Monday, October 2, 2023

Menu Plan Monday 10/02/23

Monday again! It's as if the rest of the week passes in a blur. On Saturday night there was a skunk fart outside that sent my allergies into overdrive. Yesterday, DS woke up with a runny nose & me with puffy eyes & a scratchy throat. By mid afternoon my voice was gone and my whole body ached. I know it's allergies, cause colds & flu never affect my eyes. I went to bed at 9 and woke up at 3am, so I'm dragging today. My voice is still hoarse, but I feel a lot better. I did manage to get a lot done yesterday (especially the cooking), so here's what we're eating this week

Monday : Beef pot pie, veggies, salad

Tuesday : Chicken a la king with yellow rice and veggie sides

Wednesday : Same as Monday

Thursday : Same as Tuesday

Friday : Sam's pizza from the freezer & salad

Dessert : Apple pie

Lunch : BBQ chicken breasts from the freezer & salad

Breakfasts : Lemon blueberry muffins, eggs/omelets, cereal, toast, french toast (wheat bread, raisin bread, chocolate brioche), breakfast sausage with onions & peppers. 

There's always a large variety of fresh fruit, veggies & salad fixings available. We also eat yogurt daily. 

Hooray! DS is back to baking, so the muffins turned out well. They're  a little overbaked. I actually prefer baked treats that way. The burnt flavor tastes much better to me 😂 I like potato chips the same way too. I know it's weird, but I love it!

I really wanted to make lasagna, but chose beef pie instead. That way I could make the individual pies (pictured) for DS for lunch. 

I bought a 10 lb bag of apples at the produce market and made applesauce and apple pie. I usually bake the pie in a 13" pan, but I didn't want that much sweets. I normally double the recipe for the large pie, but didn't do so this time and ended up with too little dough for the topping. I don't do sugar crumble toppings. It's way too much sugar for us. I prefer square or rectangular pies, because I can easily slice into squares and freeze. I did that with half the pie so I'm not tempted to overeat and mess up my weight loss. I'm really tempted to go take a nap, but I'll probably just hit the hay early again tonight. 

Bon Appetit! Have a wonderful week peeps! 


  1. Your beef pies look delicious! I need to make those soon because I've been craving them. I hope you're both feeling better and that you have a wonderful week!!

    1. Thank you Lori! DS & I love meat pies/pasties. I have a pie maker that makes me look I hope my BF enjoys all my food because I like to cook lots of traditional food, especially during Fall/Winter. Have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs xoxo

  2. That is so smart to bake your pie in a square to make it easy to cut into squares and freeze. Yes, no going back on the weight loss here either. There is a Kringle on the kitchen counter that has been there all week, I've had one slice and that was plenty for me. I leave the rest to Bailey.

    How nice that your son is making muffins. I like my foods well done too and preferred them browned nicely. They just taste better that way.

    I've never heard of a skunk fart, but that is great name for it, I'll have to remember that, LOL

    1. Thank you Belinda! I do the exact same thing. I only eat enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, then leave the rest for DS. I like seeing the numbers go down on the scale every day, so I'll stick to small amounts of sweets. DS loves to bake & insists on making muffins every week. As long as he's doing most of the work, I'm not

      I made up that skunk fart I don't know what else to call it. I know that they spray, but that doesn't sound Have a great day my friend!

  3. Your pies look wonderful. Hooray for DS baking once again.

    God bless.


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