Thursday, July 26, 2018

My $33 cupcake party for 30 people

As I've mentioned before, I had a surprise party last week. I heard about someone leaving and thought it might be a nice idea to throw a small surprise farewell. Nothing elaborate with lots of food & drink. I just settled for cupcakes, fresh fruit (since this person loves fruit) and drinks. I could've gone the whole nine yards, but there wasn't enough notice. 

My first stop was at Dollar Tree for some supplies (plates, serving trays, balloon, card)

OOP $10.07

Then I went to Meijer for fruit. I also bought 3 packs of juice boxes for the kids. I cashed in pop cans to the tune of $7.70 and used a $3 Mperks reward only paid $23 OOP. I actually bought way too much fruit. We only needed half, so the rest was eaten and also frozen.

Then at Sams I picked up 60 cupcakes. They sell 30ct cupcakes for $14.99. There were only ones with Happy Birthday decorations, so these were the best I could find. I actually like the ice cream decorations. Paid with a Walmart gc, so zero OOP

Then I grabbed 2 x $15 Red Robin gcs (the ones I bought at Sams before) and placed it inside the 50c Hallmark card that I bought at Dollar Tree. So that was the person's gc.

I also had lots of 2 Litre Canada Dry Lemonade (that we got for free or near free through Ibotta before) for the adults. 

So total OOP was $33.07 and everyone had enough to eat. I was so worried that it might not be enough food, but it was definitely enough.

I actually enjoyed planning this simple party, because I spent so little and everyone had a good time. 


  1. You did very well. Now, I want some of that fruit!

    1. Thank you Linda! I enjoyed making the fruit trays. Cost me far less than the store bought ones too.


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