Monday, September 23, 2019

Today's Drugstore shopping and RA heads up

Well, today didn't exactly go as planned. I really didn't have much of a plan, but wanted to use some qs that were expiring.

First stop, WAGS.

3 x 50ct Sandwich bags B1G2F = $2.79
3 x Revlon Kiss balm B2G1F = $10.98
3 x Colgate t/p 8.97
Crest t/p 2.99
Oral b t/b 2.99
Less 2/15 DQ (2.00)
Less Revlon CAT (10.00)
Less Oral b DQ (1.00)
Less BR points (10.00)
Tax 1.60
OOP $7.32

Earned $6 RRs ($4 Crest/Oral B, $2 Colgate)

When I got home, I saw that my $5 Colgate q never deducted. So I checked the Q and it's not valid on the t/p I purchased. Ugh. The crap shoot is that I can never get a signal on my phone at any WAGS store. I usually scan the items or check the qs to see which items qualify. Ugh, I'm so mad. I think I'll just return the Colgate next time I go to WAGS. I don't wanna spend $7 on something we don't need.

I also purchased a Loreal eyeshadow. I figured that was the Q that didn't deduct, but when I got home I saw that the cashier never rang it up and there was nothing in the bag either. Oh well, it's not a need. I just bought it, because I had a $4 Q that was expiring today.

We were completely out of sandwich bags, so I was happy that these were on sale. I like to fill them with dried fruit for when I'm on the go, so I don't have to stop and buy junk food. This way I'm eating better and saving money. Win-win! :)

Rite Aid

3 x Elf makeup brush (10% discount) $2.70
2 x Bulldog shave gel $11.23
2 x Bulldog face scrub 11.23
6 Chobani yogurt 6.00
Less 6/30 mailer q (6.00)
Less BC points (9.73)
Tax 1.22
OOP $16.65

Earned $7 BC ($5 Bulldog, $2 Chobani) and should get $12 Bulldog + $1.25 Chobani from Ibotta.
Total earned back = $20.25

WTH, no Elf rewards. The sign didn't exclude the brushes (at least I don't think it and it was Buy 3 get $3 BC. I'll have to contact CS. I did receive a $4/20 CAT though.

The Bulldog is a great deal! If you still have your $5 L2C Card, the 4 tubes will only cost $0.47 after all discounts. My store had exactly 6 Chobani, so I was very happy to find these. Yogurt is a staple in our house and I needed it to get my total to $30. And darn, I forgot to clip my Chobani q.

I'm headed to CVS later this week. I haven't been there in over a month and my EBs have expired - again. Yikes! I've never been this bad about rewards, but I'm just focused on work right now.

Hope everyone has a good shopping week!


  1. Good job on the Bulldog. I did something similar today.
    The elf brushes have to be $2 or up, the ad has in fine print "Regular retail $2 & Up". 8-(

    1. Thanks Sluggy. I'm making a mental note to always check the fine print in future.

  2. You do great on using coupons. I struggle with keeping it all straight when I go to the store and it tends to overwhelm me.

    1. Thank you Lisa. There are still times when things don't work out. The more you do it, the easier it becomes, so please don't give up on couponing.


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