Monday, May 18, 2020

Bug out's not about bugs

No, this doesn't have anything to do with

If there's one thing this pandemic has taught us, it's to be prepared. I'm a planner & always like to be prepared for any & everything. Some people think I'm nuts, but guess who's having the last laugh now. Some of my friends have actually told m

While we were rather well prepared this time, there's still some things I need to take care of. One of them being bug out bags. I don't know why I never thought to do this, because I read lots of spy novels and the operators always have bug out bags.

What is a bug out bag? It's a bag filled with essential items to survive, in case you need to evacuate during a disaster. Those of you who live in Hurricane states probably already have such bags packed.

I've searched the web and there are several different lists of things you might need. I've tweaked that list to suit our needs. There's no way I'm packing a tent (well maybe, if I really have to). How on earth would I even fit a tent into my bag? The good news is that I already know what some of the items are and how to use them (thanks to my spy novels). Things like Chem lites, space blankets, water purifying tablets...etc. Those are definitely things I'd like to add to our bags.

So here are a few things that I think we'll need in our bags.

2 Sets of clothes (for both cold & warm weather)
I'd like to get long sleeve thermal shirts, because there won't be room for coats in the backpacks
2 Sets of socks (short & long)
Pair of athletic shoes
2 Sets undies
Hat - beanies (we already have spares that I bought just before the lockdown)
Waterproof jacket
Heavy duty gloves
Reusable water bottle
Toiletries - my list is long, but will be easy to fill from my stockpile.
- Toothpaste
- 2 Toothbrushes each (in case you lose one)
- Hairbrush
- Washcloth
- Hand towel
- Bar soap
- Deodorant
- Sunscreen
- Body lotion (this can double as face cream too)
- Shampoo
- Conditioner
- Disinfectant wipes
- Kleenex
- Toilet paper (never again do I want to run low on t/p)
- Sanitary towels

These will all be trial sized items. I might have to double certain items just so we have enough. I'm thinking splitting the extra items between our 3 bags.

- First aid kits (one for each bag). Walmart has the trial size ones but I don't know if those will work
- Painkillers
I still need to work on what should go into our first aid kits

Snack items like trail mix, energy bars, dried fruit.
I'm thinking I should get a food saver. This might come in handy for extending the life of dried fruit and trail mix.

Oatmeal - can be cooked over an open fire or just add hot water. I hate those instant oatmeal packets, so I'm thinking of mixing my regular oatmeal with dried fruit of choice and a little brown sugar. This way I can also control the amount of sugar we eat.

Instant Coffee

I'm thinking of packing the coffee & sugar into ziploc bags, then a small container that can also double as a food bowl.

- Flashlight
- Compass

Cellphone charger  & adapter. Now don't but who knows when you'll get near a power outlet and be able to charge your phone.

And last but not least - Cash, Cash, Cash. You never know when you'll need cash. Not just for a bug out bag, but for any kind of emergency or disaster. Ever thought of what would happen if the power grid went down? There would be no way to get cash from any bank. We've become way too dependent on electronics & the internet. So be sure to always keep a decent amount of cash in a safe place.

DS already has a spare backpack. I need to buy 2 more for myself & DH.

This is just my bare bones list. I'm gonna have to do some serious research to see exactly what we need.


  1. We have a box in the garage and we need to go through it. Last time we found clothes for our youngest when she was just a little girl, now she is 27 and pregnant.

    1. Oh wow! That's long time to keep clothes Kim. Might be some things in there to use for the grandbaby :)


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