Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Let's go Krogering!

I rarely shop at Kroger, because they're the highest priced grocery store around here. However, I totally love their Mega Event Sales. I'm also liking their cash back rewards that you can combine with other grocery rewards apps like Ibotta, Savingstar etc.

The event is Buy 2 Save $5 instantly. Prices are after ME discounts

4 x Mission Tortilla Chips $3.96

2 x Bic Razors 4.98

2 x Garnier Shampoo 4.58

5 x G2B Hairspray 19.95

2 x Suave Lotion 2.98

Less Bic DQ (6.00)

Less Garnier Q (4.00)

Less 2 Suave Qs (2.00)

Tax 1.95

OOP $26.40

Earned $10 Ibotta (G2B) + $10 Kroger cash back (G2B)

Total Cost after rewards $6.40

Had I know the Bic DQ was a limit of 5, I would've bought the max amount and used the overage to pay for my groceries. I wasn't planning on buying all these items. I just read about the Got2B and Bic deal and didn't know it was part of the Mega event. Thankfully I had Suave & Garnier Qs in my wallet.


  1. Too bad you didn't max out the Bic DG but overall NICE!

    My sis in-law shops at Kroger mostly and when I visited I tried to get her to pay attention/do some of their Mega Event things and signed her up for Ibotta. She said she never does ME(gasp)and I can see she hasn't submitted anything to Ibotta since I left. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water, etc. lol

    I guess she will have to wait until I move down there qnd I can help her plan her trips(she is so bad about making lists/plans).

    1. Oh man! Does your SIL realize how much she could save just by shopping ME and using Ibotta? I'm always amazed at how much we earn per year. She's lucky to have you help her. Maybe her perspective will change when she sees how much money she's saving.

  2. Kroger is so far from me, but I always got good deals.

    1. They do have good clearance and the Mega Event sales are the best. Pity they're so expensive here, because their service is great and they're always well stocked.

  3. I don't know about cash back at Kroger. What is that?

    1. It works just like Ibotta. Kroger offers cash back on select items. You clip the coupons on your account and go shopping. They will automatically credit all qualifying items to your Kroger account (tied to your card) within 2 days. Then you can either use the earned cash to pay for a future purchase or redeem it through Paypal. HTH


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