Friday, February 12, 2021

Kroger Mega Event & Ibotta Bonus

Not everything is pictured. I've already packed away some stuff by the time I remembered to take pics.

I really wasn't planning on shopping at Kroger. When I saw that there's a new mega event and that Dave's Killer Bread was included, I knew I had to shop. I knew that I had seen an Ibotta rebate for it and I also had a $10 Ibotta bonus WYB 18 items. 

Prices are after the Mega Event Discount (Buy 5 save $5 instantly)

5 x Daves killer bread bagels $22.45 ($2.25 each Ibotta & $1 Kroger cash. So $16.75 back )

2 x D Donuts cereal 1.98

1 x Post HB frosted cereal 0.99

1 x Kelloggs cereal bars 1.49 (Free after Ibotta & KC)

2 x Ore Ida fries BOGO 2.79

2 x Stayfree pads 3.98 (Free after Q & Ibotta)

1 x Bolt24 1.50 (MM After Ibotta & KC back)

1 x Oat Milk 2.79 (Free Ibotta)

2 x Chobani yogurt 2.00

1 x Fage yogurt 1.29

18ct Kroger Eggs 1.78 (Free eggs mailer)

Less Eggs mailer Q (1.78)

Less Stayfree Q (2.00)

Tax 0.24

OOP $39.50

Earned $21.73 Ibotta & $7.99 KC back

I really wanted to do the Carefree Breathe deal, because it was a MM. There's also an Ibotta bonus WYB Stayfree & Carefree, so this would've been an even bigger MM. When I took out my phone to scan the Carefree, I couldn't find the item on the app. I figured it had been pulled by Ibotta (Ibotta's known to pull select deals at any time). It turned out that I was looking at my Walmart deals, not Kroger. Ugh! I only discovered this when I got home and scanned my receipts on the various sites. 

Ibotta only credited me for 1 Stayfree. I was really not in the mood to still submit a ticket for $1. The app was messed up. After the first attempt, it told me that it couldn't find any rebates on my receipts. Got this message more than 24 hours after submitting the receipt. So I had to haul out everything and scan it again, except this time the app said $13.xx should be added to my account the next day. Boy was I fuming, because I knew I'd have to submit a ticket if I didn't get the correct amount credited. I was so happy to receive the $21.73 the next day, that I just wasn't gonna bother with the extra $1.

On my next trip to Kroger, I discovered that the Mega event was over (I hate that their sales now start in the middle of the week. It throws me off completely). So I had to figure out a new deal to complete my Ibotta bonus (only needed 5 more items). I tried scanning the FREE Philadelphia cheesecake crumbles, but Ibotta said none of the items qualified. I knew this was an error, because I made sure that I had the correct item. I even scanned all the flavors, but nothing worked :(


Gallon milk $1.59

Fage yogurt 1.29

OOP $2.88

Earned $0.60 Ibotta


I had to stop here for their sale cheese, so I figured I'd just finish the Ibotta deals here

2 x Chobani yogurt $2.98

2 x Breakstone cottage cheese doubles 2.00

1 x Siggis yogurt 1.25

OOP $6.23

Earned $2 Ibotta + $10 Bonus

I didn't have to buy 2 Breakstone, but DS loves this stuff so I decided to just get him an extra since it was giving back 50c on each.

Total items purchased : 26

Total OOP $48.61

Earned $42.32  ($34.33 Ibotta, $7.99 KC)

My total cost after earnings = $6.29

I don't like counting my earnings twice, but wanted others to see just how much this trip actually ended up costing. So I'm adding $48.61 to my monthly grocery expenses.

I had enough on Ibotta to cash out for $45 Walmart gcs, which will be used at Sams. That's when I'll deduct the earnings from our budget.

I also have enough Kroger cash to withdraw to Paypal ($20 minimum). The Cash back can also be added to your Kroger card for future purchases, but I don't know how long it's good for (I don't shop Kroger often). I'd also hate to lose my card and have someone else redeem my rewards, so Paypal is the safest bet for me. Now I have $65 to add to next month's grocery budget (which I need to rein in by the way, but more on that in another post).

I was most excited about the bagels. The Dave's products are so good, but I haven't bought any in ages because it's too pricey. DH was happy with the Oat Milk. He hasn't had oat milk since I brought home free ones (Ibotta) about 2 years ago.

I was in a sugar coma just reading the sugar content on those cereals. We rarely eat sugary cereal, so we're going to add it sparingly to our Bran Flakes so that it doesn't go to waste.


  1. You did very well. I don't use ibotta unless it is something I usually buy.

    1. Thank you Kim. I mainly use it when they have nice Bonus deals, especially double dip ones.

  2. Nice Job!
    Our Feb. has been such a mess weather wise I decided to not even to do any Ibotta(which means going to Walmart for me)on purpose. I had a 36 items for the $10 Bouquet Bonus so that would have meant a lot of shopping which can't happen this month.
    I like Dave's stuff too and agreed it's VERY expensive!

    1. Thank you Sluggy. 36 items won't get me out the door, unless they offer me at least $
      I hope your weather gets better soon. We've had a surprisingly mild winter this year.

  3. Wow, you did very well.

    God bless.

  4. Wow,, you got in on some really good deals, Ms. Goose. Way to go!


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