Wednesday, April 20, 2022

This week's menu plan

I'm off my game this week. The holiday threw me off completely. I actually thought that today was Thursday too. I knew that we'd be out for Easter, so I decided to cook & bake on Saturday. I had this grand plan to make a chicken roll & chicken caprese, but we all know about those best laid plans. I got the chicken cooked for the roll, diced the butternut and discovered it was no good. Ugh, I can't make chicken roll without butternut and I didn't have any more left. So I decided to just keep the cooked chicken in the fridge until I could buy another butternut. I then decided not the make the caprese chicken either. I just wasn't feeling it. I did make pumpkin muffins though. So here's what happened this week: 

Monday : Easter leftovers - I just added some veggies

Tuesday : I made a big pot of fajita chicken (can't believe we were out), refried beans & pico and we made nachos with it. Easy peasy. I also made gingerbread waffles last night

Wednesday : Finally made it to the produce market, so chicken roll and leftover veggies. 

Thursday : Leftovers buffet. 

Friday : Italian sausage with onions & peppers on a roll/bun, potato salad, baked beans OR I might just eat more leftovers (there's plenty) and DS can have a burger & fries. 

Saturday/Sunday : Dine out 

The falafel was a huge hit. We still have some left over. The downside. I normally buy the pita pockets at Meijer, but since I was already at Sams last week, I decided to just buy pita there. Big mistake. When I tried to use the pita a few days later, it was all moldy. I was so upset. Thankfully, I always keep tortillas, so I just make falafel wraps. 

We have lots of food to eat, so it's an eating down the freezer & leftovers kinda week for me. I have a good menu plan for next week and already have all the ingredients. I'll move the caprese to next week. 

I'm in a slump. I have lots of blog posts written in my but just not in the mood to type. I still need to type my numbers post. I have the numbers all ready, but I just can't bring myself to get it done. I don't know why. I think I need a 'pick me up'. Maybe some chocolate 

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. I was relating to all your thoughts and some of your actions. Then, I got to the last sentence and realized we are alike, down to the chocolate thoughts.

    1. Chocolate makes everything better I hope your week gets better.

  2. Sounds like a delicious menu. Fajita chicken is one of my favorites. That's frustrating on the pita bread. Have a great day!!

    1. Thank you Lori! I make my fajita chicken in the instant pot & use it for all things mexican - one of our favorite cuisines. I'll be buying pita pockets at Meijer again in future. No Sams pita for me.

  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome anytime Kim! I love to feed people :)

  4. Yum, everything sounds wonderful.

    God bless.

  5. Could you give us the fajita chicken recipe, please. Tuesday is Mexican night for us and I haven't found a great fajita chicken recipe yet. Thanks.
    PS I love reading about all your deals.


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