Friday, September 28, 2018

July & August Numbers

I've been crazy busy with work and we also had a death in the family. I feel like I'm constantly behind and can hardly catch up with things. I've been getting up earlier, so that I can be more productive. 

I've decided to just combine the 2 months numbers into one post, since it's already very late. So without further ado, here we go:

Gift cards earned

Mypoints $175 Kohls
Swagbucks : $75 Target & Kohls
IGC : $10 Target
Ibotta : $70 Kohls
Savingstar : $0 - not enough funds to cash out yet
Checkout51 - nothing requested yet

So onto the gc balances:

Previous balance $15.36
Added : $270
Spent : $90.51
New balance : $194.85

Previous balance $100
Added : $60
Spent : $150.00
New balance : $5.00

Previous balance : $155.18
Added : $0
Spent : $83.69
Total : $71.49

Previous balance : $40.27
Added : $0 
Spent : $40.27
Total : $0


Previous balance : $59.31
Earned $0
Spent : 0
New balance : $59.31

DSW - $25.00 (I let my $5 reward expire. It just wasn't worth my time to go to the store to spend $5)

WHBM - $50.00

Starbucks : $35 

Total Gift Cards : $440.65

Total earned from online sales (after fees) : $261.78
Plus previous balance $633.79
Less expenses : $83.20
New Balance : $812.37

So we have a total of $1253.02 in cash and gcs for holiday shopping and whatever clothing items we need for the rest of the year. 

On the shopping front. 

$24.91 - workout gear at TJM
$15.90 - denim jacket for DS
$42.39 - the black dress I got for myself
And then used the GAP gcs for the sweaters I got.

The Target gcs were used to buy a pool for the backyard, a new game for DS (I promised him that I'd buy a new game once I've saved up enough gcs)  and some hair color. 

Walmart gcs were used to buy another Christmas gift and also the cake for the party.

Kohls gcs were used to purchase a big ticket Christmas gift

$15K savings goal

Starting balance : $1328.65
Plus 52 wk plan : $567.29
Plus sales : $373.42
Less purchases : $0
New Balance : $2269.36

I think I spent around $5 OOP when I redeemed Kohls cash. I have to check the receipt. 

$1 Savings
Previous balance : $91
Added : $22
Total : $113

$5 Savings 
Previous balance : $180
Added : $0
Total : $180


  1. I'm new here, but do you have a post where you explain how you earn the gift cards? I'd love to learn!

    1. Welcome Hawaii Planner. I thought that I had a detailed post of how I earned, but this is the best that I can come up with. I should write a more detailed post for all new readers.

      Here's a link to help give you an idea of how I earn. HTH and thanks for stopping by.


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