Monday, January 31, 2022

Kroger Ibotta 5 x dipping

What do you call 5 x dipping? Quint dipping? I really don't know. Kroger currently has a mega event sale & Ibotta had 3 bonus offers (totalling $11) to triple dip. So I combined the mega event, KC & Ibotta triple dip to score some MM groceries. The totals are after Mega Event discounts. Not all items are part of the mega event sale. All items marked with a M, are mega event items. 

Also, CS contacted me about that last fiasco and said they've added $20 to my account. However, the credit wouldn't display on my account. So I went to Kroger praying that the credit would work this time.

5 x 18ct eggs $4.85 

5 x Wholly guacamole 12.50 KC

3 x Pint Strawberries 5.00

2 x Kraft bbq sauce 0.98

1 x Oikos yogurt 1.25

2 x Thomas mini croissant BOGOF 3.99

1 x Breakstone sour cream 0.99

1 x Superpretzel 2.79

1 x Snickers 0.88 M

1 x Core p/b bar 1.49 M

1 x Core blueberry bar 1.49 M

2 x Stayfree pads 4.98 M

1 x Playtex tampons 2.99 M

1 x Kraft cheese 2.49 M

2 x Goodbelly probiotic 3.98 M KC

Less Core DQ (1.00)

Less Stayfree DQ (3.00)

Less Playtex DQ (2.00)

Less Superpretzel IPQ (1.00)

Less CS credit (20.00)

OOP $23.65

Earned $27.18 Ibotta & should get $7 KC. Total earnings + $34.18

This transaction wasn't all smooth sailing. At first I almost had a panic attack, seeing my total was $64.xx. Then I hit the pay button and it asked if I wanted to apply the $20 credit. Yes, please. Then the total went down to $24.65 (after all discounts & DQ were applied). Then I scanned the Superpretzel Q. I could tell the cashier was new. I only had one IPQ and when she came over the approve my Q, she kept adding $1 to the total. Ugh! I was very nice and patient and explained that she was adding to my total. She eventually credited it, but still left one and said she needed to ask her manager if she can accept the IPQ. No problemo. She was sweet and I was patient. Got that Q approved and happily paid my $23.65.

The Core bars were a MM, so that overage covered some of the other items' costs.

I needed 9 Ibotta items. The breakstone is one of those. At self checkout, the register kept telling me to set the Breakstone aside, after I scanned it (I tried a few times). No, I don't want to do that. I need this for I eventually called the cashier and she explained that the register couldn't read the item and asked what the price was. So she manually entered the $0.99 price. Now I didn't know if Ibotta would just read that 'Grocery' item as part of my bonus offers, so I grabbed the Snickers to make sure I have enough items. Overall, I'm very happy with this MM trip. I was just going to buy eggs & strawberries, but I'm glad I checked Ibotta. 

I have over $40 on Ibotta. I'm going to cash out for 2 x $20 Walmart gcs, instead of $25 and then waiting until I have enough credits for another $25. That will give me an extra $40 towards February groceries.  

Next week, Kroger has the half gallon milk for 87c. I still have one half gallon left from the last sale. I'll use my KC to pay for the milk.  I'm really loving all Kroger's good deals. Meijer needs to take a few pages out of Kroger's book. 


  1. I wish we had a kroger and an Aldi here. We pay so much for groceries.

    1. Kroger is great Kim. The East Coast safeway stores remind me a little of Kroger.

  2. Next time you cash out on Ibotta for Walmart gift cards, do them in $5 increments(the minimum you can use). Each gift card will give you an item toward your next rebate x $20 gift cards are 2 items, 8 x $5 gift cards are 8 items toward your bonus. Get it? Sure, it takes an extra minute to scan 8 gift cards but worth it if there aren't that many rebates worth doing that week. 8-)

    1. I never knew about that Sluggy. Thank you! However, my Ibotta redemptions have always been (and still are) a minimum of $20. I don't know how you are able to redeem for $5 gcs. I don't have that benefit :(

    2. You need a minimum of $20 in your Ibotta account to cash out but buy 4 $5 gift cards with that $20 instead of 1 $20 gift card.

    3. My account doesn't offer smaller gc amounts. The lowest amount I can redeem for, is $20. It's always been that way. I was gonna do it your way, but there was no $5 option. I'm bummed :(

  3. Kroger is my favorite store, but there are none near me. You did very well.

    1. That's too bad Linda. I love Kroger. They're the most expensive grocery store around here, but they have really good sales.


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