Tuesday, August 14, 2018

My workout gear bargains

While running errands last week, I stopped at TJ Maxx to see if I could find any clearance t-shirts for DS. I'm currently trying to stockpile summer stuff (for next summer) by shopping the clearance sales. Well I didn't find anything for DS, but scored these Under Armour items for myself.

Holy smokes Batman! Did TJM have great UA clearance in all departments. I've actually been on the lookout for workout bras, so I was very happy to find these babies. They were $8, originally $24.99 each.

Boy am I glad I can still fit into kids sizes. The t-shirt and shorts are both teen size XL (age 16). The shirt was $4.50 (orig $24.99) and shorts $3 (orig $19.99)

My oop was $24.91 (incl tax). Original retail value $94.96 (excl tax). So almost 75% saving.

I was really happy with my score, because I love this brand. My store had lots of other clearance items. The yellow stickers are Final clearance prices. They normally run this sale over 4th July, but moved it back this year. Probably because most people don't care to shop over the holiday.

Over the weekend, I also noticed a $25 coupon from Chico's in my email. I only noticed this email on the last day it was valid. I scored a pair of jeans and sweater for $11.58 oop.

$4.98 items
$5.95 shipping
$0.65 tax

I've only shopped at this store once, because their prices are so high. However, this is the 2nd year that I've received this q. Last year they offered free shipping though, so I scored a free pair of jeans.

Now y'all might think that I'm crazy to just spend money oop on things I might not need. Well there's method to my madness. I can wear these items (I practically live in jeans during cold weather season) and when I'm done, I can sell it for $30-40 total (people will pay for the brand) So I'll be making a profit on something that I get to enjoy too. Saves me from spending extra cash to buy new jeans when I need it.

So that's my shopping for this month to date. $36.49 oop for $292.96 worth of products

Do you also now see why I don't believe in paying full price? That's because stores mark their products way up (as my dad used to say - you're paying for the designer's name). Well, I like my designer stuff, but not designer prices. Sometimes I do think that I'm a bit cheap to not want to pay more for an item, but then I think of how hard I have to work for that money and that makes me feel better about being cheap :)

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