Friday, October 23, 2020

Baby week at Rite Aid

 I hope that everyone's still doing well. I'm still working hard, but I have to say that this is the slowest fourth quarter since the Recession. However, I'm still working as much as I can and hope things will pick up once the election is over & done with. 

Last week I purchased $200 Macy's gcs at RA. The deal wasn't in our local ad, but I had seen it in an ad preview online. It was Buy $100 get $20 BC. Since I'm planning on buying my favorite perfume at Macy's, I just decided to get the gcs since I'm not one to shy away from free cash/rewards. So I earned $40 BC, not knowing how handy it would come in this week. 

A friend of mine is due with her first baby next month. When I saw a great deal at Kroger last weekend, I decided to just stock up for her. When we talked about 2 months ago, she mentioned just having people drop off diapers at her house, since she can't have a baby shower due to Covid. Then I checked my RA coupon group & holy smokes, RA has an amazing Huggies sale this week!! Again, the ad preview didn't show this deal, but it was being talked about. I was crossing my fingers that it would be in our ad and was so happy when I saw it!

The deal is spend $30 on Kotex, Huggies (I forgot what else), earn $10 BC (limit 2)

There's also a $5 CAT WYS $25 on Huggies (monthly deal. This deal runs at Kroger too)

Buy 1 Huggies Snug & Dry earn $3 bonus cash (monthly deal. limit 2)

Buy Huggies Snug & Dry earn $1 Ibotta (limit 5)

There are also $2/1 Huggies qs, but we were away that weekend, so I didn't get any newspapers

Trans 1

4 x Huggies diapers $35.96

1 x All detergent 2.99

1 x Snuggle softener 2.99

Less 10/40 mailer q (10.00)

Less All q (1.00)

Less Snuggle q (1.00)

Tax 1.92

Total $31.86 Paid with BC from the Macy's deal

Earned $16 BC ($10 Huggies + $6 Huggies monthly deal)

Earned 2 x $5 CATs 

Earned $5 Ibotta ($4 Huggies, $1 All)

Earned 89 Fetch points for each Huggies pack

Total earned (excluding Fetch) $31.00

The cashier started ringing up my items, I entered my phone number and said Yes, I want to use my BC. So the register automatically applied the BC without my coupons. I think the cashier is new, because she didn't know what to do. Manager comes over, voids the transaction and rings everything again. Handed me my receipt with CATS rolled up inside. I get into my car so I can study my receipt in peace and notice that I received 2 x $5 CATS. Apparently the Catalina machine printed a CAT for both transactions, so I just received both. Happy dance!

I bought the All & Snuggle to get my total to $40. I could've done the free Colgate instead, but I didn't know if that $3 in ad q would affect my $10/40 mailer q. This girl was playing it

I waited on Ibotta to reset then headed back to RA today. Since the Huggies deal tracks, I only needed to spend another $24.04

Trans 2

3 x Huggies $26.97

Less BC used 24.14

Tax 1.62

OOP $4.45

Earned $10 BC + $5 CAT + $3 Ibotta 

I didn't use any of my CATs, because I didn't know if it would roll. Gosh, I haven't shopped at RA in so long, that I can't even remember how things work anymore.

I now have $25 to use at RA ($10 BC + $15 CATs). I'm happy with paying $4.45 OOP for 7 packs of diapers and detergent. That Macy's deal sure was a blessing in disguise :)


This week (and next) Meijer has Spend $15 on Dove, Tresemme, Axe earn $5 CAT. When I took out a new deodorant from my stockpile last week, I noticed that I only have one extra left. So I knew that I needed to find a deal soon. Along comes Meijer & my world is right side

Fetch also has an offer of Spend $30 on Unilever, earn $10 reward (limit 5) It tracks, so you don't have to restart your reward amounts every time

Trans 1

1 x Dove b/w $6.29

1 x Axe shampoo 4.19

1 x Dove deodorant 5.09

Less Dove b/w IPQ (2.00)

Less Axe Q (2.00)

Tax 0.93

OOP $12.50

No CAT prints. So I head to CS to get my $5 back. Except (in typical Meijer fashion) CS is clueless. I asked her to get out a copy of the ad so I can show her the deal. So she finally did (after I asked her a few times, because Meijer cashiers never know their head from their *ss). So I show  her the advertised deal and she tells me that I have to bring her the $5 coupon so she can give me the cash back (insert face palm). WTF?! I was very polite and explained that it's not how the deal work. So now I'm trying to get her to understand that the register's supposed to print a $5 coupon, but she's just not getting it. So I asked her to get a supervisor. So she gets on the phone with the supervisor and explains the situation to her. 5 Minutes later the supervisor rocks up with a $5 gc. No hello, no explanation. How about apologizing to the customer, then training your cashiers better?! Ugh. I swear you need to carry a tub of Tums with you when you shop at Meijer, cause something ALWAYS goes wrong. 

I'm kind happy with receiving a gc, because it doesn't expire

Earned $2 Ibotta (Dove b/w) and I could've sworn there was a deal for Axe shampoo, but I must've missed it. 

Also submitted receipt to Fetch and earned 500 points for buying 2 Unilver products. I didn't even know about this offer.

Then I found $2.50/2 Dove deodorant IP Q, so I went back to Meijer today

1 x Dove b/w $6.29

2 x Dove deodorant 10.18

Less Dove IPQ (2.00)

Less Deodorant IPQ (2.50)

Tax 0.99

OOP $12.96

Earned $5 CAT. Phew! I was worried the CAT wouldn't print again. 

The register wouldn't accept my $2.50/2 Deodorant q. It kept saying "too few items sold". Can you see the kinda crap we have to deal with at Meijer. Got cashier over to manually enter the q.

Earned $2 Dove b/w (Ibotta) and $10 Fetch reward.

Total OOP $25.46

Total earned $24.00 ($10 CAT/GC, $4 Ibotta, $10.00 Fetch). I actually earned around 60c+ on Fetch, but I'll stick to the round figures.  So $1.46 for 6 items and I'm stocked up on deodorant for a while. Well I might do the deal again next week, if I can find good Qs. 

Remember the WAGS fiasco where they didn't bag my toothpaste I bought. Well I had all but given up on that and completely forgot about it when I got a call from the WAGS store manager. Now I laid out the whole case for CS who sent the info to the store. Yet the manager didn't know what the problem was (I wonder if WAGS & Meijer are somehow owned by the same holding company, cause service is crappy at both stores). So I explained what happened and he asked how he can fix it for me. I asked him to just add $9 (that I was out) to my account. He agree and this mama was happy. Except, when I checked my account 5 minutes later, I saw that he added $12 to my account! Thank you Mr WAGS!

We've been really good sticking to our new weekly $60 grocery budget. However, Aldi gets me every time. I'll go there for one or 2 things and end up spending almost $20. Not to mention DS costs me almost $4 every time he goes to Aldi with me. He loves their chocolate Brioche bread. I can't say I blame him, cause that bread is heavenly and it makes the best french toast. DS insists on us buying the bread every time we go to Aldi (I only eat the wheat bread). The downside is that I usually find something new to try at Aldi. I found some veggie chips (not the fake stuff whose ingredient list reads 'insert veg name' powder). This is the one that lists the veggies itself. I bought oodles of it at Dollar Tree about 2 years ago, then they stopped carrying it. I think DT is like Ollies where they mainly purchase closeout, so you never know how long they'll stock your favorite products. 

Then when DH went to Aldi, I told him to take a pic of the chips bag and buy me some more. The man comes home with the fake stuff. Ugh. Now he usually just brings whatever he can find, when he doesn't want to look for an item. Now that I've been to Aldi, I noticed that it's not his fault, cause those good chips are gone. Shhh, I'm not gonna admit that to him

I've also found Beet Tortilla chips which was really good. I love beets, but felt that there wasn't enough of a beet flavor to it. It's still good though, so I might buy it again.

That's about it for me. Hope everyone stays safe & healthy!

I don't know why my spacing is so weird. It happened when I changed the blog background. I'm gonna switch back to the original background to see if that will help.


  1. That chocolate bread sounds delicious. I might be tempted to go to Aldi's for that.

    1. It's so good Linda! Walmart sells an apple brioche that is my absolute favorite. I love all apple made goods.

      I only eat one slice of the chocolate bread, because of the high sugars.


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