Monday, July 15, 2019

Last week's drugstore shopping WAGS Rite Aid

You already know that my WAGS trip was not without

Last week I received a $9/30 DQ, so my plan was to do the B3G1F Tide & B2G1F Crest/Burts Bees deals and use all my DQs for it. Of course my store didn't have enough Crest and the Burts Bees was non-existent. So I went home and had to come up with a plan B.

Thursday I ran lots of errands and made a return trip to WAGS. Still not enough Crest, but I had more than one scenario planned (I think I should do this for all future WAGS trips). So here's what I got

8 x Pantene shampoo B1g50% off 2nd $28.72
1 x Forto coffee shot $2.99
Less 9/30 (9.00)
Less 2 x Pantene qs (10.00)
Tax 1.23
Less BR points (10.00)
OOP $3.94 Paid for with a gc.

I returned 3 t/b during my first trip, cause I never received my RR for it. Turns out those exact t/b never worked for a number of people, even though it worked during the previous week's sale. Silly WAGS. Since I paid with points, I received my credit in the form of a gc. I told the cashier I actually prefer the gc since it doesn't expire & there's no crazy rules tied to it. I received a $12.69 credit

So here's where things went south.

I earned $8 points ($4 wyb 4 Pantene)

As  you can see above, my Pantene total came to $28.72. I only needed around $21xx to earn a $5 beauty reward, except no beauty reward credited. Checked my receipt and it says I earned $8.77 towards beauty. WTH?! I don't even know how WAGS math works on this one. Do you only earn after all coupons. Even so, the numbers don't add up! At CVS you earn beauty rewards BEFORE all qs. Ugh, I was so mad.

I also earned $3.24 Ibotta rebate for the Forto & any item. We don't even drink the Forto, but it was free and got me to $30.

Spent down a total of $13.94 points
Earned back $8 points + $3.24 Ibotta
Total cost for everything $2.70

Then I stopped at RA for the 'free' Crest deal. I had zero points, cause I haven't been to RA in months. I actually lost $10 in points that I had. My own fault :( I sure wish they'd send email reminders so you know to shop.

1 x Crest t/p $3.00
1 x Oral b t/b 3.00
Less Crest DQ (1.00)
Less Oral B DQ (1.0)
Tax 0.36
OOP $4.36

Earned $4 BR. I also received a $6/30 CAT. I was planning on doing the Tide deal with it, but we were away for 2 days and I was too tired to go shopping when we got home on Saturday night. So I'll figure out a scenario for this week.


  1. You did well with these shopping trips.

  2. I too have lost points but I do get an email reminder.

    1. Thank you for letting me know. I do get the RA emails. I have to go back and see if I received a reminder in one of those emails. I'm bummed, cause to me that's like throwing away a $10 bill.


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