Saturday, May 29, 2021

A week of shopping disasters

I don't know what's going on this week, but it was filled with all kinds of shopping problems which resulted in me spending too much OOP.

First stop, Target. Their 12pk sodas on sale for $3/12 this week and there's also a 25% off Cartwheel q for both Pepsi & Coke products. 

Trans 1

3 x Canada Dry $12.00

Less 25% (3.00)

Bottle deposit 3.60

Less GC payment (10.66)

OOP $1.94

Trans 2

3 x Canada Dry $12.00

Less 25% (3.00)

Bottle deposit 3.60

OOP $12.60

Sooooo, I have $10.xx Circle rewards that I wanted to use to pay for the 2nd transaction. I rarely shop at Target in store and assumed that the Circle amount would be applied once you enter your phone number at checkout (like the coupons do). Nope, it asked me for my Wallet details. What the heck. I don't even know my password or anything, nor do I have the app on my phone. So I just paid the $12.60 OOP. Its not a problem, because I can still use the Circle rewards on a future purchase. 

The good news is that I finally learned how Circle offers actually work. You can use a Circle Q up to 4 times in one transaction. Eg, if you purchase 6 tostitos, the q will only apply to 4 tostitos per transaction. However, you can do up to 6 transactions per day and the same q will apply to every single transaction. So you can do 6 tostitos transactions per day(limit 4 per transaction) and the q will apply to all 6 transactions. Does that make sense? 

This is why I did 2 separate transactions.

So $14.54 for 6 x 12 pks soda isn't too bad, since $7.20 of that is bottle deposit.


2 x Maybelline baby lips $9.58

1 Covergirl mascara 6.99

1 Covergirl lipstick 7.29

1 Covergirl foundation 8.69

1 Skintimate razor 10.99

1 Schick hydro razor 11.79

1 Coppertone sunscreen 11.49

1 Coppertone sunscreen 12.99

Less Covergirl eye DQ (3.00)

Less Covergirl face DQ (3.00)

Less Coppertone DQ (2.00)

Less Schick hydro razor DQ (4.00)

Less Skintimate DQ (4.00)

Less $6/20 Covergirl DQ (6.00)

Less $5/20 Shave DQ (5.00)

Less $5 Schick hydro refill DQ (5.00) don't know why this applied, but I'm not complaining :)

Less $4 Covergirl CRT (4.00)

Less EBs (31.00)

Tax 3.89

OOP $16.70

Earned $34 EB ($10 Coppertone, $10 Razors, $5 Maybelline, $6 Covergirl, $3 Beauty)

I had a bloody sense of humor failure when I saw that total. I immediately knew it was wrong, but without seeing the receipt, I had no idea what didn't apply. I had $6 Beauty on my account that didn't print at the red machine. At checkout, I asked cashier to apply it to my order but nothing deducted. 

Once I got home and studied my receipt and online account, I noticed that the $6 Beauty has 'poof' vanished into thin air. I don't know if it was expired or what happened, but remember seeing it on my account before going shopping. Weird. $2 Covergirl lip DQ didn't deduct. When I checked it online, I saw that it excluded the lipstick. Ugh, totally my mistake. I had also printed a $2 Coppertone Q before going shopping and forgot to take it to the store with me. So that's already $10 I could've saved. 

This wasn't my regular store and I couldn't find the NYX anywhere, so I replaced it with the Maybelline that ended up costing me $3.xx more than the NYX would have. So $13 down the drain. I tried contacting CS numerous times about the $6, but kept getting error messages. So I'm just sucking up this loss.

On a positive note, we do need the sunscreen so I'm happy with that. 

WAGS (my account)

1 x Revlon mascara $9.46

3 x Oral b t/b 9.00

Less Revlon DQ (5.00)

Less Oral b DQ (5.00)

Tax 1.14

OOP $9.60

Earned $5 RR (Oral b) + $3 WC (Booster DQ) + $6.97 Revlon +0.60 bonus (Ibotta)

Total earned $15.57 so a nice MM

WAGS (DH account)

3 x Oral b t/b $9.00

Tax 0.54

OOP $9.54

Earned $5 RR + $5 WC (CS)

Trans 2

4 x Olay b/w $24.00

Less DQ (8.00)

Tax 1.44

OOP : $17.44

Earned $5 RR + $5 WC

Firstly, my $5 Oral DQ didn't deduct. Ugh!! Then no receipt printed. WTH?! Cashier told me that it would show on my online account. I told her that I'm set up for paper receipts (not digital) and have never NOT had a receipt print. So she checks my account and it shows Paper Qs. No shit sherlock!  I just told you that. On my 2nd transaction, the receipt printed slick as snot. So I have no idea what cashier did with first transaction. But...... it gets worse. 

When I got home, I contacted CS. Rep said she couldn't see Oral b transaction on my account. So I check my account and whaddya know, that transaction just doesn't exist. So she asks me to give her the RFN number on my receipt. I had already explained that I didn't get any receipt for that transaction, but I was very polite and explained it all again. She was very nice and said she'll add $5 to my account and apologised for the inconvenience. 

Never a dull moment at WAGS.


5 x Oceans spray blends juice $12.50

Less KC (6.00)

OOP $6.50

Earned $3 Ibotta, $3 KC

Silly me should REALLY learn to read before going shopping. I thought that the juice limit was 5, until I scanned my receipt to Ibotta. I'm not too upset about it, because it's still a great price for juice.

Total OOP for the week : $74.32

Total earned : $75.57

The final numbers look great, but I would've preferred to spend less OOP. 

I'm actually done with grocery shopping for the month. As far as I know, we don't need a single thing. That might change, once I figure out next week's meal plan. I only know that we'll have one Mexican night, because I made a big pot of fajita chicken today.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I tried using WAGs for savings, but there was always something. Now, it is just too painful to stand, so I gave it up. Those are nice numbers, though.

    1. Thank you Linda! WAGs cashiers are well known for making up their own rules. I know their policies, so I stick to my guns. CVS is still my favorite drugstore.

  2. WAGs does not make it easy to save money! You always do extremely well though. :-)

    1. Thank you Lisa! No, they don't. If Wags gave their cashiers proper training, they'd be one of the best stores at which to shop.


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