Friday, February 26, 2021

More bagels anyone?


Well it turns out I couldn't transfer my Kroger money to Paypal. My Kroger & Paypal accounts have different email addresses & Kroger wouldn't allow me to use a Paypal account with a different email. So I did the next best thing and added $24 to my Kroger card.

When I logged in to do the Paypal transfer, I noticed that the Daves Killer Bread Bagels have reset in Cash Back Offers. I didn't even know that the deals could reset. Well, I needed no second invitation, because I knew that the Ibotta offer was still available. So off to Kroger I went to pick up some inexpensive bagels. This limit is 5, so that's what I got.

5 x Daves Bagels $22.45

1 x Kite Hill yogurt 0.79

2 x Kind energy bars 2.00

2 x Kroger broccoli 2.00

Less Cash back reward (24.00)

OOP $3.24

Earned $14.99 Ibotta ($11.25 Bagels, $1.99 yogurt, $1 Kind, $0.75 any item) & $5.75 KCB

Total earned : $20.74

The Kite Hill was a nice MM, because it was clearanced to $0.79. 

And yuck on the Kroger brand broccoli. It was mainly stems. I always buy frozen broccoli florets, but didn't see any store brand florets. Never again!

Then I noticed that I only needed 4 more items to finish the Weekend Warrior Bonus. I got the rest of those items when I did my Walmart grocery shopping.

2 Liter Pepsi zero $1.78 (FREE)

Bottle deposit 0.10

1 x Pringles 1.48 (FREE)

2 x Butterfinger singles 1.76

2 x Breakstone doubles 2.12

OOP $7.24

Earned $7.76 (This includes the $3 Weekend Warrior Bonus)

The Pepsi & Pringles were free after Ibotta offer. I only needed one Breakstone, but decided to just get 2 since DS loves this stuff.

Total OOP : $10.48

Total Earned (Ibotta & KCB) : $28.50

And darn if I'm not 78c short of cashing out for a $25 Ibotta


  1. I use ibotta only when there is something I usually buy and I find that not very often. Drat!

    1. Me too Kim, but the deals combined with store sales have been good here lately. I guess it also depends on the sales your stores are running.

  2. Wow, nice work! Lately, I haven't found any good iBotta offers, and have already cashed out $86. $50 of that was for a Blue Apron offer, that combined with a $100 off first five weeks, so it was a pretty great deal. I'm currently sitting on $.10 of earnings, so it's going to take a while. ;-)

    One option is to buy a gift card through them, for something you already need/are about to buy. I looked into that when I was going to take my son to Subway for his birthday (his choice). I found it cheaper on Raise, but another option to consider.

  3. Thank you HP! That Blue Apron sounds like a great deal! The store sales have been good around here lately, so that helps.

    I never knew that you could purchase gcs through Ibotta. Thanks for the info. I'll have to check it out.


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