Friday, August 9, 2019

Busy shopping week

This week the stores sure delivered on good sale items. I've been to Meijer every other day since Sunday. Why, because they have a great sale on Kleenex tissues and wipes and they also offered a 25c Kleenex q that could be used multiple times. Combine that with the Ibotta rebates and I scored super cheap Kleenex. Boy am I glad about this, because I was down to 2 boxes in my stockpile. I usually keep at least 20-30 boxes stockpiled (yes, I'm that, because I like to have an open box in various rooms in the house and also a box in each of our vehicles (we don't always drive the same vehicle every time and mama hates running out of anything).  Whenever there's a large Kleenex stockpile, DH would joke and say "honey we need more Kleenex", every time I went grocery  So here's what my shopping looked like this week.

Trans 1 (Sunday)

5 x Kleenex tissues $6.25
5 x Kleenex wipes 6.25
Less tissues MP q (1.25)
Less wipes MP q (1.25)
Tax 0.60
OOP $10.60

Earned $5.00 Ibotta (50c for each item)

Trans 2 (Tuesday)

5 x Kleenex tissues $6.25
5 x Kleenex wipes 6.25
Tax 0.75
OOP $13.25

Earned $5 Ibotta (50c for each item)

What on earth?! None of my qs deducted from DH's account. This was the day I forgot my phone at home, so I couldn't check his account. I prefer to use Wet Ones, but I bought the Kleenex wipes cause it was on sale and is a nice size to stick in my purse for road trips.

When I got home to check DH's Mperks account, I saw another $5 off anything q (whoo-hoo. I'll take free money any day) and noticed that I didn't clip the Kleenex qs on his account. No problemo. I'll just use it on my next trip.

Trans 3 (Thursday)

5 x Kleenex tissues $6.25
5 x Kleenex wipes 6.25
Less tissues MP q (1.25)
Less wipes MP q (1.25)
Less MP q (5.00)
Tax 0.60
OOP $5.60

Earned $5.20 Ibotta (50c for each item and 20c any item)

So to recap

15 Kleenex tissues
15 Kleenex wipes
Total OOP $29.45
Earned from Ibotta ($15.20)
Total cost for 30 items = $14.25

I'm waiting to see if Ibotta will reset before the sale ends and make another run to Meijer for just tissues.

They also have 8pk Juicy Juice boxes for $1.37 this week. I bought 12 packs, so I can easily get my Vitamin C when I'm out and about.

On to WAGS. I don't have to remind y'all that my WAGS trips weren't without I actually kind of expect things to go wrong at their

Trans 1 (Tuesday)

2 A&H detergent $3.98
1 x A&H pods 1.99
1 x Black Forest gummies 1.99
2 x Colgate t/p 5.98
3 x Pantene shampoo 11.97
Less 4/20 DQ (4.00)
Less RR from last week (7.00)
Less AH IPQ (1.00)
Less Colgate IPQ (1.00)
Tax 1.21
OOP $9.09 Paid with a GC

Earned $9 BR points ($5 Pantene, $4 Colgate) and $1.99 RR

Earned $0.50 Ibotta (Gummies) These are a MM this week and they are sooooo good! For health reasons I can't eat much sugar, but these suckers won't let me put the bag

Now, the first mistake was mine. I thought that the $4/20 q was an earn $4 bonus WYS $20. That's why I paid with my gc. I also made sure my pre-tax total was over $25, cause I had a $5 bonus WYS $25. So I figured I could double dip on the bonuses. Except, the $4/20 lowered my total to under $25, so no bonus for me.

Now, my 2 A&H DQs didn't deduct. Grrr. I was really not in the mood to waste time with CS over $2, so I let it go.

Trans 2 (Thursday)

6 x Pantene shampoo $23.94
2 x Garnier shampoo 7.00
1 x BF gummies 1.99
Less 2 x Pantene qs (10.00)
Less Garnier DQ (4.00)
Tax 1.86
OOP $17 (paid with gc) + 3.79 cash = $20.79

Earned $22 BR points ($10 Pantene, $7 WYS $25 on beauty, $5 Beauty) + $1.99 RR

Once I saw my high total I immediately knew something was wrong. Then I remembered that I didn't give the cashier my $7 RR. Ugh. Once they total your order, they can't add qs (stupid WAGS rules) and there was a long line behind me, so I couldn't ask her to void the transaction and rering cause that would need a manager's approval. I also didn't know if my DQs would deduct again or just not be available. Thankfully I still had some gcs left, so my OOP wasn't too much.

So this was actually a small MM transaction. The $7 RR is good for another week, so I can use it next week.

I need to contact CS, because I didn't earn $5 Bonus for spending $25. Ugh. WAGS must think their customers have nothing better to do than contact CS all the time.

Trans 3 Thursday (this was much smoother)

1 x BF Gummies $1.99
2 x A&H detergent 3.96
1 x A&H pods 1.99
Less A&H DQs (3.00)
Less BR points (5.00)
Tax 0.30
OOP $0.29

Earned $1.99 RR (Gummies)

Whaddya know! My DQs actually worked this time. I'm beginning to wonder if it's my store. Last time the DQs didn't work at my local store either. Then when I tried it at this location, all the DQs worked slick as snot. Very strange. I think I'll just try this store in future. There are lots of drugstores in my area, so no worries about driving out of the way.

Earlier this week, WAGS had a deal on desktop calendars for $1.99. So I ordered 6. Paid $10 in points and $2.72 with a gc. These babies are on their way to my family abroad as Christmas gifts. The only kicker is that shipping cost $36! But yay for free gifts!! When they're done with the calendars, they can just cut off the photo parts and place it in a photo album. 2 Gifts in one. Happy mama :)

Between BR points & RRs, I have over $100 to spend at WAGs. Just another reason why I can't stay out of that store.

Rite Aid

Big Thank You to Sluggy for sharing the Arnicare deal

1 x Arnicare Roll on $11.69 (10% wellness discount)
1 x Arnicare leg cramps $10.34 (10% wellness discount)
1 x Crest t/p 3.00
1 x Oral b t/b 3.00
Less 2 Arnicare peelies (6.00)
Less Crest DQ (1.00)
Less Oral B DQ (1.00)
Less BC (11.07)
Tax 1.68
OOP $10.64

Earned $14 BC ($10 Arnicare $2 Crest, $2 Oral B) and $6 Ibotta

I could've saved the Crest for another day and have a lower OOP, but that would mean another trip to the store.

And darn, I forgot to pick up more A&H detergent. I still have digital qs for both RA & CVS and 1 IPQ. I might go back tomorrow. It's not a need, but for 99c or free, I'll take it :)


  1. I'm that kind of facial tissue nut too! lolz
    Didn't know Wag's was as bad as R-A with transactions not going as planned. Haven't shopped at Wag's in years(since they instituted loyalty cards and Balance Rewards).

    1. Lol
      Trust me, WAGS is way worse than RA. My RA stores are pretty good. I stopped shopping at WAGS when they introduced the new Balance rewards program. They have too many things going on. They should just keep things simple. I only got back into the game last year, after reading about the good deals others were scoring there.

  2. I feel like you do about Kleenex, but only on dental floss. You got some good deals.

    1. Thanks Linda! I can't do without my Kleenex and Vicks.

  3. I get very frustrated with either of these programs, they never work right and I don't have time to fight with them.

    1. I don't blame you. However, they usually have the best deals of all the drugstores. I just put on my big girl panties and brace myself for things not working.


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