Saturday, September 11, 2021

Never Forget - 9/11/2001

This is a day I'll never ever forget. It wasn't just a sad day for America, but for the entire world. 

South Africa is 6 hours ahead of USA and it was 2:30-2:35 pm in our country. I remember sitting at my desk reading emails & there was one from a dear friend of mine saying that a plane just flew into the Twin Towers. I thought it was a joke, because I used to get lots of joke emails from my friends & colleagues. A few minutes later, someone else in the office mentioned the same thing. So one of my colleagues went to CNN's website & saw that it's true. I remember standing at her desk in complete shock with my mouth hanging open, watching it all unfold in real time. The entire office gathered around to watch. I couldn't believe it! I just couldn't believe it!! How can such evil prevail in this world? Why would anyone want to kill innocent people like this? We all revered America & Americans, so I couldn't understand what was happening. I just started praying. Praying for all those innocent people who lost their lives. Praying for all the families who didn't know earlier that day that they'd never see their loved ones again. Praying that all the emergency personnel would stay safe. Praying that there would be survivors & that they'd be healed. We were all so shocked, that we didn't get any more work done that afternoon. 

Then it dawned on me that I needed to email DH (we weren't married yet. we hadn't even met in person yet). Turns out he had already emailed me and told me how he was crying at what was happening. How he put his American flag on display. 

My family was frantic. My younger cousin had moved to New York a month earlier to work as an au pair. The family didn't know how near or far to the Twin Towers she was. 

On my way home that night it hit me. I would've landed in Atlanta at the exact moment the Twin Towers were hit. DH & I had planned a trip for me to visit him for a few weeks. Got my itinerary, went to the consulate to get my visitors visa and got rejected. What?! I was upset. Why would they reject my visa. I had a professional job. I was just going to visit. I had no plans to overstay my visa and live there illegally. This was insane. However, God knew what he was doing. My flight would've landed in Atlanta at exactly 8:30 am. Since flights were then grounded, there would've been no way for me to get to Michigan, unless DH drove all the way to Georgia (2 day drive) to come get me. That wouldn't have worked, because everyone were devastated by the attack. It made me thankful that my visa was rejected. This was not the time for me to visit. See why I always trust God? 

The next morning, I went online to read the updates.  My heart was still broken. I was still worried about my cousin. Thankfully she was okay. 

May the souls of all the dearly departed on 9/11/2001 rest in peace & rise in glory. 


  1. Wow! So many people were affected in large and small ways.

    1. I agree Linda. However, my experience is nothing compared to those who lost their lives or loved ones to that attack. They paid the ultimate price. It just breaks my heart.

  2. Wow, what a testimony you have to share. I do believe Gods hand was on you that day when your Visa was denied. Such an amazing story. I’m so glad you are safe and sound now. And yes, may the souls of all those departed Rest In Peace.

  3. Thank you for your kind words Belinda!

  4. That day was so utterly horrifying. The world as we knew it changed forever. I remember driving to work the next day and having the realization that every single person was thinking about the same thing. It was that monumental. Will never forget that day and the lives lost. I also think of the lives lost since because of that day (first responders with illnesses due to being at ground zero and those lives lost in Iraq and Afghanistan).

    You testimony to the Lord's grace and mercy is awesome.

    1. Thank you Theresa.

      I agree. There are so many more lives that were lost afterwards. This is just one more reason why I appreciate our troops (everyone in the armed forces) so much.

  5. What a loving tribute, thank you for being you my friend.


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