Monday, February 18, 2019

Walgreens Fiasco

You'd think that by now I should be used to things not working right at WAGS. Doing the perfect transaction is definitely Hit or Miss at their stores. I hate shopping at WAGS, because of all the problems (especially with coupons) and complicated rewards, but they often have good deals.

So last week I decided to do some deals, because there were some bonus points offers and Ibotta had a $3 Valentines bonus for buying 4 items. So I figured I'd double dip.

Trans 1

3 x Crest t/p $9.00
Less DQ (1.00)
Less BR (5.00)
Tax 0.54
OOP : $3.54

The crap already started here. I had a $1/1 and $3/3 Crest DQs. Now it should've deducted the $3 q, since I purchased 3 items, but in true WAGS fashion it deducted the lowest value q. Now I'm already ticked off

Trans 2

2 x Axe Shampoo B1G50%  off  $7.48
4 x Old Spice b/w B1G50% off  $17.96
Pringles Wavy $1.99
Less Axe DQ (1.00)
Less Old Spice DQ (9.00)
Less BR (5.00)
Tax 1.53
OOP $13.96

Earned 6980 BR points + 220 Everyday points (around $7). $5 Old Spice and $2 Bonus (I think it's the 20X reward)

Earned $4.35 ($4 Axe, $0.35 Pringles)

It was at this point that I realised that the Crest CAT from the first transaction didn't print. My whole plan was to roll the CAT into the 2nd transaction to lower my OOP. So I asked the girl if the CAT machine was working, because others have reported getting bonus points CATs WYS $20/25. Hence my high value transaction. She called over a manager, who said he'd try a different register. j

So off to another register we went to return the Crest. And whaddya know, a CAT for $7 bonus points spits out when the return was done. So anyhoo, my return value was $9.54. $5 on a gc (for the points I used) and the rest in cash. So happily I made an extra $1 on my return. Then he rang up the Crest again and my $3 DQ deducted. Yay! So clever me (lol) decided to hold on to the gc (since it doesn't expire) and use more points instead.

Trans 3 (this is what Trans 1 should've looked like)

3 x Crest t/p $9.00
Less DQ (3.00)
Less BR (5.00)
Tax 0.54
OOP $1.54

Earned $5 CAT

Also, my account had 2 x Axe qs - $1/1 and $2/2. Do you see how WAGS is gypping us?

My store was out of Advil, so I stopped at another store to get a box.

Trans 4 

Advil Multisymptom $5.99
Less DQ (3.00)
Tax : 0.36
Less BR (3.00)
OOP $0.35

Earned $2 Ibotta & $3 Savingstar, so a nice MM

Then I stopped at Walmart to add the last item for my Ibotta bonus. This was not my regular Walmart and I couldn't find the freebie Yo+ yogurt, so I settled for Noosa instead. I was in a sugar coma just reading the label. 36g Sugar! Yikes! I follow a low sugar diet, so this was insane to me.

OOP was $1.97

Earned $3.60 Ibotta ($3 Bonus, $0.50 Noosa, $0.10 any item)

So to recap

I started out with 19150 points (about $20)

Total OOP $17.82 (this includes Walmart)
Less Crest DQ credit (1.00)
Less Ibotta Earnings (9.95)
Less Savingstar Earnings (3.00)

Total $3.87

I also have a balance of 11570 points (approx $10), $5 CAT, $5 gc. So I'm basically back to where I started with WAGS points/rewards.

I am, however upset that the CAT machine didn't work, cause I could've earned an additional $7 rewards for Trans 2. I can't call CS, cause the reward wouldn't work since I used points to pay (silly WAGS rules). 


  1. Seems like you recovered well though, congrats! Ah, it reminds me of my WAGS fiasco

    1. Thank you! WAGS is at least consistent about ticking their customers

  2. I get very frustrated with all of them when things don't work out which is almost every time.

    1. Me too! Every time things don't work out, I ask myself why I bother to shop there. I'm a sucker for

  3. I usually just go to CVS as there is something about Walgreen's that I don' like.

    1. CVS is my favorite store! RA is really good too. You just never know what you'll get at WAGS. I wish that they'd train their cashiers better and have a better rewards program. Too many hassles, but the deals can't be beaten.


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