Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Run to Wags for $1 Tide Simply & Crest - Ends 6/30!


Hi everyone! 

Just a quick note. If you haven't heard of it yet, Wags & P&G currently have some great deals running. Sadly, this deal is hit or miss at some locations. I can confirm that it still works in MI. The downside, it ends tomorrow. There's a PG promo - Spend $15, get $5 RR. Can be combined with many other PG deals that currently offer RRs. The Oral B was a real winner, but it's been reported that might be a dead deal too (again hit or miss).

Here's a good one if you need detergent. 

Tide Simply/Downy/Bounce are 4/$9 this week. Mix or match. Add in 2 x $3 Crest (there are 2 different Crest promos - $3 & $4). $3 - buy 2 get $4 RR. $4 promo - buy 2 get $5 RR

Trans 1

4 x Tide Simply $9.00

2 x Crest t/p 6.00

OOP $15 + tax

Earn $9 RR ($4 Crest, $5 WYS $15 PG)

You can use WC (points) or RRs to lower you OOP, but DO NOT use any RR that says STORE COUPON. That will lower your total and you won't earn the $5 PG RR.

The best part is - THIS DEAL ROLLS!!!!!

Trans 2

4 x Tide Simply $9.00

2 x Crest t/p 6.00

Less RRs from Trans 1 (9.00)

OOP $6 + tax

Earn $9 RR ($4 Crest, $5 WYS $15 PG)

Rinse & repeat.

That's like paying $1 + tax per item. 

If you prefer regular Tide, it's Buy 4 get $6 RR.

4 x Tide @ $5.49 ea = $21.96

Less Tide DQ (1.00)

OOP $20.96 + tax

Earn $11 RR ($6 WYB 4, $5 WYS $15), which makes it $2.50 per bottle.

I bought 12 bottles today (Simply) and the RRs still printed. I don't even feel like going back to spend the RRs. I'm pooped, but I'm on a high. I did 2 weeks of hard shopping at Wags. I'll post the details tomorrow or Friday. 

If anyone wants to try the Crest/Oral B deal, here's the details.

2 x Crest/Oral B @ $3 ea = 6.00

3 x Crest/Oral B @ $4 ea  = 12.00

Less $6 Oral care DQ (6.00)

Less $3 Oral care DQ (3.00)

OOP $9 + tax

Earn $14 RR ($4 for $3 items, $5 for $4 items, $5 WYS $15 PG)

That's a $5 MM. Again, the deal is mix & match. You can purchase toothpaste and/or toothbrushes. Just be sure to get the ones that are tagged (not all items are included). There are various Oral Care DQs, but it's been reported that the $7 one doesn't attach to the items (We all know it's not Wags unless something goes

You can also roll all these RRs into the different deals above. If you don't have any rewards, start with the Crest/Oral B deal. Then regular Tide, then Tide Simply. Rinse & repeat. 


Happy shopping peeps!


  1. Those really were great deals. Wish we had those here in Canada.

    God bless.

  2. Great savings. I so wish we had something like this in Canada in a few of the stores here in my small city.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you! I wish you lived closer Jackie. I'd do all your shopping here for you and all you'd have to do is pick it up :)

  3. I thought I posted a comment! What caused the stress? Shopping? Are you better now, whatever the cause?

    1. Not shopping stress Linda, it's personal. Just some ongoing things I'm dealing with. Thanks for asking.


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