Tuesday, October 2, 2018

My $6.09 for 16 items Ibotta Walmart trip

Last week Ibotta had a $10 bonus offer. I had to purchase 15 items to earn $10 bonus (number of items varies by user). So off to Walmart I went. I've read that people were finding peelies on the Softsoap Earth Blends items, but alas, there were none at my store

Round 1

Quaker rice chips $1.50
Quaker oatmeal 2.34
Softsoap bar soap 2.97
2 Softsoap hand soap $1.96
Forto coffee shot 1.98 (free after rebate)
Barilla pesto 2.78
Band aids 1.93
Tax 0.41
OOP $15.87

Earned $9.28

Round 2

I waited until the rebates reset, to do round 2

Quaker oatmeal $3.24
Barilla pesto 2.78
Ballpark hot dog buns 1.98
Lala yogurt smoothie 0.88 (free after rebate)
Softsoap hand soap 0.98
Band aid 1.93
Breakstone sour cream 1.99
Tax 0.17
OOP $13.95

Earned $16.43

Also the Sargento sweet snacks that I paid for with WAGs rewards, counted towards this deal. Earned 50c.

Total OOP : $32.30
Total earned : $26.21

Total cost for 16 items after Ibotta rewards = $6.09

During the first trip, I wanted to check the different oatmeal prices. I always calculate unit price, to see which sized item is the best value. However, there were no shelf tags and no scanners. When I went to Walmart the 2nd time around, there were shelf tags, so I gladly grabbed the bigger oatmeal container.

18 oz oatmeal $2.34 (0.13c per ounce)
42 oz oatmeal $3.24 (0.08c per ounce)

With the exception of the coffee shots, we use everything. I'm especially happy that I got oatmeal and pesto (my favorite) at such a good price.

 I also picked up this Bic Soleil razor pack for $3.47 (incl tax). Earned $4 Checkout51, so a 53c MM (moneymaker).

I should've checked the limit before going shopping, because I didn't know it was a limit of 2. I just read about the deal online and added it to my shopping list. Oh well, I'm not gonna make a special trip to Walmart just for an extra pack of razors. I'll wait until I do my weekly shopping there again.

I've been cherry picking at Meijer and doing the bulk of my grocery shopping at Walmart and Sams. I'm always amazed at the price differences when I buy something 'new' at Walmart. Last week I was planning on buying more Johnsonville breakfast sausage (the only brand I'll eat) at Meijer, since it was on sale for $3 (regular price $4.29). Well, when I was at Walmart and checked the price, I saw that their regular price is $2.98. Unbelievable Meijer!!

I know that Walmart gets a bad rap (my closest store leaves a lot to be desired, but I have a few other nicer locations where I can shop), but you just can't beat their prices.


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