Monday, January 24, 2022

What's for dinner?

It's cold and snowy & I've got the sniffles. I hope I'm not coming down with something, cause I feel run down today.  I'm just gonna pretend it's my allergies and have an early night. All I want is comfort food this week, so here's what' I've made. I'm kinda glad I have the food all cooked, so I don't have to worry about that if I'm sick (which I hope I'm not)

Homemade chicken pot pie. I made a big one for dinner and also a dozen individual ones that are easy for DS to take for lunches.

Spinach pesto chicken (another favorite of mine. Posted by Hawaii Planner a few years ago)

Slow cooker spaghetti & meatballs. I make my own ground turkey meatballs and kick the sauce up a coupla notches with veggies. I haven't made this dish yet. I like to cook it on the day that we eat it. The leftover meatballs will be frozen to make meatball subs at a later stage. I need to get some garlic bread at Sams.

Lots of veggies and salad on the side for each dinner. 

Carrot pineapple muffins I've used this recipe for years and it's foolproof. Turns out great every single time, even though I've tweaked it a teensy bit.  My muffins are much better than last week's. I should just stick with what I know, but that would be As you can see, they rose and are really moist. I sometimes add walnuts and it's like eating carrot cake without frosting. So good! We still have breakfast burritos in the freezer, so I didn't make any more. 

I stopped at Aldi for pie crusts, bananas and brioche rolls (After all these years in the US, I still can't call a roll a bun. To me a bun refers to something like hot cross buns) while out yesterday and left the store $20 later. I saw blueberries on sale. This is my favorite berry, so I'll always buy it when I find it at a good price. I also noticed that their 4lb bags of oranges are $2 less than Meijer's. I'm gonna have to go back for more berries & oranges at the end of the week. That will be our fresh fruit for next week. I'm happy to see the good produce prices at Aldi, because I haven't been feeling the produce market lately. Their prices are just too high. I've found some cheaper produce at Sams. Got a 3lb bag of lemons for $3.xx. Their organic salad and cucumbers are also the best price. Same with bananas. So I'm buying whatever produce I can find at either Sams, Meijer & Aldi. 

I need to pick up a few things at Sams this week & decided to just do a big shopping trip, instead of making another trip next week that will apply to next month's budget. I don't mind going over budget this month, because I will be under budget (fingers crossed) next month. I work on a monthly average anyway. We're low on several things and  I need to stock up on more chicken. I've also been craving a pot roast, so I have to see what it costs at Sams. I usually turn my leftover pot roast into other meals, so nothing will go to waste. 

I've also wanted to make lemon blueberry muffins (I guess it will have to wait until next week). Or maybe I'll make pancakes. Or maybe I'll just make the blueberry muffins and some gingerbread pancakes. DS will like that. 

Yes, I buy pie crusts. I can make my own crusts, but it costs less to just buy the perfectly rolled crusts. I bought 3 boxes (2 rolls per box) for $4.55. The ingredients for homemade crusts are inexpensive, but I factor in my time. I can work and earn more than the $4.55 in the time I would've spent making my own crusts. Sometimes, it's just better to grab a store bought item. Besides, the pie filling is made from scratch, so it can be called

Have a great day everyone! Stay safe, healthy & warm. 


  1. I never make crusts anymore. I buy them, stick them in the freezer then pull them out whenever I need a crust. Aldi is my go to crust supplier.

    1. I love the ready rolled crusts Anne! Aldi & Pillsbury are the only crust brands I use.

  2. I have seen those crusts marked down 1/2 price and I picked them up, but they don't have the flavor of homemade. I have the sniffles too!

    1. Oh no. Hope you feel better soon Kim! I'm about ready to just go crawl into bed and sleep for a few hours, but that's not gonna happen.

      I agree that it's not as good as homemade, but I'll gladly sacrifice flavor for the convenience.

  3. I saw my mother had switched to bought crusts and I never made a crust again! Tonight, we are having soup for the third night in a row and we both cannot wait for dinner. I love this soup! There is nothing to get excited about at the grocery store. Next week will be the good week for sales.

    1. I've always used store crusts, until I bought the pie maker. The recipe book had a recipe for pie crusts which I then made. Then I figured it's too much work, so I switched back to store crusts. The ads have been lackluster for months now. I wish it would improve soon.


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