Saturday, October 20, 2018

WAGS tripping

Boy did it feel good to get out of the house today, after being home sick for so long. I decided to make a quick WAGS run to make use of that 10x points and $7 bonus WYS $20 q.

Trans 1

2 x Kit Kat $3.98
1 x Black Forest gummy bears $1.99
2 x Mitchum $3.98
1 x Bic Razor $2.99
1 x Tostitos Salsa $3.59
2 x Speed Stick (B1G2nd 50% off) $4.48
Total $21.01
Less 2 x Mitchum qs (2.00)
Less Speedstick DQ (1.00)
Less CAT from 2 weeks ago (0.89)
Tax 0.69
OOP $17.81

Earned 16100 points ($16.10) + $1.99 RR (register reward for gummy bears)

Points breakdown

1000 wyb 2 Mitchum
3000 wyb 2 Speedstick
3000 wyb Tostitos dip or salsa (my main reason for buying the salsa, cause it's 59c after reward)
7000 wys $20
1890 10x bonus
210 everyday points

So I spent $17.81 OOP and earned $18.09 in rewards.

For some reason my $3 Bic DQ didn't deduct. I think it's because the razor was $2.99 and WAGS does not adjust qs or give overage. I'll contact CS to see if they'll give me the credit.

The gummy bears are free after RR this week, so that's a nice filler item.

The register gave me another $7 bonus wys $25. Sigh. I don't need it, unless there's a really good sale. Next week doesn't look too great, so we'll see.

Trans 2

4 x Kit Kat $7.96
2 x Mitchum $3.98
1 x Gummi Bears $1.99
Less 2 Mitchum qs (2.00)
Less 10000 points (10.00)
Tax $0.24
OOP $2.17

Earned 1000 points ($1) Mitchum and 30 everyday points and $1.99 RR (gummi bears)

So grand total spent today : $19.98
Total rewards earned : 17130 points ($17.13) and $3.98 RR. So $21.11 earned

I know that there's 5 bags in 2nd pic, but I only purchased 4. We don't eat much candy, but this is DS's favorite, so he opened a bag the minute I got The rest of the candy is for halloween.

My account says that I now have $70 in rewards. What on earth. I'm supposed to be spending down points, not accumulating more. I want to try and use points for RR deals next week. I don't like this new rule of only being able to redeem up to $5 reward per transaction.


  1. That is a rotten new rule. So you are spending small amounts and it forces you to spend money in order to really utilize the points.

  2. Yep! That's exactly what they're trying to force consumers to do. The crazy part is that they often have deals where it's spend $20-30 earn $10 reward. So now they're only allowing you to only redeem half of that reward. Crazy!

    I'm gonna have to figure out a good way to spend down my current rewards. Even if it means just buying household or grocery items that don't earn rewards.


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