. So this should've been a small MM trip for me. There's no way I can prove that I only bought 16 boxes and I'm not gonna waste any time driving to RA for $2.50. I'm already way too busy as it is. I also had a $2/4 L2C that didn't deduct.

All in all, it was a good sale. I wish that I had checked the deals earlier this week. I could've done this deal twice (once Ibotta reset) and donated half the cereal.

We really don't care for such sugary cereal (24g Yikes), but I'm gonna mix it with the plain Walmart brand Bran Flakes, since that doesn't contain any sugar.

I need to head to WAGS again tomorrow, cause they have a great deal on Revlon & Almay B1G50% off 2nd. Buy 2, earn $8 RR. I did stop at WAGS on Sunday and bought 2 Lip Balms (sorry no pic)

2 x Revlon lip balms $8.49
Less RR (6.00)
Less BR (2.00)
Tax 0.50
OOP $0.99, earned $8 RR

I like converting my points to RRs, cause they're much easier to use.

I think I should do my drugstore shopping on Mondays, so I don't miss out on the good deals in future.

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