Tuesday, November 2, 2021

October monthly check in

Ever had one of those days where you're just ready to tackle the day, then something happens to interrupt your plans? That was me yesterday. Early in the morning I picked up something heavy (it wasn't even that heavy) and threw out my back. Then silly me decided to still have my workout afterwards. I knew it wasn't a good idea, but I was determined to burn my calories. Bad idea! I was in excruciating pain all day. By late afternoon I took an Extra Strength Tylenol. That didn't help one bit. Then early evening I took a stress relief aromatherapy bath, hoping that it would relax my back muscles. That didn't help either. I was in bed by 8pm, watching Holiday Baking Championship. Next thing I know, I had fallen asleep and it was 9pm. So I figured I can still watch the rest of the show. Fell back asleep again and woke before 10. I think I only saw about 5-10 minutes of that 2 hour show. I did not sleep well. I woke up every time I rolled over. I didn't even go vote today, because I can't handle the pain. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. The only time I feel half decent, is when I'm sitting at my desk. So my plan is to list and sleep today. I'm just throwing Italian sausage, onions & peppers into the instant pot and making baked potatoes. We can add the leftover veggies of last night. I usually eat a salad for lunch, so the veggies will work for tonight. 

On to October's numbers


CVS : $5.39

Dollar Tree : $4.00

Indian store (spices) : $29.43

Local grocery store : 17.00

Meijer : $9.03

Ollies : $38.58

Rite Aid : $5.43

Sams : $411.31

Total OOP : $520.17


$25.88 Ibotta 

My earned drugstore rewards are not included in this amount.I count them when I spend it. 

I did not go to the produce market this month. I shopped there so late last month, that we didn't need a trip this month. I just filled in the odds at Walmart. I'm not mad at Sams. I did quite a bit of stocking up there last month, meat, juice, coffee, etc. 


GCs Earned $25 (Mypoints)

Personal items (things we've had listed for the past 2 years) : $72.87

2021 Closet cleanout : $81.22

Big goal : $0

Drugstore items : $12.76

Total earnings : $191.85

Again, nothing listed. I'm just in work mode. I know that things are crazy in November. Everyone's in shopping mode, so I just have to keep my nose to the grindstone. 

YTD Earnings :

GCs (point earning sites) : $585

Ibotta : $442.82

Personal items : $832.02

2021 Closet cleanout : $343.70

Big goal : $641.03

Drugstore items : $185.12

Total Earnings (excl Ibotta) : $2586.87

YTD EXPENSES (Clothing/shoes/accessories, Christmas gifts)

OOP : $52.95  DS socks

Christmas gifts : $44.03 DS Kohls

Total OOP $96.98

Yay! Christmas shopping done & dusted. I just need to go get the gcs. The best part is that I don't have to worry about any holiday expenses. Holiday gifts are all paid for and gcs are budgeted for. Such a relief to not have to think about holiday expenses. I'm not even sure if I'm gonna do BF shopping this year. There's nothing we really need. 

The Christmas number is for DS's gifts I picked up at Kohls. I returned the other one and am just waiting on the company to issue my credit. 

The Christmas box to my family finally left the country, after sitting at the Chicago hub for almost 2 months. Crazy!! Now I can mail the other box. It might not arrive in time for Christmas, but they at least get to have another taste of Christmas after the holidays. Who doesn't like celebrating Christmas more than once? :) I really want to add a small gift for our old neighbor, but there's only so much I can fit into a flat rate box. I'm gonna have to repack that box, so I can squeeze in a gift for her. 

YTD OOP (clothing/shoes/accessories, Christmas gifts) : $1942.85

YTD side hustle income (personal, closet cleanout, drugstore) : $1360.84

YTD Balance ($582.01)

As mentioned before, I received a gift which I applied to groceries. That's why there's no Walmart numbers. I still have a small amount left, but we don't need much. I'm budgeting $250 for Sams & the produce market. I need to get meat & yogurt at Sams. I'm hoping to come in under $250, but who knows with the continuously rising food costs. 

I've also applied a new strategy for my stockpile. I've been adding a big All detergent jug from Sams every month. After doing the math, I realised it costs about the same price as all those little bottles when they're on sale at the drugstores. The downside is that the Q is normally a limit of one. So instead of taking multiple trips to the drugstore, I just buy a big bottle at Sams. Huge time saver for me. I also replace those big items like detergent, paper products, etc when I open a new pack or bottle. This ensures that we never run low or out of those things. I don't have to go crazy with shopping, I just replace it whenever I go to Sams. 

Our October numbers weren't the best, but I'm hoping that November will be way lower since we're fully stocked. 


  1. I am so sorry about your back. Not a whole lot is worse because it so severely limits what you can do.
    I hope I can find a few more bargains at the grocery store in November because October was almost a washout where bargain buys could be found.

    1. Thank you Anne. I managed to take a nap earlier. I hate being ill or limited, because nothing gets done. I'm not the type to lay in bed or sit around all day.

      I hope you find good bargains. They've been few & far between here lately, so I just paid full price for whatever we need. Not happy about it, but we at least have everything we need and more.

  2. Good for you on finishing your Christmas shopping. I am beginning to think I am so far behind that catching up is going to be a monumental task.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie! I know you'll catch up on Christmas shopping/gifts in no time. Just do it one gift at a time. You can do this :)

  3. I hate you were/are in such pain! I like your numbers!

    1. Thank you Linda. I'm feeling much better today.


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