Friday, November 15, 2019

This week's WAGS tripping

Hi everyone

I really needed to do some WAGS shopping this week, as I had RRs that were expiring. In fact, I let a $10 RR expire on Monday, because we had snow all day that closed all schools on Tuesday. By the time I realised that I needed to check the expiration dates on my RRs, we already had a large amount of snow. No way was I gonna go out in that weather. I went to WAGS on 2 different days this week, so here's what I got.

I apologise for not including everything in the pics. I'm under the weather (my own fault for not eating what I'm supposed to) and just don't have the energy to haul everything out for pics.

Trans 1

3 x Tresemme $14.97
3 x Pantene $12.00
3 x Crest t/p $8.97
1 x 4lb Dominos sugar $2.19
2 x $25 Kohls gc $50.00
1 x $10 WAGs gc $10.00
Less 2/15 DQ (2.00)
Less Tresemme DQ (5.00)
Less Pantene DQ (5.00)
Less Crest DQ (5.00)
Less RRs (20.00)
Less Free WAGs gc (10.00)
Tax 2.04
OOP $53.17

Earned $10 BR points ($5 Tresemme, $2 Pantene (personal bonus offer), $3.xx Birthday bonus points) and $7 RRs ($4 Crest, $3 Pantene)

I thought I had the 50c Dominos q clipped, but when I checked my account I saw that I had forgotten to clip it.

The gc deal is buy 2 Select gcs, earn $10 WAGs gc. I don't need the Kohls gcs, cause I've saved up enough throughout the year to cover BF shopping (some already done and will do the rest when the sale goes live again). However, Kohls is my go to store and who can pass up free money?

Trans 2

3 x Tresemme $14.97
2 x Colgate t/p $5.98
3 x Crest t/p $8.97
1 x 4lb Dominos sugar $2.19
2 x $25 Kohls gc $50.00
1 x $10 WAGs gc $10.00
Less Tresemme q (5.00)
Less Tresemme q (2.50)
Less Crest DQS (5.00)
Less Dominos DQ (0.50)
Less RRs (6.00)
Less Free WAGs gc (10.00)
Tax 1.62
OOP $64.73  Paid with the $10 WAGS gc and the rest in cash.

Earned $16.xx BR points ($5 Tresemme, $4 Colgate, $5 Beauty, $2.xx Birthday bonus) and $4 RR (Crest)

And this is where the crap started. Y'all know that a smooth WAGS trip was too good to be

I knew that I was supposed to earn way more points than that, because I had a 9000 BR points WYS $30 (before qs). Now you can't figure out what went wrong, because WAGS doesn't give you a detailed account of all points earned on your receipt. So when I got home, I checked my account to see what credited. That's when I saw that the 9000 bonus wasn't added. 

Once I checked my receipt, I saw that the register shows one of my RRs as a $3 off $3 purchase q. So it's reading it as a store q (not manufacturer q that it actually is). So it's showing that I spent less than $30...grrrr. Darn WAGS. You earn bonus points on your total AFTER store qs and discounts, but before Manufacturer's qs. I know. WAGs rewards is really complicated. Anyhoo, a quick Live Chat got my points added. 

My totals are as follows (excluding gcs deal)

Total before rewards/points used (after qs) $43.90
Less rewards used (RRs, bonus points, gc) (36.00)
OOP $7.90
Rewards earned : $46.00
Total cost to me ($2.10)

So this entire trip (incl sales tax) was a $2.10 MM. 
Retail value : $82.61 (excl tax)

Plus I earned an extra $20 for the Kohls gc deal.

I've seen the WAGS BF ad preview and it's terrible. I hope that they have good sales the next few weeks, because I have $110 BR points and $12 RRs to use. I'm not including the WAGS gcs ($20 one of which was for a PG rebate deal), because they don't expire. I guess I'll just do more Christmas shopping with my points.


My Birthday Freebies

PSA - Target has 10% off their store gcs 12/2-12/3 only. Limit $500. I will admit that I scored really good deals for my birthday this year....