Thursday, August 8, 2019

My Moneymaker clothes shopping

Hi everyone

I know I haven't posted much about my clothing purchases this year. That's cause I haven't really bought much for ourselves (except for my big WHBM splurge with my Christmas gcs).

A few weeks ago Ann Taylor Loft had a huge clearance sale. Their clearance items were an extra 70% off, which made their jeans $4.94 each (before tax. My tax was covered by Rakuten). Since I mainly live in jeans & sweats during the cold months, I decided to just buy 3 pairs. Of course I had to pay $8.95 shipping (ouch), but I didn't mind too much, since the jeans were dirt cheap.

So I immediately went to my closet and pulled 3 pairs of old jeans to sell. I usually clear out the closets every few months, but I decided that since I had to pay OOP for the jeans, I will make up for the expense by selling my old ones.

Then I purchased a blouse on sale at WHBM. Blouse cost $10.06 after tax and my discounts. I get free shipping from them, so that was good.

A week or 2 ago, I stopped at Kohls to redeem my $5 Yes 2 You Reward (Y2Y). I didn't make a special trip to the store. There was a Kohls in the area I was running errands, so I stopped by to redeem my q. After much searching through the clearance rails, I spotted this shirt. I rarely wear shirts and I've never worn this brand, but the price was right and they match my jeans nicely. This baby cost me a whopping 85c after reward. You can see that it was $6 (90% off retail price) and I used my $5 Y2Y and 20% off q. So 85c after tax. Yes,  Then I pulled 2 tops from my closet and listed those.

To date, I've sold one top and a pair of jeans and make a nice profit of $22.64 after fees.

So here's what 3 new jeans and 2 shirts cost me

Total OOP : $34.68
Total earned to date : (22.64)
Total cost to me : $12.04
Total regular retail : $379.84 (excl tax)


The other 3 items still need to sell, so I'll actually be making a profit on my purchases. This is why I love buying clothes at Rock Bottom prices. I usually end up selling it for way more than I paid for it, once I'm done using it.

This is how I do most of our clothes shopping. I'm not going to wear all 3 pairs of jeans when it gets cold. I'll use 2 pairs and save the other for when one wears out.


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