Thursday, February 6, 2020

Drugstore shopping week 2/2/2020

Y'all are not gonna believe this, but WAGS was actually the best store this week!! I know!! I'm still trying to wrap my head around it, but miracles DO

First stop CVS

2 x Garnier Whole Blends 7.00
2 x Schick razors 15.00
1 x All Detergent 2.99
1 x Sure deodorant 2.00
2 x Maybelline eyeshadow 8.38
1 x Covergirl lipstick 8.79
1 x Covergirl mascara 6.79
Less Garnier CRT (2.00)
Less Garnier q (4.00)
Less Schick DQ (3.00)
Less All q (1.00)
Less Maybelline CRT (3.00)
Less Covergirl DQ (3.00)
Less EBs (25.00)
Tax 2.34
OOP $6.29

Earned $22 EBs ($3 Garnier, $5 Schick, $2 Sure, $7 Covergirl, $5 Maybelline)

Ugh, I just knew that my total was wrong. I saw that the $3 Schick DQ deducted instead of the $7/2 one. Before I went shopping, I was a little worried about this happening but reminded myself that this isn't WAGS, so it won't happen. Ha! I also had a $1 Schick App Q  and $2 Covergirl lip DQ that didn't deduct. Thankfully I had an extra $4 EB with me (I wasn't sure how much the Maybelline CRT would be, so I took different values EBs with me, just in case). So I will email CVS to find out why my DQs don't all deduct. That is $7 after all.


Trans 1

2 x Nivea shave cream B1G50% off $4.48
4 x Old Spice b/w (clearance) 15.56
2 x Carefree liners 3.00
6 x R Stover candy 2.00
Less Nivea q (2.00)
Less Carefree DQ (3.00)
Less RRs (9.00)
Tax 1.38
OOP $12.42

Earned $17.25 points ($5 WYS $20, $10 Old Spice - buy 2 get $5, $2.25 10x booster points).

Earned $1.90 Ibotta (Nivea shave + 10c any item)

Now this high OOP was totally planned. I have read that many stores had Olay & Old Spice clearanced. So I put 2 different deals together in case I find any good clearance. My guys use Old Spice, so I was very happy to find these babies at my store.

I also had  $5 WYS $25 DQ (this is why I added all those filler candy & free carefree to get my total to $25. Okay, I love those R Stover single candies and already ate Unfortunately it didn't combine with the paper $5 WYS $20, but still a good deal.

I also had 2 Nivea qs, except when I got to checkout, I noticed that one was Nivea and the other Aquaphor. Ugh! Can they please print these darn qs bigger so we can actually see them. The Nivea qs are tiny.

Trans 2

2 x All detergent $5.98
1 x Old Spice b/w 3.19
1 x Old Spice b/w 3.99
Less All q (1.00)
Less All DQ (1.00)
Less BR points (10.00)
Tax 0.74
OOP $1.10

I didn't earn any points for the Old Spice on this transaction. No biggie, since my OOP was low. However, I did contact CS and they added $5 points for me. Yay! Now my guys have a decent body wash stockpile.

Rite Aid

2 x Fiber One cereal $3.98
2 x Covergirl powder B1G50% off 2nd 11.98
4 x Tresemme 18.00
2 x Herbal Essences mousse B1G50% off 2nd 7.18
2 x Bic Razors B1G50% off 2nd 11.23
Less Fiber One L2C (1.00)
Less 2 Covergirl qs (6.00)
Less 2 Tresemme qs (8.00)
Less Herbal Essences q (3.00)
Less Bic q (3.00)
Less Bic L2C (3.00)
Less 8/40 Mailer q (8.00)
Tax 2.46
OOP $22.83

Paid with my previous $20 Visa card + 2.83 cash

I had a $2 Covergirl mailer q, but the cashier refused to accept it. She wanted me to buy the exact same product as the picture (insert eyeroll). The Q said "COVERGIRL MAKEUP".  I asked her to try and scan it to see what happens and she said she doesn't have to, cause I didn't buy the right item. Aaaaaah! Seriously?! It wasn't worth my time to argue over $2. I've never seen this cashier before so I don't know if she's new or if she works at the pharmacy.

Submitted for $20 Visa gc.

I don't know if I'll earn the $1 General Mills cereal Savingstar reward, cause I clipped it after I went shopping.

Total OOP $22.64
Cash back earned $1.90
Total rewards used : $64.00
Total rewards earned : $64.25
Total coupons used : $55.00
Total retail value : $202.72

As I was putting the detergent away, I thought to myself  'man these bottles are small'. So I checked the size and discovered that it's only 33 oz!! What happened to the 50 oz bottles we used to get. I know that Tide reduced the size to 40 oz, but 33 oz is crazy. That's a whopping 17 oz less (I can do a week or two's worth of laundry with that 17 oz). Yet another reason why I coupon and shop the sales. Manufacturers keep trying to rip us off with smaller sizes for much higher prices. Crazy!!

I was gonna buy some more All detergent tomorrow, but changed my mind. I don't want to pay $2 for a small bottle. I'll wait for a good Arm & Hammer sale, cause they usually have bonus size bottles. I might go look for more clearance Old Spice and I want more candy for a Valentine's project.


  1. And, this is the week I gave up on WAGS.

    1. That's too bad Linda, but I completely understand. They can be frustrating at best.


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