Wednesday, September 27, 2023

This week's drugstore shopping

Firstly, I need to clarify. When I asked people to please give credit to others, I was referring to bloggers. Quite a few times I've seen bloggers mentioning things on their blogs (that they've learned from others), without giving credit to the person they got the information from. It's a simple matter of mentioning the blogger or linking to their page. It's as if they're are passing the information off as their own ideas (might not be intentional). I don't make money from blogging (You'll notice that I don't have ads). By linking to fellow bloggers that we learn things from, we are not just acknowledging (thanking) them, but also driving more traffic to their blogs. Why not help them earn a little more too. Nobody's obligated to share information with anyone else. Many bloggers have a wealth of information, so let's be thankful for them. Please don't be offended by what I'm saying or get mad at me. I'm just a firm believer in doing the right thing. 

I only shopped at RA this week. Here's what I got:

2 x 92 oz Tide $25.98

1 x Downy 12.99

6 x Crest toothpaste B1G2nd 50% off  24.69

Less Tide DQ (3.00)

Less Downy DQ (3.00)

Less Crest DQ (2.00)

Less 4/10 Mailer Q (4.00)

Tax 3.58

OOP $55.24 - Paid with BC, so zero $$ spent

Earned $35 BC ($15 WYS $50, $20 - 2 x $10 WYS $30 P&G) + $5 BCC (Bonus Cash Challenge) Crest

Total earned - $40.00

My OOP would've been lower, because I have a $3 Tide pods DQ, but I won't waste good money on pods that limit the amount of loads I can use it on. I can get 2-3 times the amount of loads by using liquid instead.  I don't even know what this Downy is for. I had to google it. Why are manufacturers forcing so many different products on us? It's all just a money making business. I wonder why I'm not getting $ off CATs at my stores. Everyone else are reporting getting those (I've shopped different locations). 

RA has been luring us in with those $15 WYS $50 BC deals every week. However, I found that only one of my local stores are great. I've had this deal go south at 2 other locations. At one store the manager refused to scan the Q (the reason she gave was completely wrong. She had it mixed up with the $ off Qs where your total has to be over the Q amount after DQs. The BC deal doesn't work the same way. Whaddya know. The RA rookie (me) was actually right 😂 I contacted CS both times and they added my BC to my account. I was beginning to think I'm at the wrong store, because this crap normally happens at Wags. The funny part is that Wags has been working well. Imagine that! 😂

Anyhoo, the RA deals have been great. I'm over the Duracell batteries now. We have lots of free batteries. BF might think that I've lost my bloody mind with all this shopping. I will just tell him that we'll never lack anything. Need deodorant? toothpaste? body wash? batteries? electric razor? hairdryer? snacks? office supplies? 😂 Just check the stockpile, cause mama aka the shopping fairy provides everything 😁 Mama provides scratch made meals, dessert, lunch, clothes, shoes, accessories etc You name it, I've got a deal on it 😂 I'll provide things before he can even think of needing it 😂I need to get a wall sign that says 'There's method to my madness' and hang it in my pantry/stockpile room when I move 😂 I actually do have a spare hairdryer and a few other items (not much). I think I paid $5 for for the hairdryer/blow dryer at Wags a few years ago. Call me crazy, but I'm so very thankful that I bought all these things years ago, because we are now having to pay exorbitant prices for poor quality products aka junk, cause they don't last. I'm glad God made me buy these things, even when it didn't make sense to me. It all makes sense now! We can seriously go for a few years without buying/needing anything other than groceries (well besides things I need for my house). That gives me peace of mind. Things are so bad in the world and it's going to take years before it gets better. 

Well, RA has another $100 GC MM deal next month (starting Sunday). Check your ads for gc selection. I'm in. I'll take that free $100 any day. I haven't spent a single penny OOP at RA in ages and have managed to add to my stockpile and earn Ibotta & P&G rewards. The funny thing is that Staples sent me a Q (about 2 weeks ago) for $5 off a case of printer paper (which I need), but I forgot to use the Q then didn't want to pay full price. Now I can just buy a Staples gc, earn the free BC and use the gc to buy my paper. 

I had some RRs to burn at Wags last week, so here's what I got.

2 x Tresemme shampoo $12.00

4 x Crest t/p 16.00

3 x Musketeers chocolates 2.97

Less Tresemme DQ (5.00)

Less Crest DQ (6.00)

Less RRs (13.00)

Tax 1.68

OOP $8.65

Earned $7 WC (WYS $25) + $11 RR ($6 Crest, $5 Tresemme)

I bought the candy as fillers (it was the lowest priced item I could find), so that my DQs would all apply. It worked great and I gave the cashier a candy bar. I planned on the OOP, so I could earn the $7 booster rewards. 

Wags has their bonus days event again next week. They haven't given a list of events/deals yet, but the ad doesn't look as promising to me. I do know that I need to stock up on cleanser. I keep running out of cleanser, because the drugstores never keep much in stock. I'm now using face scrub. I don't like to use scrub daily. The deal isn't the best yet (B1G2nd 40% off), but I need the items and I have tons of rewards to still use. 

I went shopping yesterday and whoa on the grocery prices! There seem to be price increases every time I go to the store. I'd sure like to know how much 'regular folks' (people who don't shop sales and/or coupon) spend on groceries. The drugstores pay for 99% of our HBA and cleaning supplies, so I mainly spend money on groceries. I'm at an average of around $500 p/m (2 people. that's about $8.33 per person per day), but we do eat very well. I absolutely will not skimp on food. You can take everything else away from me, but I refuse to fill our bodies with junk. I know that some people spend more than our daily amount on just a fast food or takeout lunch. DS doesn't eat school lunch. He prefers to take his own food, because he gets much better food at home. I'm so thankful for coupons & drugstore deals. I might seem over the top at times, but we are well provided for, while saving ourselves $$$. I don't want to know what it would cost us if I didn't coupon. 

That's my shopping report for the

Have a great evening peeps!


  1. So many good deals, I love it! You certainly do save a lot of money by using the coupons, sales, and deals.

    And yes on the rising cost of groceries. Sluggy said a while back that this is the new normal and we should get used to it, unfortunately. We cook at home everyday because the restaurant prices have had to rise with the cost of food rising and even fast food is expensive now.

    A local shop advertised a meatball sub for $18.00 for lunch the other day and I was thinking, there is NO WAY I would buy that at that price. Not for lunch anyway.

    1. Thank you Belinda! I don't think I can ever get used to the new normal. I'm too spoiled by sales & coupons. I always get sticker shock when I see the regular HBA prices in store. I could never bring myself to pay full price.

      $18!!!! That's crazy! Homemade food tastes so much better and it costs less too. We also know exactly what goes into our food. I cook most of our meals too. I only get fast food for DS on Fridays and then Red Robin on Saturdays. I'm going to try and convince him to eat homemade beef nachos instead of fast food tomorrow night. Hope you & Bailey have a great day!

  2. Prices are crazy here and still going up all the time. I was especially shocked at the H&B items I bought last week. I am going to have to start looking into your method. We do have a Walgreens and CVS. I was stocking up for things we may need this winter at Walmart and Dayquil was almost 12.00. I think Vicks was almost 6.00. They used to be less than half that amount. I can't imagine what people that either have a lot of children or who don't make much are surviving. It's scary.
    I hope the rest of your week is fabulous!!

    1. I had to chuckle, cause I thought 'Did Lori just sound like me?' I love to use that word 'fabulous' too :) I would strongly recommend shopping the drugstore sales instead. We've saved thousands over the years by shopping this way & we got to try many new brands & products for free or pennies on the dollar. I'll be happy to post the best deals at the beginning of the week. Just wow on the Nyquil & Vicks prices. I bought the 2pk (large jars)Vicks at Sams for around $10 a few years ago. I need to check the dates and see if I need replacements. They now have it for $12.98, but there's a rebate deal with it (Spend $60 earn $15). I can't live without my Vicks. I use it for just about
      I agree with you about large families struggling to survive. It's heartbreaking. I always donate things to school. They usually help underprivileged families (especially over the holidays). I pay so little for many things, which makes it much easier to help others. We've been blessed with so much, so it's only right to pay it forward. I wish that my family was closer, because I'd be taking care of all their HBA & cleaning needs. Have a wonderful day darling!

    2. That is funny. I do use the world fabulous a lot.

  3. Great shopping as usual. I love how you manage to get so much for such a little out of pocket.

    God bless.


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