Friday, August 14, 2020

It's a wipes kinda week

 Yesterday I was up at the crack of dawn (first time since being sick). So after I showered and brewed coffee, I decided to just go to Meijer instead of later in the day, as planned. My plan was to hit up 2 stores to do the Dial Deal (Buy $12 save $3 instantly), since I didn't know how much inventory they'd have or whether there would be limits posted on the shelves. 

Got to the first store and they had tons of Dial Soap and NO limits. So I just decided to do 2 transactions and skip the 2nd store. 

When I hit the cleaning aisle to get bleach (another thing I'm stockpiling), I spotted shelves half full of DISINFECTING WIPES! I couldn't believe my eyes!! It's like Christmas has come early. I was in such shock, I forgot to take a The limit was 2, but that's no problem for me because we still have 3 new big tubs. All I could think was "who would be dumb enough to buy the small containers?" Even if you live alone, I'd buy a big tub. These things haven't been seen in 6 months, so who knows when we'll find it again. The wipes cost $3.99 each, but right now I don't care about price. I do have a plan for making my own wipes, should things come to that. However, combined with the open containers, we have enough wipes to last us about at least a year (if we use it sparingly).

I'll continue keeping an eye out for wipes though. I now know which stores to check and I have a few close friends who I know can use some. 

Well so much for not going to the 2nd store. You bet I was gonna look for more No wipes or shelf space for it at the 2nd store though - very strange. However, I did another Dial bar soap transaction. $30 and 9 x 8ct packs later. I'm fully stocked for winter.

A funny story. When I went thrifting last week, I walked into the store at the same time as another woman. As we got to the carts, she put hand sanitizer on her hands and offered me some. I politely declined and told her that I have my own. Then I asked her if she wanted a wipe for her cart. The look on the woman's face when I hauled a tub of Clorox wipes out of my purse, was priceless. You'd think I took a gold bar out of my I guess wipes are seen that way these days. She was so grateful for it. Afterwards I wondered why she was sanitizing her hands before touching a dirty cart. Who knows. I'm not here to judge, especially since she was so nice to me. 


3 x 32 oz Dial b/w $21.00

Less BOGOF Dial Q (5.99) Max value is $5.99

Less Dial DQ (2.00)

Less $2/6 Irish Spring b/w DQ (2.00)

Less EBs (10.00)

Tax 1.14

OOP $2.15

Earned $7 EB and should get another $3 Beauty EB. So I spent $10 EB and earned $10 EB. 

I wasn't sure if the $2/2 Dial DQ would deduct, since I've already used the BOGOF Q and the digital was off 2 items.

The Irish Spring DQ was a surprise, because I didn't know that it would apply to ANY B/W. I'm so very happy about that. So glad the Softsoap b/w deal at WAGS last week ($2.50 after discounts) didn't appeal to me. I knew it's because I would find a better deal and whaddya know - $2.15 for 3 large bottles. I can't complain.

Nothing else at CVS appealed to me this week and I did zero WAGS shopping this week (shocker). 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'm Dial & wipes wasted this


  1. Good job! I would buy the small tubs because the larger would be too heavy and unwieldy to handle. Is this Dial what you always use?

  2. Not being able to lift the bigger tubs makes sense Linda.

    Yes, we love Dial & Softsoap.


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