Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Some shopping deals

I'm still here. Between a funeral, some personal business, a spur of the moment surprise party, summer & work, I've been really busy. I will try my best to write 2-3 blog posts per week. No promises though, because from now until the end of January, I'll be very busy with work.

Here are just a few deals I did today.

This week Meijer has select GM cereals on sale for $2.50 and wyb 4, you save $4 instantly. There's also a CAT deal wyb 4, you earn $3 OYNO. So here's what I got

4 x Cheerios $10.00
Less instant discount (4.00)
Less 2 x $1/2 qs (2.00)
OOP $4.00
Received $3 CAT and $1 Savingstar. So 4 free boxes of cereal.

I will print more qs from DH & DS's computers and do the deal a few more times. Since the Savingstar offer has already been redeemed, the cereal will cost 25c each.

Walgreens (WAGS)

2 x Poise Liners $11.98
2 x Benadryl itch relief sticks $5.23 (B1G50% off 2nd)
Less L2C Poise (3.0)
Less Poise Monthly booklet q (2.00)
Less 2 Benadryl qs (2.00)
Less $10 Reward used (10.00)
Sales tax 1.03
OOP $1.24

Received $4 Ibotta poise and a free photobook CAT (wyb 2 Benadryl)

Earned $3 reward (wyb 2 Benadryl)

So, I only bought these items, because I read that the Poise is a big MM. I still don't understand how it's a MM (unless there's another Man q available). I have to go find that post again, to check the details. Since I only paid $1.24 OOP and earned $4 cash back, I guess it's a MM deal for me :)

I started off with $50 in Balance rewards and I still have $50 available after today's trip. I'm not even gonna mess with the points, because it's too much of a mess to work through. I still don't understand it. I do have less points than before, but I still end up with the same Dollar amount. Huh?! (scratching head...lol)

I also placed an online Target order. Ibotta currently has a $5 bonus reward when you place one mobile order. The Target men's beauty box is currently $5 with free shipping (includes samples and 1 full size Old Spice item). So I paid $5.30 with a gc, earned a whopping 5c cash back (it's still money in my pocket) and should get $5 bonus through Ibotta. So total cost will be 25c for the box, but that was covered by a gc, so free to me. Yay!

I also stopped at Dollar Tree for bread, but they only had some horrible white dinner rolls and english muffins. I don't eat white bread and none of us care for English muffins. I did pick up a few other items, but left everything behind because the checkout line was so long with only one register open. Meanwhile, they had staff stocking shelves all over the store. I'll make another trip on Thursday (cashier told me they get bread on Tuesday and Thursday).

I was also hoping to score some Sunday newspapers at DT, but none of them had any q inserts, so that was a bust.

I will wait until the Poise deal resets on Ibotta, then hit WAGS and Meijer again. I'm mainly interested in those free photobooks. They will make nice Christmas gifts and I don't have to pay that heavy shipping costs that Shutterfly charges.

I also shopped Kohls on Sunday and bought a big ticket Christmas gift and 2 shirts for DS. I had a few more items, but in typical Kohls fashion they were somehow OOS. Paid for everything with gcs (around $90. I need to check the updated total now that some stuff were cancelled) and earned $20 Kohls cash. So Kohls is also on my shopping list this week. I still have $25 Y2Y reward to use before the end of the month.

That's my shopping thus far. I haven't even checked the ads for the other drugstores yet.

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