Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Strawberries & blueberries & yogurt, oh my!


Earlier this month I did a small mega event shop at Kroger. I just bought 5 mega event items and 2 KCB items. When I got home, I noticed that I never received any mega event discount. Then 2 days later, no KCB (this normally credits after 48 hours). I hate how Kroger doesn't display any discounts until you hit the PAY button. Meijer displays all applicable discounts as you scan the items, so you can immediately see when something doesn't credit. I tried to do Live Chat and chat didn't work. Tried for 3 days. Then eventually filled in an online form explaining what happened. I don't know what's going on at Kroger, because their site said that they have a large volume of queries, so CS is slower. A week later, I received an email from CS saying that they'll add $10 credit to my account. They only owed me $6.50, so I was happy with the $10. 

I never bothered to check my account until today when I noticed that the 4pk Dannon yogurt is $1.47  with DQ (limit 5) and the DQ expires today. So I decided to head to Kroger to use the $10 credit for yogurt and strawberries. I checked my Cash Back account, because you have to manually add the amount to your card. Mmm, my account says ZERO. So I thought it will probably just prompt me to use the credit at checkout, because that's what the email said. So here's what I got

5 x 4ct Dannon yogurt $7.35

2 x Strawberry pints  3.34

5lb Potatoes (not pictured) 2.49

1 x OM smokies 2.79

2 x Mission tortilla chips 3.76

1 x Red Baron pizza 3.99

Less Free OM mailer Q (2.49)

OOP $20.53

Earned $4.49 Ibotta (pizza)

WTH Kroger?!!!! Where's my $10 credit? Nothing appeared at checkout either. I was so upset. This whole trip should've cost me $10.53 OOP and then I would earn the Ibotta credit. Easy peasy. Right? Wrong!! So I had to contact Kroger again and am now awaiting a response. I'm more upset about me having to waste so much time going back and forth with them. I really don't care if they only credit me the original $6.50. Just do your job right. Geez!

I never buy frozen pizza, but decided to buy it since it was a small MM. DS won't mind eating it anyway. 

I was really happy with that yogurt price. It's way cheaper than Sams. We eat yogurt daily. I decided to try the Chobani no sugar yogurt. I picked up a case at Sams last month. Big mistake. We eat low sugars, so I figured this yogurt would be a nice change from my regular plain greek yogurt. I use the plain yogurt for smoothies and usually have Dannon cups for the days I don't want to make a smoothie. The minute I started eating the Chobani, I got this overwhelming fake sugar taste. Yuck! So I checked the label and it said Stevia. Well, that explains it. The funny thing is that DS drinks the Chobani yogurt and I'll have it from time to time. We don't even get  sugar or sweet taste from it. So back to my regular Dannon I go.

Well, it wasn't such a great idea to go shopping, because I feel rough again. I should know better. I can't go out in the cold when I'm sick, because I always end up feeling worse. I took half a flu pill last night and went to bed early. Slept like a baby and felt pretty decent after I had coffee. Went out and an hour after I got home, started feeling crap again. So I'll take a whole flu pill tonight, cause I need to go out tomorrow again. I don't like being sick, but I really don't mind having a cold or flu right now. It's way better than having Covid. 

Kroger has 18ct eggs for 97c next week. I'm so there. I always look forward to this deal, because I've been buying eggs at Sams, the other store prices are too high. I pay $4.xx for 2 x 18ct cartons at Sams.


  1. I have already looked at the food ads starting tomorrow and there is very little that is singing to me! I am lucky and need nothing but it would be nice to score some stock up items!

    1. That's great that you're fully stocked Anne! I've been cherry picking at the grocery stores lately. I do a big shop at Sams and then just fill in the gaps at the grocery stores. I sure miss the good sales.

  2. I wish I lived closer to a Kroger's since I paid over $4 for 18 eggs!

  3. I'm always shocked by your egg prices Linda! You pay double what I pay at Sams. Wish you were closer. I would gladly pick up inexpensive eggs for you.

  4. I get very frustrated when I don't get the discounts, I am supposed to have. I have to watch Albertsons like a hawk, they are constantly not giving you what you are supposed to have.

    1. Me too Kim! This is one of the main reasons why I use self checkout. I can keep an eye on every single item I scan.

  5. I have my grocery list made up and it will probably cost an arm and a leg even though most items are on sale. I use the credit card (pay it off so no interest) and get a percentage back and then since I am a Co-op member I get a percentage of what I purchase back every year.

    God bless.

    1. I love how you are taking advantage of different ways to still save on your groceries Jackie. I went to Sams today and didn't even blink at the high bill. I'm Almost getting used to it. The beef was so expensive, I didn't even bother to buy a roast.


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