Monday, July 8, 2019

Ibotta Meijer fun. We all scream for Ice Cream!

This week Meijer has Klondike Ice Cream on sale for $3 each. The good news is that there's also a $1 Ibotta rebate for each different flavor. I also had a Weekend Warrior Ibotta bonus. Buy 8 items, earn $2 bonus. Since I was already planning on getting Klondike, I decide to just add a few more items to take advantage of this deal.

Our Mperks accounts each had a $1/1 Klondike q, so I split my transactions. There was also a $5 off anything q on DH's account, since I haven't used the account in a while. This happens from time to time. Last time I got $13 off anything reward. I'll take free grocery money any day :)

So I purchased one Klondike and salad on DH's account. Used the $5 Mperks, so my Ice Cream was free. Then earned $1.20 Ibotta ($1 Klondike 20c any item)

Then my 2nd transaction I got

4 x Klondike (different types/flavors)  $12.00
1 x Prego cook in sauce 1.75
1 x Cottonelle wipes 2.40
1 x Creamette pasta 1.99
Less Klondike MP (1.00)
OOP $17.14

Earned $8.99 Ibotta ($4 Klondike, $0.50 Prego, $0.50 Cottonelle, $1.99 pasta, $2 bonus)

Also earned $3 Mperks for spending $15 on ice cream (I purchased a package about 2 weeks ago)

Total OOP $17.14
Total earned $13.19
Total cost after rewards $3.95

I also earned another $3 MP for spending $150, but this has been tracking for a few weeks, so I'm not including it.

Be sure to scan your receipt to Fetch rewards (my referral code is J4FAR). When I scanned my previous receipts I earned a 750 point reward for just the one package. I didn't even know about the reward, so it was a welcoming surprise.


  1. I so miss creamettes! You can't go wrong with Klondikes, that's for sure.

    1. I've never had creamettes. I bought it because it was free after Having this much ice cream is not good, cause we all love sweet treats.

    2. I am a fan of sweets too!!


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