Sunday, November 10, 2019

Meijer fun!

As mentioned in my previous post, Meijer sent me a $10/50 for any of their stores in my neighboring town. No problemo. There's lots of Meijer stores around here, so it wasn't like I was taking a long drive. I also had a $10 CAT from a P&G deal I did last week. They had some decent CAT deals and also a 3 day BOGOF sale on select items. So yesterday DS & I hit up Meijer to take advantage of the sale, before it ended last night.

3 x Dove deodorant $15.27
2 x Garnier hair color $16.18
2 x Johnsonville andouille sausage BOGOF $3.89
4 x Johnsonville breakfast sausage BOGOF $7.58
15 x Kleenex $18.75
1 x Palmolive dish soap $1.99
1 x King Arthur bread flour $2.99
24 pk Coke $6.99
Bottle deposit $2.40
Less 5/20 WYS $20 Kleenex/Palmolive (5.00)
Less 10/50 (10.00)
Less CAT (10.00)
Less Kleenex DQ (3.75)
Less Palmolive DQ (0.50)
Less Garnier BOGOF DQ (8.09)
Sales Tax $2.00
OOP $40.70

Earned $10 CATS ($5 Garnier, $5 Dove)
Earned $3 WYS $18 Kleenex from Savingstar
Earned $3.75 Dove from Checkout51
Earned 300 Fetch points

Total Spent $40.70
Total Earned $16.75
Difference: $23.95

The big surprise was the Kleenex DQ. I had a 25c off each Q, but Meijer normally has a limit of 4. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that the q deducted off every purchase.

I now have a balance of $18 on Checkout51, which I rarely use. Had I known this, I would've done a separate Dove deal and submitted 2 more to CK51, so I can cash out ($20 minimum)

I like to purchase the 144ct Kleenex boxes (why buy less at the same price), but I had to grab what was available at the store (same with the breakfast sausage). I didn't clear the shelves though, but I was surprised to still find Kleenex since it's on sale & everyone and their mother shops on Saturdays (I normally avoid grocery shopping on Saturdays for this reason).

Not everything is pictured. I was just not in the mood to haul everything to the dining room. We are now well stocked on flu supplies. We now have over 30 boxes of Kleenex, so I feel good. I can't live without this stuff.

I now have $10 CATS that's good for 2 weeks. We don't need anything else at Meijer this week (unless there's a good 2 day sale ad by Friday), so I'll wait to see what's good next week.

Lately, I've only been cherry picking at Meijer, but when they have a good sale, I cash in. That was a fun trip. I found everything on my list, no qs beeped, no ridiculously long lines. Just slick as snot.


  1. Make sure you have the Kleenex offer checked to your account at SavingStar too. Spend $18 Get $3 back.

    1. Thanks Sluggy. I did earn my $3 on Savingstar. You must've missed that part :)

  2. Lately, I have not found many coupons lately. Well, none that I can/will use. Good job.

    1. Thanks Linda. That's too bad about the coupons. Something strange is going on, because our newspapers haven't had any SS coupons the past few weeks. I've read that people in other states have experienced the same thing.

  3. Kleenex is a great gift to the food bank. They rarely get that.

    1. I agree Kim. I've already donated some to a different organisation. There are a few other places that I donate to.


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