Thursday, September 2, 2021

August month end check in

It seems like each new month goes by faster than the one before. Here's my numbers for last month.


Produce market : $42.01

CVS : $2.83

Dollar Tree : $8.00

Kroger : $25.67

Meijer : 20.94

Sams :$168.91

Walmart : $116.38

Local store : $31.84 (cheese)

Total OOP : $416.58


I didn't do any Ibotta or KCB deals in August

My earned drugstore rewards are not included in this amount.I count them when I spend it. 

I don't think we did too badly on the grocery front, especially since Walmart & Sams were mainly stockpile items. I actually forgot that I increased the grocery budget, that's why there's no hard My strategy going forward, is to compare Costco & Sams monthly savings booklets sale items and buy the ones we need/use regularly at the store with the lowest price. Thus far, Sams is winning the price game. I only need coffee at Costco and have a big Sams trip planned.

I saw a sign at Aldi yesterday about inventory problems due to supply chain issues. So I'm going hard to fill in the few gaps this month. I really don't care about blowing the budget this month. I'm getting all my baking supplies (I mainly need flour, butter & caramel) this month. I am NOT waiting for holiday baking sales. I have too much on my plate to still worry about shopping or chasing deals. 


GCs Earned $50 ($25 Mypoints, $25 Swagbucks)

Personal items (things we've had listed for the past 2 years) : $171.76

2021 Closet cleanout : $17.33

Big goal : $12.48

Drugstore items : $10.66

Total earnings : $262.23

I listed zero personal items this month. We've been gone so much this month, there wasn't any time to declutter or list. My goal for September is to declutter for 30-45 minutes every day. 

YTD Earnings :

GCs (point earning sites) : $450

Ibotta : $413.69

Personal items : $684.18

2021 Closet cleanout : $247.88

Big goal : $641.03

Drugstore items : $157.69

Total Earnings (excl Ibotta) : $2180.78

YTD EXPENSES (Clothing/shoes/accessories, Christmas gifts)

OOP  (August) $28.56

I almost made it to a no spend month, until National Underwear Day. Who knew that such a thing even exists. Fruit of the Loom had BOGOF underwear + 25% off + free shipping + Rakuten. So I bought 6 x 9pks, because I'm a cotton girl. I absolutely hate microfiber, polyester and nylon. I don't want that cheap junk. Just give me good old cotton.  

Well, my package arrived half open & one package was missing. So I contacted CS with pics and their service was awesome! They responded immediately and sent me a replacement package right away. 

OOP $28.56

YTD OOP (clothing/shoes/accessories, Christmas gifts) : $1343.96

YTD side hustle income (personal, closet cleanout, drugstore) : $1089.75

YTD clothing/christmas gifts expenses : $1343.96

YTD Balance ($254.21)

Whoo!I'm happy to see us climbing out of the negative hole!

It's nose to the grindstone from now until the end of January. I'm already stressed about it, because I'm so far behind. I've been awake since 4am again and finally took a nap this afternoon. I'm usually stressed during 4th quarter, but the Delta unknowns makes it so much worse. I'm just praying that we can have a nice profitable holiday season. 

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to pack bags for another event. 


  1. Well I would say you did well. My August was so fun but a bust for the finances.

    1. Thanks Kim! Our August was the same, but I enjoyed the time away. Thankfully DH decided to skip this weekend's trip.

  2. Hmmm, when we get back from holiday I think I better start stocking baking supplies. Last year yeast, bread flour, regular flour and sugar were in short supply. Not going to be caught flat footed this year.

    God bless.

    1. Yeast & bread flour were non-existent here last year. Thankfully, I was able to find lots of yeast once our stores restocked. I'm adding little bits every time I go shopping.

  3. I’ve not been chasing deals since the pandemic started. Bailey has done some this summer, but not like we used to do. The supply chain issue is worrisome, so you are one smart cookie to be stocking up when you can.

    Great deal on the underwear!

    It’s interesting about Costco verses Sams Club and prices. I’ve always wondered about Costco prices and wondered if a membership would be worth it. It’s good to know Sams Club has better prices.

    1. Thank you Belinda. I agree about the supply chain issues. I've been a bit stressed about this. I haven't been able to find bread flour. I'm gonna have to check the warehouse clubs.

      I highly recommend Sams over Costco. We've had our Sams membership for over 20 years and love it! Their prices can't be beaten. I buy all our birthday cakes there too, because its so delicious and the price is good.

  4. Yes to the cotton underwear!!!


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