Tuesday, August 21, 2018

South African Frikkadel (meatball) recipe

I'm still here. I've been so busy going to tractor pulls this summer, so please excuse my absence.  I'm always exhausted from too much sun, the day after. I'm also still working on spreadsheets. Ugh, it looks like I'm gonna have to buy new accounting software and I really don't want to spend that $200+ on it. However, it's much needed so I'm just gonna have to suck it up and buy the software.

As requested by Linda, here's the South African frikkadel (meatball) recipe. Now, this is not the exact recipe I grew up eating. The old school recipe omits the Paprika, thyme and mint. Instead we added some grated green pepper and tomato.  I also replace my ground beef (mince) with ground turkey.

Of course this recipe has been tweaked over the years by people adding different herbs and spices. So you can mix this up any way you want.

Frikkadel is typically served with mashed potatoes and sweet corn and maybe a tomato/onion relish (just fry some diced tomato, onions, green pepper, salt, pepper, a dash of sugar for the tartness, until tomato is cooked down).

Bon Appetit


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