Friday, February 21, 2020

Some bits & bobs

I only hit up CVS this week, cause nothing else appealed to me. I was really excited when I logged into my CVS account on Sunday and saw oodles of CRTs. I don't know if it's because of the Beauty event bonus (20% they're currently running) or if it's because I've been shopping consistently. I decided to wait until Wednesday to shop, so that my CRTs are still good through next Wednesday (it's good for one week only). When I got to the Red Machine, it spit out a long list of CRTs, but not everything that I saw on my account. Ugh. I wanted to use both the $2/6 body wash and $2 off Irish Spring CRTs, but only the Irish Spring one printed. Same with the Maybelline CRT. Checked my account on my phone and none of the qs showed up. I did receive a $6 Beauty reward though. Whoo-hoo!

3 x Irish Spring bw 11.97
2 x Covergirl blush 11.98
2 x Revlon eyeshadow 17.18
Less Irish Spring CRT (2.00)
Less Irish Spring IPQ (0.75)
Less Covergirl CRT (4.00)
Less Covergirl DQ (3.00)
Less Revlon CRT (4.00)
Less 2 Revlon qs (6.00)
Less EBs (21.38)
Tax 2.21
OOP $2.21

Earned $15 EBs ($5 Irish Spring, $5 Covergirl, $5 Revlon)

And what prints at the end of my receipt? The $2/6 Body wash Q. Ugh. In fact, it printed another long list of qs, so I can't complain.

I was a little bummed at the cashier though. I gave her $23 EBs, but only once I got home, I noticed that the $3 one only applied 38c. Normally they'd ask if you want to use that EB or pay cash. I would've gladly paid the 38c and saved the $3 for next time. Then I noticed that a $3 Covergirl DQ deducted. Huh? I know that I had Covergirl lip and face qs. Does blush count as a face product? This is why my total was off, cause I do math both when I make my list and while I shop (store prices sometimes vary from online).

These all qualify for Beauty, so I should get another $3 Beauty reward or $6, if it's 20% back. Yay

I also received my $20 RA Visa gc last week and a $5 Chobani visa gc.

I redeemed rewards for a bunch of gcs, so that got added to my gc pile.

When I was at Meijer last week, I noticed a long list of CATs (register coupons) laying next to the register (where you place your basket). I always use self checkout (easier to see when things don't ring up correctly) and there was only 1 person in line ahead of me. I could see that the one CAT was a $10 CAT (yes, I know what Meijer $$$ CATS look I was trying to act nonchalant, but inside I couldn't contain my Somebody actually left $10 behind?! No friggin way!! So when it was my turn, the person ahead of me was still bagging her groceries. Being the person that I am, I couldn't just knowingly take the CATs if it belonged to her. So I picked it all up, showed it to her and asked if it was hers. She said no and inside I started doing a happy dance. I just stuck the whole pile in my purse and scanned my items.

When I got into my car, I saw that it was indeed a $10 OYNO and there was also one for free loaf of bread (up to $3) WYS $10 and $1 off cheese WYS $7. Whoo hoo! Free grocery money.

After CVS, I went to Meijer to do some damage with those CATS. I got 11 drinking yogurts (buy 10 get 11th item free), loaf of bread and other stuff. I also had a $4 q (from some previous deal) on my Mperks account, so that's $18 worth of free groceries! Go me!

Then at Sams, I decided to buy the store brand dish soap instead of Dawn. I prefer Dawn, but when I checked the prices online (I compared all prices before going shopping), I saw that the 90 oz Dawn was $9.25 compared to $5.27 for 100 oz store brand. No way was I gonna pay twice as much for the same thing. I normally buy Dawn when Sams has it on sale. Now that I've used the store brand dish soap, I can definitely tell the difference. While it's not bad, it doesn't foam as much as Dawn does (so I have to use more), nor does it smell nearly as good. So back to Dawn when this bottle is done.

I also did the math on laundry detergent and discovered that I can get it for less at Sams vs the drugstores. To me, points & rewards are the same as cash. So why would I pay $2 for 33 oz (6c/oz), when I can pay around 5c per oz for better brands at Sams. Yes, it's a penny difference per ounce (these are on Sam's regular prices), but all those pennies add up. I received our Sams monthly coupon booklet in the mail today and noticed that All detergent has a $2 off q. The 250 oz bottle will cost $13.48 after discount. That's a 250 pennies savings which translates to $2.50. So I'll be stocking up on All next week. There is a limit of 3 per account, but that will last us months.

I don't mind buying the drugstore detergents when they're on sale for 99c, like the Purex. I'm not crazy about the Purex scents, but I love using their fragrance free ones.

Not much else happening here. I've been so busy working and crunching numbers for taxes.


  1. Oh wow! That's some awesome savings! We don't have a Meijer here, just Kroger and WalMart. Many years ago our Kroger would triple coupons sometimes, but not anymore. I miss the days of stocking up on great deals.

    1. Thank you Mandy. Meijer is only in 5 states (MI, OH, IL, IN, KY). When I belonged to a national coupon group years ago, I used to get so jealous of folks whose Kroger stores tripled coupons while mine only doubled. Now none of my stores double coupons anymore (I still hate TLC for Those days of doubling/tripling were awesome! I miss it too.

  2. I would be quivering inside with excitement at finding those coupons. Good job on it all. I won't stray from Dawn.

    1. Thanks! I was one happy camper Linda.
      Yep, lesson learned. Stick to Dawn. The green Palmolive gives me severe sinus headaches, but I like the blue one.

  3. I love when folks leave Cats behind for me to find but who does that?!? I can't fathom it but then again who gets cash back on a debit card and leaves it hanging out of the machine and leaves the store either. lol
    I've never found a $XX on anything Cat yet but I have found some other ones I can use for specific items at Weis and Price Chopper.
    You did well at CVS! I gave Sonya Ann my $10 CVS cash card for her birthday that I earned last year. I really don't want to have to keep on top of R-A and CVS(1 drugstore is enough for me)and I knew she would utilize it strategically and could use the help.
    I just need to concentrate on staying in my R-A lane. lolz

    1. Thanks Sluggy. I love grabbing those CATS too. I don't understand folks. Would they leave cash behind, like they do with CATS? Oh well, more money for me. Ka-ching!! That cash you found was amazing!

      That was very generous of you to give Sonya Ann the cash card (I already know that you are one generous lady). I like having 3 stores to choose from, because not everyone has good deals every week. This way I get to pick & choose. They're all within walking distance, so it's easy for me to shop.

  4. You may have already explained it in a previous post, if so point me to it, but how do you use the rewards for gift cards?

    1. I'll write a post about it once I'm over this cold.

  5. I have found that I can get all cleaners cheaper at discount stores rather than Rite aid. Even with the points and freebies I am still better off not shopping there for those things. It sure is fun though.....

  6. Me too! I love discount stores. I also prefer the bigger sizes they have, compared to the drugstore sizes. I don't want to have to run to the store every week to replace things that have run out.


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