Wednesday, January 1, 2020

My 2020 Goals

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.

This year I have some big financial goals that I'd like to reach, so I'm going all in.

1. Coupon more

While I've been doing couponing last year, I was a bit of a slacker most times. This year I'd like to try to reduce our grocery budget. So, I'd like to go hard at couponing again.

The same goes for the drugstores. I need to go all out shopping the drugstores. I also have to make sure that absolutely NO rewards expire. That is like throwing away money when I allow that to happen. I'm upset with myself for losing so many rewards. So I will make a weekly trip to hit all 3 drugstores on the same day. Thankfully they're all close to each other, so I don't have to drive out of my way.

2. Save more

I've read about the $2020 savings challenge on another blog not too long ago. It works the same as the 52 week challenge, except your total savings for the year will be $2020. In order to achieve that, you have to save $38.85 per week. This number is doable for me. So on Friday, my challenge officially begins. I love savings challenges. I like all the little ways that you can earn and/or save money. To some, it might seem like little bits. But to me, all those little bits add up to big amounts. So please feel free to join me.

3. Work & earn more

I definitely need to up my game. This year I want to try my best to work 40-45 hours per week. Not an easy task for a reseller, because you have to deal with kids, household, grocery shopping etc. I just want to set aside dedicated hours for work. I'm just keeping my eye on those big goals and my nose to the grindstone.

4. Plant a bigger produce garden

I didn't plant much last year, but we totally enjoyed eating our own food. DH & I agreed that our own produce tasted way better than store bought (even though we have a great produce market). DH already added a smaller raised bed section for me. I think he needs to clear another patch in the backyard, so I can plant even more veggies. This will also help us save money on our grocery bill.

5. Try to reduce food waste

I will admit that I struggle in this area, especially when life happens. You get too busy or something crops up, so things end up expiring or going bad. No more of that. I need to keep better track of what's in our fridge and use it up, before buying more.

6. Pay for Christmas with gift cards again. 

I didn't earn as much gcs last year, as I did in the past. This is mainly due to Swagbucks and Mypoints being slow. Despite that, I still earned over $1000 from point earning sites & grocery apps. So back to earning as much as I can again.

I do have another plan for utilizing my gcs. I want to redeem part of my gcs for Walmart/Sams (I don't cash out to Paypal, because my Paypal is used for business. Besides, you get  a monthly discount on gcs on Swagbucks, Paypal excluded). So I'll use those gcs to buy groceries and just take the cash equivalent from our grocery budget. Then I'll use the cash to buy discounted gcs (for stores that we frequent) throughout the year. The drugstores often have those deals.That should put some extra cash into our pockets.

So that's my goals for this year. Now to making sure that I achieve all those


  1. I like your goals! I am trying to do better with grocery shopping, BOGO's to stock up and digital coupons with different stores. I have not used paper coupons in ages. they tend to overwhelm me.

    1. Thank you Lisa! I love digital coupons, but don't like that there's only a limit of one per deal/item.

      Can you try using one or 2 paper coupons just to get your feet wet? The more you use it, the easier it will become for you. I still get nervous when I have to do a big transaction with coupons.

    2. I will give it a go on a small scale. When I attempted couponing before, I would buy a lot of things that I got for free but did not really use. I was caught up in the rush of getting freebies. Maybe this time I will stick to what we REALLY use.

    3. I used to do the same thing when I first started couponing. Over the years I've found people & places to donate whatever we don't use. Some other items get sold. It won't make me rich, but it puts extra cash into my pocket.

    4. Selling the extra or what is not used makes sense.

  2. Wow I love all those goals. They all really help. Reselling is something I would love to get into, but have never had the time. I admire anyone who does this.

    1. Thank you Kim!I will admit that it takes real discipline to resell (especially full time). Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to work and will take a day off. None of that this year.

  3. I agree with finding time to work on reselling. Scheduling and blocking the time is challenging when you are at home and keeping up with household chores, etc.

    1. It's a constant struggle. I like having a routine/schedule, but sometimes things crop up. I'm getting back to freezer cooking and cutting down social media. That frees up a lot of time for me to work. I'm also gonna get up a little earlier.


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