Monday, October 1, 2018

Shopping the past 2 weeks

Here are a few good deals I scored the past 2 weeks

Kroger mega event (amounts are after the Mega event discount)

2 x Colgate Optic White $3.98
1 x Colgate Total $1.99
1 x Stayfree $1.99
1 x Kotex 1.99
1 x Epic bar $2.00
Less Colgate DQ (4.00)
Less Colgate DQ (2.00)
Less Epic DQ (2.00) Friday freebie
Tax $0.59
OOP : $3.34

Earned 50c back through Savingstar for Epic bar, so total cost $2.84

My plan was for no more than $1.50 OOP, but Kroger was OOS on the other items that I had DQs for, so I had to improvise

Walgreens. I don't really like spending much cash OOP, but I wanted the $10 wys $25 bonus and you don't earn the bonus if you use points to pay.

1 x Gain $4.99
1 x Tide 4.99
4 x Irish Spring $15.96
1 x Newspaper $2.00
Less 2 x Irish Spring qs (2.00)
Less Gain DQ (2.00)
Less CATS (9.00)
Tax 1.56
OOP $16.50

Received $20270 points. Approx $20 worth points ($10 bonus $10 Irish Spring). The rest of the points were everyday points that you earn on any purchase. I was on my way out when I did this deal. When I checked my receipt the next day, I saw that my $2 Tide DQ didn't deduct. Ugh! Too much hassle for me to contact them over $2.


4 x Softsoap bw $15.96
Less Softsoap DQ (1.00)
Less CAT (4.00)
Less BR (10.00)
Tax 0.96
OOP $1.92

Earned $10 BR. So $1.92 for 4 bottles of bw or 48c each


2 x Shick Razors $14.00
1 x All detergent $2.99
1 x Sargento sweet breaks $1.79
Less Schick DQ (7.00)
Less All DQ (1.00)
Tax $1.02
Less BR used (10.00)
OOP $1.80

Earned $2 BR and 50c Ibotta (Sargento)

I had a different pack of Shick razors in my hand and then I spotted these bonus packs. 4 Extra razors, yes please! I always grab bonus packs when it's available. Why not? If it costs the same price as the regular item, then I'll gladly take the free extras.

I'm trying to spend down my points, because from 11/08 you will only be able to redeem up to $5 in BR....grrrrr. Bye Bye WAGS. This is a bad decision on your part.

And whaddya know - WAGS gave me another $10 bonus WYS $25. I'm gonna try and double dip with the PG deal this week.

When I was at Sams 2 weeks ago, I noticed that their cheese slices were $5.98 (down from $12). Signs said $5.98 wyb 8, but it worked for me. I bought 4 packs of cheese (we love cheese), but think I need to go back and get some more to freeze. This is even cheaper than the grocery store and the cheese tastes much better too.


  1. So, CVS is only drugstore with these kind of deals that work? Lots of good deals this time!

    1. Thanks Linda.

      No, all 3 drugstores offer great deals every week. I've been playing the drugstore rewards game for 10 years and in my opinion, CVS is the best, because there program is so easy to use and understand and it hasn't changed over the years.

      You don't have to wait until the next day to use rewards. You can do back to back transactions and just use rewards from previous transactions to pay for the next. So you don't have to hit the store multiple times per week.

      Rite aid is really good too. I just don't like having to wait to use my earned rewards. WAGS is a hot mess. They have too many things with ridiculous rules that keep changing.


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