Monday, May 25, 2020

CVS tripping & Ibotta Bonus Round 2

I finally went to CVS on Saturday. I had some great CRTs that were expiring and I desperately needed new moisturizer. The moisturizer I ordered from WAGs online a few months ago, turned out to be bad. I could tell by the color and the smell that it was off. I still used it (thankfully nothing bad happened to my skin), but I really wanted new moisturizer. I also know this was old stock, because it didn't have any expiration date. The new bottles all have expiration dates. It also looks like my moisturiser is being discontinued. I knew it was a matter of time, because I could only find it at a select few stores. Now Target no longer carries it anymore. So I decided to try other types of the Loreal line.

I haven't been to the drugstores in almost 3 months!! I've been suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms. On top of that, our governor extended our stay home order to June 12th! I'm now over this crap. We (MI) were one of the first states to shut down and we've already quarantined for 9 weeks. Now y'all know why I'm so upset. I just want this whole pandemic mess to be over with now. I actually had a meltdown over the weekend, when I heard about the extension. I'm normally a really strong person, but after 9 weeks the lockdown got to me.


Trans 1

1 x Pantene shampoo $5.00
2 x Pantene detangler 10.00
Less 3/15 hairccare CRT (5.00)
Less $4 Pantene CRT (4.00)
Less $2 Pantene CRT (2.00)
Less $1 EB (1.00)
Tax 0.66
OOP $5.66

Earned $5 EB

Trans 2

1 x Loreal Age Perfect $19.49
1 x Loreal Revitalift 19.49
Less $6 Loreal Age Perfect CRT (6.00)
Less Loreal CRT (2.00)
Less $5/22 Facial CRT (5.00)
Less EB from trans 1 (5.00)
Tax 2.04
OOP $23.02

Earned $10 EB (WYS $30 on Loreal) and $3 Beauty. So $13 EBs earned

While my OOP seems high, I am very happy with it, because it's all things that I needed. I've been out of detangler for a month. When I was at Meijer a few weeks ago, I grabbed a bottle. At checkout I decided to put it back, because I couldn't bring myself to pay $6.xx  for just one bottle. Thank goodness good sense prevailed. Unfortunately the store only had 2 bottles today, so I grabbed the shampoo. I had to spend $15 to earn the EB and the large shampoo bottles were included in this deal. Score!

I'm really loving the Revitalift, so I think I'll use that in future. It's a good thing I coupon, cause I just can't see myself paying $20 for one moisturizer. My old Loreal moisturizer cost $10-11 and that was 4oz, compared to the 1.7 & 2.5 oz I got this time.

Then I headed to Dollar Tree, because Ibotta has another bonus deal available. This time it's $10 bonus for 10 items. Easy peasy when you shop at DT, cause it will be a MM. I was happy to see some items said 'Any Size, Any Variety'.

1 x Oreo $1.00
1 x Hershey candy 1.00
1 x Powerade 1.00
1 x Aquafina water 1.00
1 x Hot Pockets 1.00
1 x kids ice pops 1.00
OOP $6.00

Earned $2.10 (5 items were 25c each & the ice pops 75c. The 10c was for any item)

Well darn! Ibotta only credited 4 of my 6 items. I know that everything qualified, because I had to scan the items when I redeemed it. I also bought the ice pops last week & that qualified without a problem. So I sent it a ticket for the missing $1

I also bought 4 more bottles of Palmolive (bonus size) to add to my stockpile. The shelves were fully stocked, but they had a limit of 4 per customer. No problemo. There's lots of DT stores around here & I've never been a shelf clearer.

When we were at Meijer yesterday, I decided to just buy some more Ibotta rebate items. I was gonna gonna get the rest at DT, but I really don't need any more cookies or candy. Sorry no pic, cause we were out for hours, so I packed everything into the fridge the minute we got home.

1 x Sargento cheese shreds $2.50
1 x Fage yogurt cup 1.29
1 x Kraft Mac & cheese 1.39
1 x Johnsonville breakfast sausage 3.99
OOP $9.17

Earned $1.20

Well, the Johnsonville was a surprise. I didn't know that there was a rebate for it, but when I scanned my receipt at home, I saw a credit for it. So I now have my bonus deal completed without even

Darn Meijer. The Kraft was marked as 5/$5. So $1 each. I didn't notice that it rang up higher, until I scanned receipt. I only bought this item, cause it's the same price as DT. Ugh. Meijer's now acting like the drugstores where you pay more when purchasing single items. I was gonna buy another Taco Bell cheese, but Meijer charged almost $1 more than Walmart for the same item. This is why I started shopping at Walmart more. No bloody way am I paying their ridiculous prices.

So to recap.

Total OOP $15.17

Total Earned (once they add my 2 qualifying items and pay my bonus) $13.30

Total cost after cash back $1.87

I'm ready for Ibotta to send another bonus

I have to admit that it felt really good to be back in the drugstore game. I have to check what's good, so I can roll my EBs. I sure hope they issue my expired EBs, cause I don't want to spend too much OOP.


  1. I am on the fence about doing that 10 item Ibotta bonus. Glad you got it done cheap and easy.

    1. I figured I was better off getting all those MM items at DT to help cover the cost of items we needed like breakfast sausage & cheese. Had I not done the bonus deal, I would've ended up paying $6 for sausage & cheese (after ibotta rebate 25c each). Maybe that will help convince you ;) The water & Powerade are things we use too.


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