Friday, December 6, 2019

Meijer baking sale

I hope everyone had a good week. I stayed out of the drugstores this week (trying to recover from last, but did place an online order with WAGS on Monday. They had 30% off regular priced items and 20% cash back through Ebates/Rakuten. I bought 4 packs Dial soap (bogof sale) since we are on our last pack, razors and a Christmas gift. Used $20 points and $3.72 oop and earned $5.04 cash back. I didn't expect to earn on the full amount, since I paid with points, so I was happy to get my 20% back. Yay

I really didn't plan on doing any other deals, until Meijer released their 3 day baking sale ad. It was Buy 5 get $5 off instantly. They also have Spend $100 get $10 OYNO. I need to bake for a Christmas party this month & I know that Meijer calculates that $100 cost BEFORE their $5 off discount. They also have a Buy 10/$10 get 11th item free in their regular weekly ad. So I made my list and headed to the store. I should have gone shopping yesterday. Everyone and their mother decided to shop today and the shelves were half empty.

Here's what I did

2 x Dove deodorant $10.18
1 x Dove spray 6.29
2 x Fiber One bars 7.58
2 x D Donuts coffee B1G50% off $10.48
1 x Off the Eaten Path Veggie Chips 3.49 F
1 x Blueberry Cheerios 3.00 F
1 x Stacy Pita Chips 3.00 F
1 x On the Border Chips 2.79
11 x Dannon yogurt 10.00
3 x Old Orchard Juice 3.00

Buy 5 Save $5

10 x Frosting $15.90
2 x Confectioners Sugar $3.98
3 x Gold Medal Flour $6.57
4 x Quaker Oatmeal $13.56
4 x K Arthur Wheat Flour 15.96
1 x K Arthur AP Flour 3.99
1 x Chex PB Cereal 2.79 F

Less B5S$5 (25.00)
Less On the Border peelie (1.00)
Less D Donuts MP q (1.00)
Less Dove Spray MP q (1.50)
Less MP q (5.00)
Tax 0.92
OOP $89.98

Earned $15 CATs ($10 WYS $100, $5 Dove)
Earned 11618 Fetch Points = $11.62
Earned $8.50 Ibotta ($7.50 K Arthur, 25c Any, 25c Tortilla chips, 25c Oatmeal, 25c Limes - I don't know where they got limes
Earned $4.50 Checkout 51 (3.50 Dove, $1 On the Border)
Earned $2 Mperks for spending $100

Total Earnings = $41.60

The items marked with a F at the end were all FREE after Fetch Rewards. I immediately cashed out for a $10 gc.

I now have enough to cash out at Checkout51. I haven't used it much, but had $18 sitting in that account for months.

I need to submit a ticket to Ibotta. The app accepted my 5 K Arthur Flour, but only credited 2. Now I have to take pics to get the rest.

I wasn't planning on getting 2 D. Donuts. I always mix Decaf and Regular, so I don't end up bouncing off the wall from all the Since it was B1G50% off, I figured I might as well cash in.

I was gonna redeem another $2 on Swagbucks (On the Border & Dove), but after submitting to Checkout51, I noticed that the Swagbucks ones were gone. Looks like Swagbucks & CK51 are now working together too. Ugh. And, I forgot to scan 2 flour peelies at Meijer too. Oh well, it was only 50c.

Not everything is pictured. I was too tired after shopping, to put everything on display and then pack it all away too.


  1. It is too bad they work together to deprive people of the two discounts. It is almost like not allowing people to stack coupons.

    1. I agree Linda. Now that I've cashed out Checkout51, I can focus on earning through Swagbucks & Savingstar instead. I rarely use CK51 anyway.


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