Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Run to Kroger's Mega Event Sale

 Hi Everyone

Just a quick check in to share a good deal. If you have a Kroger or Affiliate Store, be sure to check out their Mega Event Sale (Buy 5 Save $5 Instantly). The sale ends 12/15. I scored so many good items, but my favorite is the Snuggle, because it has Ibotta rebates.

Here's what I got

1 x All Detergent $2.99

1 x All Free & Clear 2.99

2 x Dove Shampoo 7.98

2 x Snuggle fabric softener 5.98

2 x Snuggle dryer sheets 5.98

2 x Snuggle Scent booster 5.98 (MM after ME discount and Ibotta)

Less ME discount (10.00)

Less All IPQ (1.50)

Less All Free IPQ (1.50)

Less Dove Q (4.00)

Tax 1.16

OOP $16.06

Earned $11 Ibotta ($5 Snuggle Scent booster, $3 softener, $3 dryer sheets)

Total cost after Ibotta = $5.06

There's also a Snuggle bonus (WYB 2 different items I think), but I redeemed that last week. 

There's also Snuggle IPQs, but I didn't have time to sign up just to print one or 2 qs.

There are 2 different All IPQs (one for blue bottle, one for fragrance free). I didn't know if my store would accept 2 identical IPQs, because Kroger's coupon rules vary by store. I actually had trouble with the IPQs not being accepted by register, so cashier entered it manually.

There are loads of other items included in this sale. Last week the Tresemme was a MM, but my Ibotta rebate never reset. If you still have this rebate on Ibotta, go grab some Tresemme with the $5 Q.

Also I had a $3 Kotex Q and the register automatically deducted my DQ as well. I have no explanation, but I'm not complaining :)

I scored 23 items for $4.50 after Ibotta last week.

I hope everyone has their Christmas orders all placed, because stores are struggling with the staggering amount of online shopping & the Post Office has a HUGE backlog. I just received an envelope that was mailed from the neighboring town 3 weeks ago. Thankfully our Christmas shopping is done and we just have to wrap gifts.

Happy shopping everyone. Stay safe & healthy!

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