Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Stockpiling item of the week & some freezer cooking

Please bear with me regarding monthly numbers. I'm experiencing computer problems - again! I did get a 'new' computer last month. It's refurbished, because I needed one with Windows 7. The new computers all have Windows 10, which is slower than 7.

So the 'new' computer has been giving me problems and when I tried to install spreadsheet software, it wouldn't work. The download would freeze halfway through. We finally figured it out today. That the problem is with the computer, not the software. So I have to install it on DS's computer tomorrow. Sigh.

I'm always on the lookout for food to stockpile. This week Meijer has Italian Sausage & Brats on sale for $3. Not the greatest price, but I figured it would make some nice meals.  For some reason we haven't bought any Italian Sausage in years. Don't ask me I also bought 6 lbs sweet onions that were cleaned, sliced/diced (the diced were frozen). Freezing produce serves a double purpose for me. The produce doesn't get wasted and it's ready to use when I have to cook.

I bought 3 x Italian, 2 x Beer Brats & 2 x Ground Italian.

The ground will be used for lasagna or meat sauce.

The sausage have been bagged with sliced onion. I've kept one bag out for Friday night and the rest have been frozen. I can throw this with some sliced peppers (I need to get more from the produce market) and a can of Rotel (optional) into the Instant Pot for 15 minutes for an easy meal. This will go onto a hot dog bun and served with baked potatoes and salad. Easy peasy.

I like to prepare freezer meals whenever I'm done shopping, with the approach of busy work season. That way I can just dump the contents into Instant Pot, steam vegetables on the side and not have to worry much about fixing dinner at night. This is also great for when you're sick or too busy (keeps us from just picking up fast food constantly)

I also picked up some ground turkey and organic chicken breasts at Sams. I made fajita chicken with 4lbs of the chicken (one package). I added some Mexican rice, black beans, cheese, red onion, lettuce to make the Mexican chicken bowl above. I also made fresh Pico de gallo that I added inside the cheese quesadillas. That was dinner last night. Unfortunately, we were out of sour cream

I'll keep some leftover chicken out for lunch and the rest will be frozen into 1lb portions for easy mexican meals.

I used half of the turkey to make Frikkadel (a South African meat patty) and salads for Monday's dinner. Half were frozen too. So that gives us 3 different meals, but there's enough for at least 7-8  meals. I need to buy some pasta sauce and cook the meat sauce to freeze.

We finally finished this bottle of Cascade on 8/6. Just 2 days shy of using it for 8 months! That's $2.50 for 8 months or $0.01 per day (I just used 30 day months). That's a new record for us, since we run the dishwasher daily. No dishwasher tabs for me. I still have a huge amount of Cascade liquid in my stockpile, so I'm happy about that.

Hoping to be back with July numbers next.

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  1. Do you have a recipe you could share for the Frikkadel? I had to stop using bottles since they are hard on my hands.


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