Friday, July 26, 2019

Grrr Walgreens & other drugstore deals

Hi Everyone

I hit all 3 drugstores this week. My first stop was to see what CRTs (cash register tapes - coupons from red machines) I can score and to use one from last week, that was expiring. I had zero EBs, so I had to start from scratch.

1 x Almay foundation 15.99
2 x Kotex 8.00
2 x Colgate t/p 7.18
1 x Crest t/p 3.99
Less Almay CRT (6.00)
Less Kotex DQ (4.00)
Less Colgate Q (4.00)
Less Crest DQ (1.00)
Tax 2.04
OOP $21.01

Earned $12 EBs ($4 Almay, $4 Colgate, $2 Kotex, $2 Crest)

I could've purchased cheaper foundation (spend $12 earn $4 EB), but they didn't have any colors that I needed. I could also have split my transactions to lower my OOP, but that would've been too much work and I now have a larger EB amount to roll.

Then on Wednesday I decided to hit all 3 drugstores, starting with WAGS. I had a nice spend $40 earn $12 BR DQ. So I worked out a scenario, using only DQs (I have several high value ones), so that my transaction will turn into a MM. Of course, this didn't work out. First, my store never restocked any Crest t/p. The Burts Bees are non-existent too. No problem, I purchased 2 higher priced ones, to still meet my $40 OOP. Cashier scans everything and WTH, none of my qs deducted. Not a single bloody q. She called over a manager who fiddled with the register, still nothing. NADA, ZIP! Grrrrrr! Now I know, from prior experience, that the store can't fix your BR points or Qs. So I asked them to cancel the transaction, cause there's no way I was gonna spend $44 OOP (you can't pay with points to earn bonus rewards and I have over $50 worth of points to use). That was my total before qs. I have $24 DQs that were supposed to deduct. I know that if I paid cash and contacted CS, they would refund me BR points (that comes with restrictions). Nuh uh, I wasn't doing that.

So off to my happy place I went - CVS :)

Scanned my card and earned a $3 Beauty Rewards EB. Yay! This made me feel better.

2 x Softsoap b/w $7.98
Less 2 Softsoap qs (1.50)
Less EBs (6.00)
Tax 0.48
OOP $0.96

Earned $4.50 EBs. So I now have a total of $13.50 EBs to roll into future purchases

Next stop RA. I first have to do last week's transactions, so things make sense

I purchased $100 Kohls gcs and earned $16 BC. The gcs went into my BF jar. Y'all know how I love to shop Kohls BF sale :) I also received another $6/30 CAT. Whoo-hoo. I'll take any free $$$

Next day

PF bronzer $15.69
PF bronzer B1G2 50% off 7.49
2 x Dial b/w 8.00
Less 6/30 from last week (6.00)
Less PF q (4.00)
Less BOGO Dial q (4.00)
Tax 1.51
OOP $18.69 Paid for with BC

Earned $12 BC (PF)

I should've earned another $2 Savingstar credit for Dial, but nothing credited. This is the part I hate about store linked cards, because Savingstar doesn't credit half the time. It's just not worth my time, contacting them about that missing $2. So moving on.

I've been out of face makeup for a while now and have been waiting on a good sale. So getting brozer for free is definitely my kinda deal :)

This week

2 x Colgate t/p $7.00
2 x Stayfree B1G50% 2nd 6.43
Less Colgate in-ad q (3.00) My store doesn't allow more than one in-ad q if the limit is 1 per customer
Less Stayfree q (2.00)
Tax 0.81
OOP $5.24 Paid with BC

Earned $3 BC (Stayfree)

I used an IP Stayfree q instead of DQ, because I earn 25 Swagbucks per redeemed q. All those points add up to earn some nice gcs for Christmas shopping.

When I got home from shopping, I did WAGs live chat. Of course they couldn't help me (insert eyeroll), but they told me that the manager can override the DQs (another eyeroll, cause the manager should've known this). I'm not even sure if I want to go back to WAGs to attempt this. I'm not in the mood to be annoyed if things don't work out again.

Someone else posted that the same thing happened to them on Sunday. She paid cash for her transaction and earned her cash back in points. Then she went shopping again yesterday and the DQs worked. Go figure! It's not like I need the items at WAGs. So I'll probably just stay home, keep my sanity and use that time to work instead.

Hope everyone had a good shopping week!


  1. I was doing so much of this at Rite aid, but ended up with way too much stuff and it always worked in their favor I would lose money then be givng things away to make more room for more stuff. I still do points but I am more careful. It is fun!

  2. I agree. It definitely is fun! And that is how they suck us I used to spend too much money years ago too and have a massive stockpile even after donating and giving things away. I've learned to not go overboard anymore.


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