Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Some drugstore shopping

Hi everyone

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post. Where has the time gone? I've been super busy. Did quite a bit of shopping last week, but I need to make time to take pics and write a post.

I had a $10 RR expiring tomorrow, so I decided to hit the drugstores today.

Trans 1

1 Gillette Razor $12.99
1 Gillette Razor 9.99
2 Crest t/p 7.98
1 Halloween candy 0.20
Less Gillette DQ (10.00)
Less 2 x $10 RR (20.00)
Tax 1.86
OOP $3.02

Earned $20 BR points ($10 Gillette, $5 WYS $25, the rest was 10x points this week & I also earn 10X everyday points for the entire month, cause it's my birthday) +  900 everyday points. Earned $5 RR Crest

I was wondering why my Crest DQ didn't deduct, then realised that the Q value ($3) is higher than the subtotal ($1.16). Had I known this, I would've added a bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee that I wanted. I especially added the candy as a filler so that all my qs would deduct. Oh well, I can just do another Crest deal (Buy 2, earn $5 RR)

Trans 2

1 x Robitussin $5.99
1 x Advil Sinus congestion $5.99
1 x Kit Kat Halloween clearance 1.49
2 x Colgate optic t/p 7.98
2 x Maybelline eyeshadow 7.98
Less Robitussin DQ (3.00)
Less Colgate DQ (1.00)
Less Maybelline q (1.00)
Less BR points (20.00)
Tax 1.68
OOP $6.11

Earned 900 BR points (almost $ $13 RR ($6 Maybelline, $4 Colgate, $3 Cold/flu)

Submitted the Advil to Savingstar for a $3 credit. The Robitussin Adult should have worked too, but Savingstar says it doesn't qualify (insert eyeroll)

I immediately knew that something was wrong when I saw the total, because I had a paper cold/flu q and a DQ. Only one deducted and I assumed it was the paper one. When I got home after running errands and studied my receipt, I saw that the cashier never scanned my $3 paper q. Grrrr I was not happy. I will definitely let her know about it next time I'm there.

I added the candy so I could redeem $20 in points. We don't eat much candy, but DS loves Kit Kat.

Total Spent (BR points, RRs, cash ) $49.13
Total earned (points, rebates, RRs) $42 (should've been $48, but that darn Robitussin totally messed up my earnings. That's a $6 difference). Also, you earn lots of every day points at WAGs, so I earned a total of $21.xx BR points

Total cost : $7.13

The razors and Crest has given me enough to submit for the $15 PG rebate (I got the rest of the items at Meijer last week).

I also received a $9 WYS $30 CAT, so I will roll the rest of my $10 Revlon RRs next week to earn bonus points.


3 x St Ives b/w $15.57
2 x Covergirl brow pencils 9.98
Less St Ives q (1.00)
Less Covergirl CRT (3.00)
Less EBs (15.00)
Tax 1.35
OOP $7.90

Earned $15 EBs ($10 St Ives, $5 Covergirl)

I didn't get any newspapers on Sunday. Dollar Tree was out and CVS papers didn't have any q inserts, so I didn't have much qs to use for this transaction. I really wanted the St Ives, because it's my favorite brand. I have sensitive skin and the Oatmeal b/w is perfect for me so I didn't mind paying a little extra for it. The entire purchase counts towards a Beauty reward

Then I stopped at Dollar Tree to pick up juice for DH and look for the snowman mugs that I saw posted on a blog. I didn't find any snowman mugs, but I spotted this beautiful one. My Corelle mugs have been chipping at the tops. I don't know why, but I currently have 2 chipped mugs. I think this is about 3 or 4 mugs (of the 12 I bought) that have chipped. So I decided that if I find anything good at the Dollar Store, I would buy those instead since they are usually a better quality. I fell in love with this mug, because it matches my Corelle dishes perfectly (the color is much better in person). I bought 6 mugs, but I think I'll get 6 more to save a spares, next time. Even DH likes the mugs. 

I also did some Kohls shopping on the 1st. Kohls now starts their BF deals on November 1st and I was prepared :)

3 Pairs athletic shoes
1 Pair slippers (I love slipper boots, cause it keeps my ankles warm too)
6 Bath towels
$5.40 OOP and the rest with earned gcs. 
Earned $3.30 through Ebates/Rakuten and $30 Kohls cash. So I'm one happy mama :)

That's my shopping for today. I have a $10/50 from Meijer in the neighboring town. I'm guessing it's because of all the new Kroger stores that are popping up. I will make a list and drive 3 miles to that location. There's a Kleenex deal at Meijer this week and also a Savingstar offer. 

I also received my $10 WAGS rebate earlier this week (PG deal). I have to see if there's still time to submit another rebate.

I hope everyone have scored good deals too.


  1. My oh my you were a busy getting all the good stuff. I had to run into Rite aid before I left to use up points and I stocked up on stocking stuffer candy.

    1. That's great Kim! Don't you just love stocking up on free or super cheap gifts.
      I could kick myself for just realising that I had another $23 BC rewards expire. I feel like crying.


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