Thursday, August 6, 2020

This week's Walmart stockpiling trip

Well so much for my $20-30 a week stockpiling. Reading about European countries shutting down again, gives me more of a sense of urgency to get our stockpiling completely done. 

Here's what I got at Walmart.

3 x Bush's baked beans $5.94
2 x Organic chickpeas 1.84
3 x Rotel 3.94
5 x Peas 2.20
3 x Black beans 1.74
4 x Mixed vegetables 2.32
5 x Green Beans 2.20
3 x Beef broth 1.50
4 x Tomato paste 1.68
4 x Mushrooms 2.28
3 x Pineapple 2.76
1 x Peaches 0.96
1 x Salsa 2.98
1 x Pesto 3.98
1 x Large oatmeal 2.46
2 x Whole wheat pasta 2.56
3 x 2pk Boxed potatoes 6.75
2 x 1lb Lentils 1.96
Total $50.05

We normally eat mainly fresh and some frozen produce, but I've decided to get canned because we don't know how bad things will get this winter. That's why I've decided to add mixed vegetables, canned mushrooms and box potatoes.I'm not really crazy about box potatoes, but I'll eat it if fresh isn't available. This pandemic has taught us to set our pickiness aside and make the most of what we have available.

I've been buying bigger jars of salsa & pesto, because it costs less than buying 2 smaller jars. 

I won't be buying more oatmeal, because we still have 2 large Quaker canisters in the pantry. We mainly eat cereal and oatmeal is mostly used for baking.

I'm hoping that Meijer will have a good Prego pasta sauce sale again, because I'm running low. I can't see myself paying $2 a jar, when I know that they usually run a 99c (or was it 75c) sale. I normally buy enough sauce for a year. I also need to add lasagna to my stockpile list.

I wanted more brown rice, but they didn't have any 2 lb bags. These cost less than buying the 1 lb bags. It's not a problem, because I already have 14 lbs stockpiled. In my culture, we eat a lot of rice, so I have to keep that on hand.

DH has been picking up dried pinto beans and vinegar at Aldi every week. We make our own refried beans. We no longer enjoy canned refried beans, since we started making our own. There's such a huge difference in taste and we know exactly what ingredients are in it. 

Do you make any of your own food items, instead of buying it? Please feel free to share your recipe(s)

We're in decent shape now. Not much more I need to stockpile. I have a number in my head for select canned goods. We love peas & baked beans, so those are 2 things we need lots of. Boy I'll be glad when this stockpiling business is done. It's stressful having to plan for it, but it will give me peace of mind knowing that we're well provided for. 


  1. I paid $1.99 for Prego because I was afraid that the previous low price was not coming back. THAT was the sale price! A man commented that I was always stocking up. ??? He thinks I will need more And wondered why I would buy 48 pack of tp. ??? I need more canned green love green beans, but I want them for about 50 cents/can. I won't buy Great Value! I am glad more people are worried about the state of our food availability.

    1. Lol for that man's comment. I too love those big packs of t/p Linda. I'm happy to hear that your stockpiling's going well.

      I'm extremely picky about food, but I actually like the Great Value food items. I'll never buy Meijer store brand food again, because I got food poisoning from it twice!

  2. Oh, this looks like a great stock up, Ms. Goose. I hope you find a sale on Prego soon too. It's my favorite sauce too.

    1. Thank you Belinda! I hope the Prego sale arrives soon.

  3. Just found your blog and will follow with interest... Being prepared is high on my list right now... and you have given me so many ideas ..
    Thank you
    Phoebe x

    1. Thank you & welcome Phoebe! Being prepared helps so much long term. I'm happy to hear that you've found helpful ideas here.

  4. I have been stocking up a bit each time I go to the store. Not as organized as you but still making progress. We have a spare bedroom with two dressers and that's where all the over flow is going. lol

    1. That's the way to do it Lisa. I'm only going hard, so I can get stockpiling done and then just focus on work. 4th Quarter will be here soon. My Ebay overflow is in our spare room. DH isn't happy, but there's nothing I can do about it right now.


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